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Chapter 1651 – Li Kechang’s Conspiracy

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It was a kind of evil spirit, similar to the corpse Qi he had sensed from the corpse puppet during the war with the elder of the Feng family!

Their attire was also in the Fu Sang style!

Lin Feng immediately knew that these two people must be the players sent by Fu Sang to participate in the fight. Lin Feng stopped Wang Yuan and said, “Who are you? Why are you with the Fu Sang cultivators?”

Li Kechang looked at Lin Feng and snorted, “Young man, do you mind too much? I like to make friends. I have cultivator friends throughout the whole world. Why can’t I have friends from Fu Sang?”

Lin Feng was speechless, but Li Kechang was right. As long as their nature was not bad, Lin Feng would not mind making foreign friends.

Lin Feng immediately said, “Excuse me, have you ever been on stage for competition in the battle of the Three Kingdoms?”

“Haha, no, what do you mean by that?” Li Kechang frowned.

Lin Feng nodded, “Sure enough, it’s the battle of the Three Kingdoms. The bandits of Fu Sang want to invade our Huaxian cultivation world. As one of the best Huaxian cultivators, you won’t fight against the enemy. Now you are with them, don’t you think it’s inappropriate?”

Mr. Li’s face changed slightly. It was not that he felt ashamed, but Li Feng had voiced his plans!

In recent years, he had been colluding with the cultivators of Fu Sang, selling many secrets from Huaxia, including some ancient books. Moreover, he had been secretly helping Fu Sang buy and attract some Huaxian cultivation schools, making plans to match the inside with the outside!

Li Kechang helped Fu Sang challenge this time. A few days ago, Huaxia was defeated, and many famous experts were injured. Other people wanted to compete, but they were blocked by the Lung Hu clan!

There was a conspiracy between the Fu Sang state and Li Kechang. Once Fu Sang defeated Huaxia, Li Kechang would take over the cultivation world here and act as the puppet of the Fu Sang state!

After Lin Feng spoke out, Li Kechang was embarrassed. He said, “What’s wrong with that? The world of cultivation is based on cultivation, which has no boundary!” 

Li Kechang shouted such fashionable words because he had no reasonable words to answer Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled contemptuously and said, “Good, you can take Zhou Pengbo away first, and I’ll see you in the challenge arena tomorrow!”

Li Kechang’s face sank when he heard Lin Feng’s words. He didn’t expect Lin Feng to be so arrogant, and want to go to the challenge arena.

In the first half of this month, many young Huaxian cultivators took part in the competition, but the results were terrible. A dozen of them were killed on the spot, and dozens of them were beaten and crippled. Li Kechang didn’t mind seeing that because none of them were from the Lung Hu clan!

The greater the losses of other cultivation schools, the easier it would be for the Lung Hu clan to rule the Huaxian cultivators in the future!

Thinking of that, Li Kechang replied with a faint smile, “OK, let’s make a decision. I hope to see you on the stage tomorrow. Don’t be a coward. Haha!”

He left with Zhou Pengbo, who was still shrieking at Lin Feng. Li Kechang said in a low voice, “Don’t be too ambitious, you will see them tomorrow. In the arena, it’s much better than usual. You don’t have to be responsible for life and death. I’ll arrange someone to kill him directly tomorrow!”

As soon as Zhou Pengbo heard this, he asked with a smile, “Is that so?”

“Haha, don’t you believe what I said? I’ve dealt with a lot of people for you before. Have I failed before?”

Zhou Pengbo was one of the four princes in Kyoto. He was arrogant and overbearing. When he faced some cultivators he couldn’t deal with, he would ask Li Kechang to help him. Li Kechang would send someone to deal with it, or kill the cultivators directly!

Li Kechang was good at this kind of assassination, so he didn’t argue with Lin Feng. Even if he did, he couldn’t kill people openly, but he could do so in the challenge arena!

One of the Fu Sang people said, “Master Li, his cultivation is high, and his Qi is very strange. It seems that he is different from us. What is the origin of this man?”

