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Chapter 1657 Killed Each Other

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Poof! Poof! Poof!

The blades penetrated several cultivators’ bodies directly. One of the cultivators in the front row was cheering loudly; the blades went straight into his mouth and came out the back of his head. He was impaled with his mouth wide open. His eyes were full of horror and confusion!


Several cultivators fell to the ground. The Fu Sang cultivator who was fighting with Lin Feng was stunned. He had killed several cultivators of his own party. He almost fainted!

Meanwhile, Lin Feng pretended to be very surprised and shouted, “You are so powerful. You even kill your people! I’m so afraid…”

“Huaxian pig, I’ll kill you!” The Fu Sang cultivator had mistakenly killed his own people; he was going crazy; he lost his mind!

Furiously, he pulled back the tentacles, threw away the dead bodies, and threw them back at Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled grimly and quickly flashed to the side. At the same time, he released the seal of the Holy Buddha’s hand, and the blades flew towards their master!

There was a scream below the stage. The Fu Sang cultivator was pierced by his own blades. He looked at the bloody hole on his chest and up at Lin Feng. One hand covered his chest, and the other hand pointed at Lin Feng. He murmured something, but couldn’t make a sound!

Within two seconds, he fell to the ground, lost his life, and became a cooling corpse!

The incident shocked everyone here. The biggest shock was the contest between Lin Feng and the Fu Sang camp. It seemed that Lin Feng didn’t do anything at all; the Fu Sang cultivator had killed seven people in his camp. But everyone knew that it was not the cultivator’s insanity; it was because of Lin Feng!

But the key problem was that no one knew how Lin Feng did it!

In the first half of the match, the Fu Sang cultivators had killed or injured over forty Huaxian cultivators, but they expected Lin Feng to play such a role!

The old man’s eyes were red as he pointed at Lin Feng and said, “You are so fierce! You have killed so many high-level cultivators of Fu Sang!” 

These cultivators were all the best in the cultivation world of the country of Fu Sang, especially the cultivators who were above the level of the immortal Da Luo. The old man was bitter.

Lin Feng made an innocent expression and said lightly, “I didn’t do anything. He did it. You are blaming a normal person. He killed your compatriots and then committed suicide. This was a premeditated suicide!”

Lin Feng’s words were ironic; he understood that the Fu Sang cultivators were nothing much; they even wanted to defeat the Huaxian cultivators.

But when Lin Feng’s spirit had just relaxed, he suddenly felt a sudden chill on his back, and an instinctive sense of fear rose from the bottom of his heart!

Lin Feng turned around and looked back. The feeling of being watched came from behind him. But it was a barren mountain; there was no one on the horse-shaped mountain!

However, Lin Feng knew that his feelings would not deceive him. This kind of natural divine sense was the most reliable, making the master of the divine sense feel dangers invisible to the naked eye!

Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel inexplicable tension in his heart. The real fear was not the strong opponent, but the invisible potential threat!

Lin Feng released his divine sense and searched the surrounding area within ten thousand meters. Although he found several powerful presences, they were all excluded by Lin Feng. They had not moved from their original position all this time. It was not from them,

Lin Feng had quietly summoned his armor, just in case!

Lin Feng looked up to the mountain, and people naturally followed him. Some people were discussing, “What is Lin Feng looking at?”

“I don’t know. There’s no one there?”

But the old man’s face changed. He didn’t expect Lin Feng to be so perceptive!

When Lin Feng was about to turn back, there was a feeling of being at his back again; this time it was more intense. Lin Feng turned back quickly, reached for the air, and then pinched two fingers on the air. There was a very thin silver needle between his fingers!

But he couldn’t find the person who had launched the silver needle. Lin Feng knew that he had met an expert today!

“Haha, who is using this disdainful means? You can show up!” Lin Feng announced. Lin Feng didn’t believe that people on this Earth could escape him!

Lin Feng sensed a hidden Qi slowly approaching Lin Feng, no more than fifty meters away. That was to say, he was on the stage and to the right side of Lin Feng!

Lin Feng pretended not to care and looked around with his Jia Yan Eyes. As expected, a figure appeared on his left side. The one dressed in Fu Sang attire was very thin, and his hair was like a beggar just climbing out of the firewood pile!

He was approaching Lin Feng with a funny smile. He looked carefully, when he was about ten meters away from Lin Feng, he slowly curled up and made a killing gesture!

Lin Feng knew that this person was scheming against him.

The other people didn’t know what had happened. They didn’t realize that there was such a ghost on the stage. Lin Feng knew his intention. He wanted to kill Lin Feng without leaving any traces!

Lin Feng pretended not to care and looked in the direction of the cultivator. Suddenly, the man stopped moving. His sneaky eyes stared at Lin Feng’s. He was confirming whether Lin Feng had found him, so he kept a motionless posture, afraid of making a little noise!

Lin Feng felt funny, but he also wanted to play a trick on this insidious villain. Lin Feng wiped his throat and pretended that his throat was not comfortable. Then he coughed and spat out phlegm!

The impartial spit landed on the face of that person. Although that person could deceive people’s eyes, it didn’t mean that he could hide in time and space, and the phlegm landed directly on his face!

The expression on that face was too embarrassed. He wanted to wipe it off, but he dared not move; he had to let that phlegm slide slowly from his face to the ground!

At the same time, there was a ferocious look on his face. Although he was not sure that Lin Feng did it on purpose, he was spat on by someone for no reason. How could he endure this kind of suffocation? He made a good plan to kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng turned away from the man. The man was relieved and thought, You are dead today!

He rushed to Lin Feng and thrust ten fingers towards Lin Feng’s neck like a sharp sword!

But when he was less than half a meter away from Lin Feng, he suddenly saw Lin Feng was smiling, a trace of contempt on his face. Lin Feng turned his head quickly to look at him and slapped out a palm; it was too late to dodge. The roar was dull, and there was a scream on and off the stage!

Everyone was paying attention to Lin Feng’s every move. Lin Feng had hit a person out of the void with one palm. It looked like they were released from his palm!

“Ah! Who is that man? Where did he come from?” someone exclaimed.

Someone else asked, “Is he another body of Lin Feng?”

“That’s impossible. The man is wearing a Fu Sang uniform. How could it be Lin Feng’s separate body?” Some people immediately found the error of the previous question!

The old man who was suddenly hit by Lin Feng was not doing very well. When Lin Feng was attacking, he had already shot the silver needle in his hand, and it was now in the leg of the old man!

Lin Feng didn’t directly pierce his heart or head for his life because of Lin Feng’s curiosity. Lin Feng wanted to know where he was from!

The old man now stabbed in the knee by the silver needle was numb. He looked at Lin Feng in horror and said, “How could you see through my invisibility skill?” 

He had stabbed himself with his needle. At the same time, he was also secretly glad that he had not suffered a fatal injury. He directly pulled out the silver needle in his knee and threw it on the ground with an awkward expression!

Lin Feng looked at him curiously and said, “Haha, did you think your skill was good? If I didn’t show mercy just now, you would be a dead body now!”

The old man’s face changed, but his heart was filled with infinite emotion. He said, “You are ignorant! What is your origin, and why can you see through my skill?”

Lin Feng spread out his hands and said, “If you don’t want others to know you, you’d better not do things! I should ask you. Who are you? You should give me a reasonable explanation; you attacked me with such despicable means in this arena.” 

The old man knew he was unreasonable, but he thought he was in the realm of Ling Di, he said, “I’m Chongtian Zhengxiong. How can I use despicable means to deal with you? I just wanted to test your cultivation!”

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