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Chapter 1656 – Played the Fool

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The audience immediately exclaimed; they did not expect that Lin Feng, who had been passed on as a god, was such a waste that he even couldn’t hide the first move of the other side!

At this time, Lin Feng’s desire to perform was provoked. The two thunderbolts hit Lin Feng very comfortably, just like a nice massage. When Lin Feng had just crossed the Earth from the World of Battles, it was completed through high-voltage electric lines, so this thunderbolt meant nothing to him!

But in order to perform realistically, Lin Feng shivered. His eyes turned white, and his hands and feet trembled randomly. It was just like stepping on an electric switch; the people were shocked!

Someone said, “Electrocute him, he boasted!” These people were bribed by Fu Sang. 

But more people were half-covering their faces and dared not look carefully. Some of them felt sorry for Lin Feng, while others were embarrassed. Lin Feng was said to represent the Huaxian cultivation world. Unexpectedly, he was electrified like an idiot. It was embarrassing! 

Lin Feng pretended to be crazy and shouted, “Ah, it is numb and painful, help!”

The Fu Sang cultivator was happy when he saw this. Yesterday, they had received an order; they should try their best to kill Lin Feng, and the one who killed Lin Feng would get ten great pills! At the same time, they would have a lot of money and beauties as rewards!

The Fu Sang cultivator thought he wouldn’t have this opportunity; it was up to those old monsters. But today, he was just in luck. As soon as he came to the stage, he took Lin Feng down!

He seemed to see the money flying to him, saw the white and tender beauties rushing to him, and was excited. He wanted to kill Lin Feng on the spot.

He made another thunderbolt, then flashed to Lin Feng, and slammed it on Lin Feng’s head!

But just when he raised his hand, he saw Lin Feng return to normal, and a sinister smile appear on his face. What was more suspicious was Lin Feng’s happy smile!

This cultivator realized he had been fooled!

He could not understand why Lin Feng was not afraid of his lightning attack, but at this time, it was too late for him to retreat. When he rushed over, he was too excited and didn’t give himself a way back at all!

“Ah. He deceived…” he exclaimed in horror, and at the same time, he wanted to hit Lin Feng’s head and die together!

Lin Feng cooperated with him. He reached out and forced out the strong current stored in his body directly with Qi. All of it pushed into the cultivator’s body in reverse!

Now it was the turn of the cultivator to shiver. He was shocked by the current strengthened by Lin Feng; his mouth was crooked and his whole-body quivered. After Lin Feng delivered the current, he drove his Qi into the other side’s dantian!

The two separated in an instant, and the Fu Sang cultivator retreated several steps as if he were mad. The old man hurriedly went to help him, but there nothing seemed wrong with him, so he could not help but breathe a long sigh of relief!

But suddenly, there was a blue light bursting all over his body and sending out intense electricity!

The cultivator didn’t react at all; his eyes rolled up and he fell back like a dead fish. At the same time, there was a bang inside his body, which was propped up by Lin Feng’s Qi, and his belly was directly blown open. The old man’s face was sprayed in blood and gore!

The dead body fell onto the stage with a thump. The old man’s face was covered with blood. He could completely block the blood with his Qi. But he didn’t expect it at all, so he was a mess!

He wiped off the blood on his face and pointed to Lin Feng, “You are vicious! What means did you use to kill him?”

Lin Feng pretended to be innocent and said, “Hey, you can’t wrong me. There’s no means to do this. The great pill is the main problem. You let him eat the pill to improve his accomplishments, but he was killed by suicide. Do you want to wrong me?”

The old man was furious, but he couldn’t argue against it!

The people under the stage immediately became confused. They believed what Lin Feng said. Some cultivators of the Lung Hu clan who had eaten the great pill were worried; would they would die like that one day?

After wiping off the blood on his face, the old man pointed to Lin Feng and said, “Don’t say that. You did something to win. Why did you kill our fighter with such vicious means?”