Li Kechang looked at Zhou Pengbo; Zhou Pengbo said something about Lin Feng. Li Kechang was surprised to learn he was Lin Feng, who was famous in the Huaxian cultivation world!

Li Kechang had heard about Lin Feng after he saved the plane, as people thought he was a hero. A conceited person like him couldn’t bear it!

He had never met Lin Feng before. He didn’t expect Lin Feng to be so young.

Li Kechang smiled faintly and said, “No matter what his origins or his accomplishments, he will not be strong at his age. I also found his Qi to be strange. He may come from a small sect; it is not important.”

Li Kechang had seen many young people, but most of them were weak when they fought. He thought Lin Feng would be like them.

“Mr. Yamamoto Sasaki, I hope you can send a strong person to fight against Lin Feng tomorrow. Although his accomplishments may not be so good, he is a famous person among the Huaxian cultivators. He is an idol of the young generation in the Huaxian cultivation field. If you can kill him at one stroke, it will make you famous, and others will be afraid of you!” Li Kechang said to the Fu Sang cultivator.

Yamamoto said with a smile, “You are right, I will arrange it and defeat him!”


As soon as Li Kechang left, Qing Huangtian hurried to see Wang Yuan. Lin Feng helped Wang Yuan into the room and checked his body. He found Li Kechang very insidious. He had almost broken Wang Yuan’s right arm!

Wang Yuan’s right arm was very painful. Lin Feng quickly injected pure Qi into Wang Yuan’s right shoulder and forcibly penetrated the invasive Qi in his right arm. There was the black liquid dripping from Wang Yuan’s palm. After half an hour, his arm had returned to its original appearance!

It was not early, and Qing Huangtian’s place was very small. After Lin Feng said goodbye to Qing Huangtian, he went to town to find an overnight hotel. But everywhere was full of people, and all the hotels were fully occupied. Even the small hotel which was below most people’s attention had no space!

In the end, there was nothing to do but to spend a night in the car!


A strange sound in the middle of the night suddenly woke Lin Feng. Many people were running towards the end of the street in a panic. Lin Feng got out of the car and looked back, but saw the scene that made Lin Feng angry!

Just a few hundred meters away, there was a fight in a big stall, and the clothing of one side were unique to the cultivators of Fu Sang. Lin Feng closed the door gently and hurried to the other side at once.

When he arrived, a dozen Fu Sang cultivators were surrounding a Huaxian cultivator! The others were harassing a group of girls who had come to eat at night!

This Huaxian cultivator’s level was not high, in the early stages. Under the attack of these people, he had been shoved around. He shouted, “Huaxian fellows, they are Fu Sang people, but they come to our country to bully our compatriots. Let’s stop them! We can’t be bullied!”

There were many Huaxian cultivators on the sidelines, some of whom were high in cultivation, but there was no one helping, as it had nothing to do with them!

As Lin Feng was about to intervene, a man jumped out and pointed to those Fu Sang people harassing the girls and shouted, “You dare to come to our territory and behave wildly. I’ll kill you!”

The man was not a cultivator; he was carrying a pig knife; he was the chef of this stall!

Lin Feng couldn’t help sighing in regret. Most of the people who supported justice were scholars. Unexpectedly, a chef had jumped out at this critical moment. It was really sad!

The appearance of the chef relieved the atmosphere there. Several Fu Sang people immediately gathered around the chef and said in stiff Huaxian, “You want to die? There is nothing for you here. If you don’t want to die, get out of here!”

They didn’t fight directly with the chef because they didn’t take the chef as an opponent at all. After all, the chef was just an ordinary person.

But the chef was not afraid at this time. “Fuck you, everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the country, and we should have our sufferings as compatriots of the same country. If you deceive me, Huaxian women, and children, I will kill you!”

When the chef saw the bystanders were indifferent, no one made a sound. He shouted angrily, “Do you have the backbone? You are elegant in daily life, but now you are cowards. I think you’ve all become rubbish!”

His scolding was so broad that some cultivators didn’t like it. A young cultivator took the lead to reply, “Shit. We won’t interfere with you if you want to do this, but why are you scolding us?”

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