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Chapter 1653 – Fight with the Fu Sang People

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This kind of insidious weapon was specially used by the Fu Sang cultivators against people. Their power was extraordinary with their strength. The stars flew towards Lin Feng like locusts in the sky!

Lin Feng smiled and clapped lightly. An invisible force gathered all the shuriken in his hand. The cultivators only saw the darts they threw suddenly stop in mid-air, and then suddenly change direction and fly back at them!

They were scared and wanted to dodge. However, the speed of the stars flying back was several times faster than when thrown. Before they could react, the stars hit them!

Their targets were so ingenious, all on the joints, especially the knees. Everyone’s knees got several stars buried in them, like a target!

Plop, plop! They all fell to the ground one after another. When they knelt with the stars, the shuriken would cut into the muscles and bones at the joints directly, they would be crippled!

At this time, many policemen were coming. They rushed in and asked, “What’s going on here?”

Satsuki pointed to Lin Feng and said, “He hurt us!… “

Before Lin Feng said anything, many onlookers surrounded the police and told all the scenes just now. They all testified that they were fighting against each other. At this time, people’s voices were completely the same. It could be seen that people still knew right and wrong in their hearts!

But since there were just people, there would be some bad. These cultivators were from the Lung Hu clan. They said Lin Feng injured the others!

Lin Feng didn’t want to deal with them anymore. He flashed out of the crowd directly. The police felt dizzy, and then Lin Feng had disappeared. 


Back in the car, Lin Feng saw the policemen were searching for him, and laughed.

“Lin Feng, what are these policemen for?” Nian Ling Jiao and Wang Yuan had woken up.

Lin Feng replied, “Forget about them. Maybe something happened.” 

Wang Yuan looked at Lin Feng’s strange expression, and knew something had gone on. However, he believed that Lin Feng would not deliberately provoke something, so he shut up and stopped talking. Lin Feng also pushed Nian Ling Jiao back to the back seat and said, “Go to sleep!”


When Lin Feng woke up the next day, it was peaceful outside. But there was a big storm brewing under the calm surface!

When Lin Feng and others arrived at the Matou Mountain challenge arena’s location, many people had preceded them. The Matou Mountain was not high, only several hundred meters. It looked like a horse’s head from a distance.

The arena was built on the saddle-shaped flat ground. There was no high platform and shelf. It was just a natural site which was very spacious, with a radius of several thousand meters. It was a good place with a wide field of vision!

Many cultivators were standing on the higher slope. Lin Feng found Li Kechang there, in the important position. In the row of people standing beside him were Huaxian cultivators, as well as Fu Sang and M cultivators. They might be the judges of this competition!

While Lin Feng was watching these people, Li Kechang also found Lin Feng and others. He sneered and said by sound transfer, “Lin Feng, you are here.”

Lin Feng thought it was funny. He wanted to use this kind of skill to avoid being overheard by others.

Lin Feng immediately sent his voice back, “Since we made an agreement, I won’t let you succeed.” Lin Feng’s voice transmission skill was much better than Li Kechang’s. The voice was directly transmitted to the other side, which made Li Kechang feel bad; it sounded like Lin Feng was standing right behind him!

Startled, he immediately looked back subconsciously, but there was nothing there. He thought, What a powerful voice transmission skill! Does he use it to distract people?

Li Kechang shook his head and comforted himself, he can’t be there unless Lin Feng has reached the level of Tao Ancestor! But he can’t have reached the level of Tao Ancestor in this age.

However, Li Kechang had no idea that Lin Feng’s current accomplishments were at the level of Earthly Godly Ancestor, surpassing the Tao Ancestor level and reaching the highest level of the original Buddha! 

If Li Kechang had known that, he would not have continued with his plan. He had discussed matters with the cultivators of Fu Sang. They had sent the top cultivators of Fu Sang, all of them experts who had been silent for hundreds of years in the country of Fu Sang!

Li Kechang intended to eliminate Lin Feng in this open arena so that all practitioners could see their idol, the legendary Lin Feng, die!

The ones who had dared to challenge their Lung Hu clan would be absolutely afraid; no one would dare to say anything!

To achieve this goal, Li Kechang came up with the most insidious move. He would praise Lin Feng first, then he would kill him!

“Please be quiet. Now I’d like to introduce a special guest to you. He is Lin Feng, famous in the Huaxian cultivation world, and the star of our Huaxian cultivation world and a hero worshiped by the young generation of the Huaxian cultivation world.” All he said was praise!

In the eyes of outsiders, this was a kind of supreme honor, and showed the patriotism and love of Li Kechang as the new president of the Huaxian cultivation association. Only Lin Feng understood that all those words were satire and provocation!

Since he was being named, Lin Feng couldn’t hide anymore. He stepped out of the crowd and walked to the front. The crowd was in a commotion. The Huaxian cultivators and other onlookers had heard about Lin Feng’s legend, but this was the first time they had seen him. They were so happy.

“Lin Feng, defeat them and win honor for Huaxia!”

“Lin Feng, we must drive them out of Huaxia!”

Li Kechang was embarrassed; many cultivators standing beside him today were his accomplices. However, in order to deceive them, he had reluctantly expressed his excitement!

When Lin Feng and his party got to the front, Li Kechang pretended to be close to them, “Lin Feng, you can see how crazy the Huaxian cultivators are to you. I hope you won’t disappoint them. If you fail again, there will be no hope for the Huaxian cultivation world!”

He said this pun and tried to stir up the relationship between Lin Feng and the Huaxian cultivators. After all, people who cultivated would not yield, especially the ones at the level of the Immortal Da Luo and Ling Di. Everyone thought that he was the first person who could break through the level of Tao Ancestor. The others would hate Lin Feng by his words.

Lin Feng replied with a light smile, “President Li is very kind. I’m just a small apprentice. We have a lot of talents in Huaxia. How can I take responsibility alone?”

Lin Feng twisted his words back, but Li Kechang didn’t give up. He said, “How about your level?” 

Li Kechang had reached the peak of Ling Di. He was one of the best of the Huaxian cultivators, but he didn’t know Lin Feng’s realm, so he asked deliberately. 

Lin Feng understood and followed his meaning, “I’m at the peak of Immortal Da Luo and about to break through!”

After saying that, he pretended to be proud, and also bowed his fists to the audience, as if he was deliberately showing off.

Some people immediately began to talk, “He is at the level of the Immortal Da Luo. I thought he must be at least the level of Ling Di. There are two in our school. He is not that powerful.”

“Shhh, don’t talk about it. How old are the two in the Immortal Da Luo in your school?” someone retorted.

“I don’t know their age, but it’s said that they haven’t appeared in 300 years. If it wasn’t for this conference, they would still practice in isolation,” the man said awkwardly.

Another said, “It’s amazing. Lin Feng has reached that realm in his twenties. His future will be bright!”

A man next to him disagreed with him, “What’s the use of being young? There are many experts here today. I heard that there are many geniuses among the cultivators of Fu Sang. They have reached the level of Tao Ancestor. Lin Feng will be in danger.” 

This was discouraging, because there was a huge gap in the level. Although the names were the difference, the gap was at least ten times. If it was the level of Tao Ancestor, it was just like a man in his forties fighting a baby!

“If there are such powerful experts in Fu Sang, Lin Feng will be in danger.” Some people were worried.

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