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Chapter 1659 – The one who knew the Situation

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The Fu Sang cultivators screamed, and immediately rushed over to Chongtian Zhengxiong. Chongtian Zhengxiong no longer looked like before, and his Qi was rapidly declining. He murmured, “He has the origin…”

He did not finish, Zhengxiong directly gushed out blood, and died on the spot!

With the death of Zhengxiong, the snake sword lost its power in an instant, broke into several pieces in the air, and fell to the ground!

The soul of Zhengxiong had gone. The boy giggled and said, “He’s too weak to fight. I just kicked him!”

The girl said, “Let’s go back to play games. We are not needed outside.”

They disappeared directly. Lin Feng hurriedly looked into the storage ring, only to find that the three were playing a game of carrying a sedan chair, and the sedan chair was the snake witch woman!

“Lin Feng will win! Fu Sang is defeated!”

“Huaxia will win! Get out of Huaxia!”

The people cheered, but Li Kechang was different. Now he was desperate to claim the leadership of the Huaxian cultivation world. Unfortunately, no one could defeat Lin Feng right now!

Although Li Kechang had very high self-esteem, and he had reached the level of Ling Di, when he saw Lin Feng’s avatars, he was in a cold sweat. Jinluo Ningjia, Ling Di border, and Tao Ancestor fractal… Lin Feng had reached the level above Tao Ancestor at least! Li Kechang didn’t dare challenge him!

Li Kechang’s eyes turned quickly. He immediately walked up and said, “Lin Feng, congratulations, you have added great luster to our Huaxian cultivation world.”

Lin Feng saw the hypocrisy from his smile, but still nodded. Seeing Lin Feng’s coldness, Li also saw the chill on the face of the old leader of Fu Sang. It seemed he was blaming Li Kechang for his capricious betrayal of the alliance agreement. Li Kechang quickly restrained his smile and pretended to be dangerous, “Is there anyone else coming up for a competition? Please hurry up! “

After shouting for a long time, no one came up again. The Fu Sang cultivators had been frightened by Lin Feng. The ones who had just fought with Lin Feng had died miserably. At the same time, many innocent cultivators of Fu Sang were involved. The only hope they had now was if the old man of Fu Sang could quickly pull out the assassin’s mace. They had planned a hundred years for this time! It could not end so quickly.

While people were all in a state of anxiety, a strange roar came from the sky, which turned dark. A huge black bird came down from the sky. An old man was sitting on the back of the bird!

The old man took an iron flute and was blowing on it leisurely. The sound was magical. People were dizzy when they heard the sound.

Lin Feng immediately became alert and asked, “Who are you?”

The old man jumped down from the strange bird and looked at Lin Feng with strange eyes. “Young man, what you performed today is wonderful. I admire it!”

But then the voice turned bleak, “But you should not have killed my disciple Chongtian Zhengxiong! You destroyed his reputation. You have to use your life to fill in this hatred!”

Lin Feng understood the identity of this man. It turned out that the man he had killed just now was his disciple. So, this man had lived for hundreds of years. 

His appearance was like a kind of heart tonic, which excited the Fu Sang camp. The old man quickly bowed to the body and said with tears, “God Guitian Zhengyuan, you have just arrived. Our people have died and been injured a lot. You must preside over justice for us!”

Guitian Zhengyuan took a look at the old man, but said coldly, “You are useless. I’m here only to avenge my apprentice. As for the dispute between the two countries in the field of cultivation, I have no interest!”

His words made the old man’s face go blue. He was dissatisfied with the words, but he didn’t dare to say a thing. He said, “You are right; you have been in seclusion for more than three hundred years. How can you worry about this common thing? But Lin Feng killed innocent people, and he killed your beloved. You must not spare Lin Feng!”

Guitian Zhengyuan listened to the old man’s voice for his apprentice’s grievances. His face was relieved, and his eyes on Lin Feng were even colder, “Lin Feng, although you have done well, you were wrong to kill the wrong person and provoke the wrong one! It will be the anniversary of your death next year. If you have any last words, you should speak them while you are alive.”