Lin Feng said, “Hey, you are so unreasonable. I told him before I started. Everyone told him, but he didn’t listen. He had to kill himself. He said it himself. Now you want to blame me?”

The old man was angry. He asked people to take the dead body away. Someone spread a layer of sand on the ground to cover up the blood!

Li Kechang saw everything just now and was shocked. He didn’t know what method Lin Feng had used to kill the cultivator!

Lin Feng deliberately showed off, pointing to the Fu Sang camp and saying, “Which of you will come up to compare with me? I’m at the immortal Da Luo. If you are too low, don’t come up and make a fool of yourself. It’s not worth it when you’re dead!”

Before he finished speaking, a man jumped up. He was the uncle of the dead cultivator and his mentor. How could he not be angry when his nephew and apprentice was dead!

“Lin Feng! Return my nephew’s life!” Then he rushed at Lin Feng, who flashed to the other side. 

This man’s accomplishments were at the level of Di Ling, one level higher than the immortal Da Luo, and his momentum was several times stronger than that of the cultivator just now. Lin Feng said, “Hey, you are his uncle? Do you like him very much? Do you want to accompany him to see the King of hell?” 

The man pounced on him again and made a black face. At the same time, he swore, “You are arrogant and nonsensical. Today I will take revenge for my apprentice!”

The old man was nervous after seeing the first fight. Lin Feng’s cultivation might be higher than immortal Da Luo; otherwise, how could he kill the other side so quickly?!

The old man stopped the cultivator and asked tentatively, “Do you want to take a great pill?”

The old man wanted him to improve his level through the great pill, so as to improve the odds. However, the cultivator shook his head. He was also frightened by the first duel just now, and he was afraid of the great pill!

In the eyes of the audience, they believed the great pill was incomplete, and many cultivators who had eaten the great pill were even more worried!

The old man retreated to one side, holding the great pill in his hand. He didn’t know whether to put it back or throw it away directly!

The Fu Sang cultivator had calmed down at this time. After setting himself, he pinched a pill and said something. There was a change in him, and a layer of blue-gray translucent armor appeared. This was a protective measure he took in advance!

It was not a spiritual armor he had coagulated, but was extracted by using the pithy formula. Looking at him, Lin Feng said sarcastically, “Your spiritual armor is too inferior, it is like a green turtle. Isn’t this your national treasure, the Hermit Turtle Skill?”

The audience immediately laughed when he said this, because this man’s spiritual armor did indeed look like a turtle. It didn’t fit well at all!

“Don’t talk too much. See my spiritual binding!” The man’s fingers were aimed in parallel. Suddenly, the ten fingers grew violently, and ten tentacles appeared. He shot them directly at Lin Feng!

The front end of the tentacles had sharp blades, and they were covered with barbs. It was just like a monster in the cartoons. They writhed directly towards Lin Feng!

Lin Feng was seeing this strange fighting skill for the first time; he was also curious. He could have killed the man with a move, but he wanted to see what it was and tease him!

The tentacles shot in front of Lin Feng. Lin Feng dodged and moved out more than twenty meters to avoid it. But the tentacles also immediately turned around, chasing Lin Feng closely!

Lin Feng looked aside; he saw the group of Fu Sang cultivators who were watching. He immediately came up with an idea and flashed in front of the Fu Sang cultivators. The tentacles were flying fast, but Lin Feng pretended to be too busy to dodge, deliberately standing in place as if dazed!

The Fu Sang cultivator was very happy. He immediately strengthened the attack and did his best to urge the blades to fly and shoot. Just as he thought he would succeed, Lin Feng suddenly flashed away!

It was a simple action, forming an ethereal seal of Buddha’s hand before him. He grasped the flying blades, and then applied more force to shake them. These blades immediately broke away from the control of the Fu Sang cultivator and went directly at his watching fellows!

Those cultivators were watching hard. Seeing that Lin Feng was about to be killed, they were unprepared!

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