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Chapter 1652 – Kneel or Not

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“Bah, you are a cultivator! What is cultivation? I think you are a selfish and shameless villain. If your mother and your sister were here, will you stand by like this? No wonder the small countries like Fu Sang dare to make trouble in Huaxian territory: your kind are afraid of them!”

The more the chef scolded, the more excited he got!

Those Fu Sang people seemed to like watching the infighting. They all stood at the side and laughed.

At this time, Lin Feng suddenly saw a familiar face among the Fu Sang people. It was the same person who was with Li Kechang in the daytime!

The man didn’t notice Lin Feng. After listening to the chef, he went to the front and said, “You are pigs. You dare to challenge us; do you want to scare us with a broken knife?”

He grabbed the knife in the chef’s hand and bent the thick bone chopping knife with gentle force. This scared the chef and released his hand. Although the chef was just and brave, he was also instinctively afraid of this powerful strength!

When Lin Feng saw this situation, he clapped loudly and walked out of the crowd. He came up to the chef and clapped him on the shoulder. “You are tough. We can’t leave any affection for these dogs. If they dare to make trouble on our site, we will send them away with their tails!”

Lin Feng’s voice was loud. When the onlookers saw someone coming out, they immediately agreed with him!

These words infuriated the Fu Sang cultivators. The leader of the Fu Sang cultivators said with a hostile eye, “Go to die. You dare to insult us; you don’t want to live!”

He stumbled with the Huaxian language, sounding very funny, which immediately attracted a group of people’s laughter.

Lin Feng looked at him, and he also looked at Lin Feng. Then his face changed; he had recognized Lin Feng, and was afraid. He heard many things about Lin Feng from Li Kechang during the day, and knew that Lin Feng was not a kind person to provoke!

He had another idea in mind, because he was worried about not dealing with Lin Feng. He thought Li Kechang and others were too cowardly, so he planned to kill Lin Feng directly with his strength, or at least defeat him!

He would get rid of an opponent before going to the challenge arena tomorrow, a merit he could take back to ask for credit from his superiors!

Thinking of that, there was a fierce light in his eyes. Taking advantage of Lin Feng’s lack of preparation, he threw the deformed knife at Lin Feng and charged at the same time. His fist was full of pure Qi to attack Lin Feng!

Lin Feng didn’t seem to notice him, but he had already been aware of his Qi surging, and saw through his thoughts of sneaking attack!

As soon as he moved, Lin Feng moved too. He started later, but acted first. He grabbed the handle of the knife and quickly moved it to the man’s side. He directly used the knife to meet his fist!

Lin Feng was fast, which surprised the Fu Sang people. But when the man saw Lin Feng using an ordinary knife, he couldn’t help but show a hint of contempt. He laughed at Lin Feng’s arrogance and lack of experience. How could that ordinary knife cut him with his true Qi?

He didn’t avoid it at all. Instead, he directly punched Lin Feng’s hand!

There was a scream; the Fu Sang man backpedaled. One hand was already bloody!

“You…” The man was in such pain that he couldn’t say anything. His fingers had been severed directly and fell to the ground. He never expected that his Qi armor would be so vulnerable in front of Lin Feng!

The other Fu Sang people rushed to grab the fingers; as long as the fingers were taken back, they could be revived quickly. However, Lin Feng stopped them!

Lin Feng saw a busy dog nearby; he kicked those fingers directly over to the dog. The dog would not notice it was human or not; as long as it was meat, it was its treasure to swallow!

The man watched the dog eat his fingers and roared, “Damn it! Go on, grab my fingers back!” 

At his order, the other Fu Sang people all rushed towards the dog. The dog was scared and fled into the crowd. Lin Feng would not let them catch up with the dog and hurt it. He clapped, and sent the people chasing the dog flying!

Lin Feng was angry, and the Fu Sang cultivators couldn’t bear his strength. They smashed several tables and fell to the ground!

The Fu Sang man without fingers was pale; he finally understood that what Li Kechang said was true. Lin Feng was not an ordinary cultivator!

Ordinary people would not have this kind of fierce murderous spirit; it had to be tempered after a lot of killing!

“Wait, it’s not over!” The man was ready to leave with others, but Lin Feng said coldly, “You want to leave now? You must pay for the damaged things here before you leave. Also, kneel and apologize to these girls!”

“Don’t demand too much! We only kneel to the emperor, and you want us to…”

Before he finished, Lin Feng had flashed in front of him and slapped him dozens of times. Because Lin Feng’s hand was too fast, those dozens of slaps only took less than a second. When he stopped, their people’s faces were swollen with bruises!

“Kneel or not?”

“We’ll kneel…”

Lin Feng directly slapped these people, and they were all unsteady. They kept shaking in place. Some of them fell to their knees with a thump. They knew that if they didn’t agree to his demand, they would be beaten by Lin Feng and be crippled!

To a cultivator, their cultivation was their primary possession. If he was defeated, he would not only lose his dignity, but also lose all his status and wealth. Even if he returned to Fu Sang, he would be abandoned by the cultivation world!

At last, only the man who had no fingers was still standing there reluctantly. The people around had already shouted, “Kneel and apologize! If you don’t, you’ll be beaten to a cripple!”

Many of the people who shouted were cultivators who didn’t dare fight just now. It wasn’t entirely because they didn’t have a sense of justice and love; they were forced by the obscene power of the country of Fu Sang. At the same time, they saw some cultivators of the Lung Hu clan were lying in ambush. But now that Lin Feng led the way, they naturally followed up!

A dozen cultivators snuck out of the crowd. They were the people of the Lung Hu clan. After they left the crowd, they left quickly to inform Li Kechang and others!

Lin Feng didn’t stop them. Today’s event was meant to teach them a lesson. The bigger the trouble was, the better!

“Haha, you are righteous. I’ll help you today!”

Lin Feng looked at the Fu Sang people still standing, and his fingers flicked a few times. An invisible force burst out, hitting their joints!

Their joints broke they couldn’t bear it and fell to the ground!

Under the pressure of Lin Feng, these cultivators kowtowed and begged for mercy!

While the people were cheering, a group of people came in. Lin Feng couldn’t help laughing. The person who came was Yamamoto Sasaki in the daytime, but there was no Li Kechang now.

Li Kechang was treacherous. He wanted the Fu Sang people to defeat the Huaxian cultivators and then he would dominate the Huaxian cultivation world!

He wanted to act like a good man to both sides to achieve his plot, so he didn’t show up!

There were more than thirty cultivators from Fu Sang, all of whom were staying in the nearby hotel. Seeing their cultivators kneeling on the ground, Satsuki was angry, and yelled, “All of you stand up! We are the emperor’s people, how can we kneel to this Huaxian pig?!”

When these people saw their savior, they immediately got tough and tried to get up, but Lin Feng sent out his strength to suppress them. It was impossible for them to stand up!

Satsuki shouted angrily. He didn’t know that Lin Feng was pressing them down. He thought that these cultivators were disobeying him; he rushed over in a rage!

However, as soon as he entered the Qi field from Lin Feng, he was shocked. He felt that his whole body was suddenly being pressured, and the blade in his hand was too heavy to hold!

With a clang, the long knife was crushed into several parts by Lin Feng’s Qi and fell to the ground!

Satsuki couldn’t hold on for even a second; he was crushed directly, fell on his knees, and couldn’t stand up again, but he was still shouting, “You go together, kill him!”

Those people didn’t get close to Lin Feng, but took out concealed shuriken instead!

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