Lin Feng listened to them for a long time. Guitian Zhengyuan was so mean. He suddenly became angry and said, “Don’t boast. It’s your apprentice who took part in this thing. He was looking for his death!”

Guitian Zhengyuan was angry; he looked at Lin Feng, intrigued, and said, “Lin Feng, you do not know who I am, do you?”

Although Lin Feng was fed up with this man pretending to be forced, he held back his anger and asked, “Who are you? It’s better to say it directly!”

“Haha, that’s right. It’s not me, but you who are mysterious. You can hide well and hide from the world, but I know your background very well. Today I’ll expose your hypocritical mask!”

After that, the old man raised his hand to the audience, and the noisy crowd immediately went silent. All of them were waiting for him to announce the question they had doubted for a long time. What was the origin of Lin Feng? 

This problem had long been suspected in the field of cultivation. Lin Feng had appeared in their eyes, he was remarkable, but no one knew his inheritance and origin!

To the cultivation world, which paid attention to inheritance and sectarian views, an unknown person was not so trustworthy. Now the old man seemed to know the truth; he gained the public’s attention!

“Tell us. What is the origin of Lin Feng?”

“Is he cross from other positions?” This was the most popular rumor in the world of cultivation. Now someone had the chance to ask questions publicly.

“You are right, Lin Feng is not a man of the Earth, he is a person of other places. He came to the Earth by some opportunistic methods, and his purpose is to eliminate all the cultivators on the Earth…”

“No, he has been helping us.” There was an immediate protest.

“How could he kill so many of us alone?”

Guitian Zhengyuan said with a sinister smile, “You see that his accomplishments are extremely high; not from his own cultivation, but by sucking on our world’s Qi. If you let him continue, then all your accomplishments will decline, and Lin Feng will be able to establish his colony on the Earth, and then he will kill you easily.”

His words made all the cultivators feel cold. They all looked at Lin Feng. They didn’t feel anything at the beginning, but after Kuda said that, the more they looked at Lin Feng, the more suspicious they felt!

“You fart! Don’t talk nonsense!” a sudden voice sounded, and a magnificent figure came up from under the stage and rushed at Guitian Zhengyuan!

Lin Feng saw it was Nian Ling Jiao.

Nian Ling Jiao had the same origin as Lin Feng. She knew that she and Lin Feng were not real people on the Earth, so Lin Feng was exposed on the spot by Guitian Zhengyuan. She wanted to stop him!

However, she forgot that if Guitian could say such a secret thing, he was not a simple man!

Seeing Nian Ling Jiao coming, Guitian Zhengyuan used the iron flute against Nian Ling Jiao’s rush. The iron flute blew across the air and made a harsh sound. It split a vortex in the void!


Before Nian Ling Jiao got close to Guitian, her body was directly swept out by the huge Qi waves on the iron flute, and she ran into the opposite the rock. Lin Feng was horrified. He rushed out and quickly caught up with Nian Ling Jiao.

“Haha, look, this woman is not one of you from the Earth. They all come from the World of Battles. They come to the Earth together to open up a new area of cultivation and colonization, to rule your Earth, to turn the Earth into their colony, and all lives and deaths are subject to one!” Guitian continued.

Lin Feng was wondering… why was he so clear about his and Nian Ling Jiao’s affairs?

Did he come from the World of Battles?

Then who was he? Lin Feng suddenly pictured a person: the Ancient Demon!

“Are you the Ancient Demon?” Lin Feng blurted out. Qiutian Zhengyuan threw a stunned look at Lin Feng. There was a flash of panic in his eyes, but he immediately denied, “What’s the Ancient Demon? I am Guitian Zhengyuan!

“Haha, since you are just a swordsman of Fu Sang, how do you know that I came from an outland space? Don’t you think your statement is very contradictory?” Lin Feng guessed. Even if he was not the Earth man behind Ancient Demon, he must be related to the Ancient Demon! Otherwise, he could not have known so much about them!

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