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Chapter 1658 – Self-Sufficiency

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Lin Feng hadn’t spoken yet. There was a commotion in the camp nearby. A cultivator of Fu Sang exclaimed, “Chongtian Zhengxiong! You are the Sword God?”

Lin Feng didn’t know the names of Chongtian Zhengxiong and the Sword God. The old man nodded, and all the cultivators bowed down excitedly!

The old man of Fu Sang beside Li Kechang said in a trembling voice, “No. It’s impossible. You can’t be Zhengxiong. The real Zhengxiong lived in the Edo era and died in 1868. You can’t be Zhengxiong!”

“Haha, it seems that I am famous. After more than one hundred years, someone still remembers me. I did not live in vain!” He admitted his identity, which surprised Lin Feng!

If this was true, then he was at least two hundred years old? Was there such an old and immortal monster on the Earth?

Lin Feng had to believe it, because the Invisibility skill was enough to explain everything. If he was not such an old man, how could he have such powerful cultivation?!

“What’s your name? I don’t want to kill just anybody!” Chongtian Zhengxiong asked Lin Feng directly.

Lin Feng replied with a faint smile, “I’m Lin Feng. I didn’t expect that this war between our two countries made you, an old but immortal monster, come out to join the fun!”

“Bah, you are old, but not dead! You are just a Huaxian low-level cultivator, and you are arrogant, killing several of our cultivators. Today, I’ll let you know my swordsmanship!” Chongtian Zhengxiong’s words had not finished when a long sword appeared in his hand!

Lin Feng immediately looked at his hand. There was no storage ring on his fingers, but he was wearing a pair of hand strings on his wrists, which gave off a faint aura of flexibility. Were those two hand strings his storage tools?

The sword in his hand was very strange. It was almost transparent. No one would notice it without looking carefully!

Since the other side had already brought out his sword, Lin Feng was careful. He was facing an old monster who was nearly two hundred years old. Maybe there would be some fierce killing moves!

Lin Feng released his soul sword. The sword soul suddenly said, “Lin Feng, this man is so powerful. He has reached the incarnation level!”

Lin Feng asked with his divine sense, “What is the incarnation?”

“When it comes to the state of ecstasy, it can transform Qi using form. What he said just now is the principle of Invisibility. You can see that his sword is almost invisible!” the sword soul explained.

After the sword soul finished, he paused and said, “In fact, this kind of person is easy to deal with. Let me clean him up!”

Chongtian Zhengxiong roared, grabbed the ground at his feet, and jumped at Lin Feng. Just as he moved, he disappeared from people’s eyes. There was another exclamation under the stage. Most people had never seen this strange fighting skill. It was amazing!

Lin Feng could see clearly. When Zhengxiong reached twenty meters away, he suddenly flashed. He went to the side of Lin Feng to stab, avoiding Lin Feng’s defense, and then came to attack Lin Feng’s flank!

He had used his concealment skills to ambush, but now they dueled openly; what fighting skills he used were within the allowed range. He stabbed at Lin Feng from the side!

Lin Feng hurriedly backed up a half step, then he cut out to block the translucent sword. The huge impact flared with light, shocking and shaking Zhengxiong, who was forced out of the invisible state again!

He disappeared immediately again,  shocked. Seeing Lin Feng so young and sharp, and able to see through his invisibility, was frightening him. At the same time, he made up his mind to kill Lin Feng!

The plan to take over the Huaxian cultivation world had been brewing for more than a hundred years. He was the most active participant in this plan, and he had created the great pill, trying to make the Fu Sang cultivation world dominate the Earth!

But now there was a stumbling block like Lin Feng. How could he not kill him?

“Fencing!” Chongtian Zhengxiong jumped up. The sword in his hand suddenly doubled, doubled again, and then once more. After several doublings, the shadow of the translucent sword was all around Lin Feng. All of them rushed towards Lin Feng in the middle!

