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Chapter 1654 – Fake Medicine

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“Is this strange? We’ve been cultivating for so many years, and we have seen many young talents. Many of them are young and aggressive, but they all died!” someone agreed.

The people were all silent, and they all recalled some talents that they had seen before. Few of them had survived until now. 

At this time, a cultivator of Fu Sang came up and looked at Lin Feng disdainfully. “Lin Feng, your accomplishments are just Immortal Da Luo. How can you take part in the challenge? Dozens of cultivators at the level of the Immortal Da Luo died in the last few days; I advise you to give in obediently and return to our cultivation orthodoxy. Maybe we can help you to rise another level.”

Then he took out a small bottle to show off, “I have several big pills here. You can improve one level no matter which realm you are in. This is a special product of our country. If you submit to us, I will give you one!”

There was a great uproar below the stage. That pill was famous in the world of cultivation. It was a kind of magic medicine researched by the cultivators of Fu Sang. It was made from an ancient recipe, and was hard to buy!

If there were such a pill, even the ordinary people would get a Qi aura if they took it, and would directly advance to become a cultivator. The practitioners here were all of a higher level; they all wanted to have such a treasured medicine.

Lin Feng looked at the old man, thin and vigorous, but he was full of Qi. His eyes gave out a deep golden light, the symbol of the peak of the Immortal Da Luo!

“Haha, you overthink. Huaxia has been a civilized country with authentic martial arts. We have all kinds of medicines; I don’t like your pills.” Lin Feng exaggerated to show a face of disrespect, deliberately embarrassing him!

The old man’s face sank. He said in a cold voice, “Lin Feng, what you said is a big joke. There are exchanges between our two countries over these years. I know your situation, but I have never heard of any treasure medicine!”

Fu Sang was an average place of cultivation thirty years ago. The reason they suddenly rose was the birth of the pill. They now had the same strength as the Huaxian cultivation world!

Lin Feng was stunned. To be honest, Lin Feng didn’t know what kind of pill they had. After all, Lin Feng’s cultivation was brought entirely from the World of Battles, and he didn’t practice on the Earth!

“Haha, Lin Feng, you boasted too much. Since you have a treasure pill, you can take one out. Let’s see it!” The more the old man said, the more excited he was. He deliberately embarrassed Lin Feng!

But Lin Feng was not in a hurry. Although he didn’t have such a pill on the Earth, he had collected many good things in the World of Battles; he could show them off here!

Thinking of that, Lin Feng directly took out a pile of pills from the storage ring. As for the origin of these pills, Lin Feng could not remember… because there were so many pills!

Lin Feng casually took out a quaint little bottle and said to the old man, “You have ancient prescriptions and pills, and we have them in Huaxia. Look, this is our Dragon Blood Pill.”

Lin Feng randomly gave these pills a nice name. The old man was stagnant. He looked at the small bottle in Lin Feng’s hand suspiciously. Although he didn’t see the pills in it, he was a little scared just looking at the bottle.

The smell from it was so quaint; let alone the pills, people’s cultivation would increase if they just put the bottle on their body every day. If it were auctioned on the black market, it would be at least a medium-class antique!

Li Kechang saw the old man was embarrassed and immediately helped him, “Lin Feng, your bottle is good, but the pill you said… as the President of the Cultivation Association, I have never heard of it. Is it empty?”

The people were cheering for Lin Feng just now, but when they heard the Dragon Blood Pill’s name, they felt a little strange. When Li Kechang asked about it, someone immediately began to talk about it!

“Have you ever heard about it?” some people questioned the cultivators nearby.

“No. Maybe our level is not enough…” the other replied.

Another said, “Maybe Lin Feng created it by himself. Otherwise, how could he reach that level when he is so young? I believe him!” An old man was excited. He was more than seventy years old now, but his cultivation was still in the stage of spiritual cultivation. He had not progressed for decades!

His words immediately shook in the crowd. People were all curious and yearning for the small bottle in Lin Feng’s hand. Everyone wanted to get a unique and secret Dragon Blood Pill made by Lin Feng, improve their accomplishments, and live longer! 

Someone immediately shouted, “Lin Feng, can you give us your Dragon Blood Pill? We hope to have a pill made in Huaxia!”

The voices rose higher and higher, which made Li Kechang sweat. Initially, he was the leading role here, the flagbearer of the Huaxian cultivation world, but he was robbed of the limelight by an outsider like Lin Feng!

He was afraid of the bottle Li Feng was waving. If that was a real treasure pill and he gave it to the cultivators, they would have a big leap in their cultivation, and they would overtake the Lung Hu clan. 

In recent years, the Lung Hu clan had relied on the great pill of Fu Sang country to rise in the cultivation world. If Lin Feng distributed this medicine to others, it would be like setting up thousands of enemies for the Lung Hu clan! “Lin Feng, this medicine must not be lost in the field of folk cultivation. Even if it is distributed, it must be approved by the Huaxian Cultivation Association. Otherwise, if there are any hidden toxic effects, you can’t bear the responsibility!”

As soon as Li Kechang said that, the other voices suddenly cooled down, because Li Kechang’s worry was reasonable. Some people had claimed things with medicine, and many young cultivators had purchased with a high price, but it was finally proven that the pill was poison. Many cultivators were harmed by it. First, their cultivation surged, but when it reached a certain stage, it would directly fall to the bottom, and they would never improve again!

At this time, the old man of Fu Sang smiled and said to the following cultivators, “Our pill has a history of several decades, and its effect is stable and obvious. If you will obey the Fu Sang cultivators, I can give you a batch of gifts.”

He wanted to attract some cultivators, many of whom were wanderers, some from the Lung Hu clan, or the rogue cultivators or small sects they bought. They immediately responded, “If we can get this medicine, we are willing to yield!”

At this time, Lin Feng was sad. Unexpectedly, these cultivators turned away from Huaxia because of their private affairs!

“Hum! Old ghost, don’t want to lie to others again, you say your medicine is good, but my medicine is as good as yours. Let’s compare them!” Lin Feng said in a cold voice.

Seeing that Lin Feng called him an old ghost directly, the old man’s face sank. He rebuked, “Young man, don’t be so arrogant. Do you think the pill is ordinary? I would like to compare it with yours!”

After that, the old man opened the bottle and poured one pill into his hand. As soon as the pill appeared, the fragrance spread across the field. Everyone felt light and fresh. The breath drove the Qi, and some even felt a breakthrough!

“Good medicine! As expected, it is well-known!”the cultivators of the Lung Hu clan began to shout!

The old man smiled and looked at Lin Feng contemptuously. “How about you take your medicine out; don’t tell me your bottle is empty?”

Lin Feng had to take it out. However, Lin Feng didn’t know whether the medicine was OK or not. He didn’t know how many years he had left it in the storage ring. 

Lin Feng poured out two pills into the palm of his hand. However, they were small black round pills, only the size of prickly ash, with an ordinary appearance and no fragrance. Everyone was silent; this was totally beyond their expectation. They all thought the pills must be brilliant and fragrant. How could it be such a common thing?

“Lin Feng, is this pill real or not? It’s like the mud ball…” someone asked.

Lin Feng scanned the internal part of the pill with his divine sense; he knew the pill. The pill was wrapped in the Qi of the World of Battles because it had been stored for a long time and formed a thick protective layer on the outside!

Seeing that the people were suspicious, the old man immediately took advantage. “Lin Feng, you boasted too much, but it’s just a common pill without any Qi. It’s so arrogant to fool the world’s cultivators like you! Are you not afraid of the world’s cultivators killing you together?”



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