As long as one of the attacks succeeded, Lin Feng would be seriously injured. Zhengxiong could take the opportunity to kill Lin Feng on the spot. He believed that as long as Lin Feng was dead in the challenge arena, no one would dare fight again!

However, just as the sharp swords got within ten meters, a sound suddenly burst out from Lin Feng, and a barrier appeared all around him. It was Lin Feng, who had released his world!

Countless swords collided directly on this border, bouncing back; they were all blocked outside the border!

“Ah! Border?! It’s impossible for me to form such a strong border. You have reached the state of Tao Ancestor?” 

The shock left Chongtian Zhengxiong confused, and he reappeared again!

Lin Feng looked at him indifferently and said, “Maybe you’re right, or maybe you’re not right, but since you’re here, you won’t leave today!” 

Chongtian Zhengxiong protected himself. He felt some fear in his heart. It seemed that Lin Feng was far beyond the realm of Tao Ancestor? Could he reach the Origin Yuanzun?

Before he could ask again, Lin Feng waved his sword. The sword in his hand suddenly became ethereal. It turned into a shadow, which disappeared before Chongtian Zhengxiong!

Chongtian Zhengxiong was scared. He had known that Lin Feng was going to humiliate him!

But it was too late. Just ten meters away from Zhengxiong, a button on his body came loose, and his robe was cut to pieces and fell off!

There was a lot of laughter below the stage, because Zhengxiong was naked. He only wore a loincloth like a sumo wrestler, which was embarrassing and shabby!

“Tsk! Lin Feng, what do you think of my shadow soul sword technique? Go with shadow and keep the soul, I just want to play with him,” the sword spirit laughed in Lin Feng’s ear.

Chongtian Zhengxiong was humiliated and furious. He had a great reputation among his descendants and was worshipped as a god. How could he be humiliated by an unknown Huaxian junior?

Although he was down in the dumps, he had his life-saving treasure. He clapped his wrist; and suddenly was wearing another suit on his body. He was wearing another soft golden armor. Meanwhile, a strange snake-shaped sword appeared.

As soon as the sword came out, the temperature within a hundred meters dropped sharply. The strange sword was the life weapon of Zhengxiong. It could only be used at the most critical time!

The snake sword changed shape and stabbed at Lin Feng’s border. Lin Feng looked at it in disdain. However, the next moment, Lin Feng froze. This snake sword had stabbed the border!

Lin Feng had never encountered this situation before. He quickly retreated to get rid of the snake sword. However, his plan failed this time. The snake sword writhed inside like a real snake!

There was a flash of cold light at the tip of the snake sword. Several cold lights came at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was afraid of this strange sword this time. It was different from the ordinary sword. It had become a sword spirit!

As Lin Feng was in a hurry, there was a flash of bright light. Suddenly three floating figures appeared in front of him. Zhengxiong was happy, he thought he had succeeded, but three people were suddenly around Lin Feng!

This was a total violation, cheating!

They had the duel, but Lin Feng secretly found someone to help him, Zhengxiong immediately shouted, “I protest! Lin Feng has cheated!”

But he didn’t finish his words, he stopped because he saw four Lin Feng, and three more Lin Fengs came out, beside the original Lin Feng!

“Ah! Lin Feng has separate bodies. Oh, my God, how could he be so many?” The people under the stage screamed, cheered, and questioned, and the people in the front row, such as Nian Ling Jiao and Wang Yuan, were shocked. They couldn’t tell which was the real Lin Feng for a while!

“How about it? Lin Feng, we will help you with this!” It was the Yang Boy speaking. The girl also said, “We became you to scare them!”

One of the Lin Fengs said in a rude voice, “My big body was squeezed so small, it’s so suffocating!”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but sigh that these children had the mind to play at this time!

The snake sword shot over to them, but it was directly slapped away by the three children. Before Lin Feng knew what was going on, he had already been sent flying, straight at the stunned Zhengxiong!

With a loud bang, Lin Feng’s border directly sent Zhengxiong flying. He fell dozens of meters away and sat on the ground spouting blood!

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