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Chapter 1660 – Resurrection from Death


Lin Feng’s rhetorical questions made Guitian stop talking for a while, and even made the audience under the stage question him. Someone followed Lin Feng’s topic and asked, “Mr. Gui, Lin Feng is right. Are you also from outer space? What’s your purpose? Do you want to rule the cultivation world?”

This questions annoyed him and he gradually lost his patience. He turned to Lin Feng and retorted, “Lin Feng, I don’t want to talk to you about it. First, I want to talk about my apprentice’s hatred. Today, I give you two choices. One is that I want one thing from you. The other is that I want your life. You can choose for yourself!”

He said that he wanted something from Lin Feng, which surprised Lin Feng. He couldn’t help wondering, “What do you want from me?”

“I want the ancient compass. As long as you can give that thing to me, I will leave here!” He was greedy!

Lin Feng couldn’t help but be startled. He said to himself, This man knows a lot about me. He even knows about the compass. 

Lin Feng was unhappy that he had been monitored. Although he didn’t know what the compass had, how could he give it to others for nothing?

What was more, the fussing people were the enemies of Huaxia. Lin Feng said contemptuously, “Your plan is wrong. I don’t want to give you what you want. If you have the ability, you can take it by yourself!”

Lin Feng’s direct refusal infuriated Guitian Zhengyuan, who immediately jumped on the strange bird vertically and rose to the sky. At the same time, a huge sword appeared in his hand; it was a hundred meters long! He chopped down at Lin Feng from the sky!

Lin Feng stayed with Nian Ling Jiao; he was afraid of fighting with her there, and dodged hurriedly. With a loud bang, half of the Matou mountain was cut off by the huge sword, and the rocks flew everywhere. The people below the stage were too scared to escape!

Lin Feng said to Nian Ling Jiao, “You get to a safe place to avoid for a while, and then I will kill him!”

As soon as Nian Ling Jiao left, the huge sword cut down and across the void, stirring up huge waves. Lin Feng also rose into the sky and showed the sky axe he had refined from the Pangu Compass. Since the other party was interested in the Pangu Compass, he would try to defeat him with the sky axe!

The axe turned into a great axe in the wind. It directly collided with the sword. After a golden light burst out, Lin Feng and Guitian retreated hundreds of meters away at the same time. Lin Feng looked at the axe in his hand and found there was no damage! 

But Guitian screamed, “The Open Sky Axe! The ancient magic weapon, you can refine it!?”

His surprised expression showed that he was frightened of the Open Sky Axe. At the same time, he looked at his huge sword, and his face changed a few times. Although the move failed to break his huge sword, it left a huge chink in the blade!

Although his huge sword was not an ancient magic weapon, it was the best one among the magic weapons at the Ling Di level. Unexpectedly, it was damaged to such a degree in one move!

Lin Feng didn’t want to talk any more nonsense. He started to chop at Guitian with his axe. Guitian was already in a mess. He had to insert Qi into the huge sword again and pick it up!

With a loud bang, the huge sword was cut by the Open Sky Axe and shattered into four different pieces!

When the two sides fought, the weapon was the thing to fight. The destruction of a weapon was a huge blow to the will. Guitian Zhengyuan was sad and indignant. He made a helpless choice to throw the remaining broken sword at Lin Feng!

The huge sword whirled at Lin Feng. Lin Feng beat the broken sword aside with then axe, and then charged at Zhengyuan. However, Zhengyuan had taken this opportunity to flee ten thousand meters away. Lin Feng was angry. Unexpectedly, Zhengyuan was so inferior!

“Where can you run?” Lin Feng immediately sped up to chase him. Since he knew his situation so well, he couldn’t let him go so quickly. At least, he should find out how he knew these things. Maybe he was related to the Ancient Demon!

They chased each other and soon had flown more than a hundred miles. Lin Feng was faster and less than a hundred meters away from Guitian. Lin Feng thrust a huge hand at Zhengyuan’s back!

Zhengyuan knew that he was not Lin Feng’s opponent. He shouted in a hurry, “Ancestor, please help me…”

Lin Feng was surprised. Who was his master?

He suddenly felt that there was a huge Qi in the void. The Qi rushed from below towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng hurriedly released the blow and dodged at the same time!

But this Qi was too grand, Lin Feng escaped the edge, but was still stuck, he almost fell from the air!

“Haha, Lin Feng, we meet again!” The visitor appeared in the air in front of Lin Feng with a big smile. Lin Feng could not help but take a breath. How could it be her?!

The person who came here was the Holy Buddha who had been killed by Lin Feng in Jiangnan City, and the girl who claimed to be the mother of the Ancient Demon. Could she be reborn?

“Haha, Lin Feng, are you surprised I didn’t die?” She took the lead in asking questions, seeming ready to show off. Without waiting for Lin Feng to speak, she said, “Lin Feng, actually I appreciate you, a man of cultivating immortals in other regions. Why don’t you cooperate with me; let’s take charge of all things on the Earth, and be free from now on?”

If Lin Feng hadn’t seen her become a wolf before, he might have been moved, but now it sounded cold. He was not that kind of person.

“Shut up! First of all, how did you come back from the dead?” Lin Feng stopped her teasing fiercely. Only by learning the reason for her death and rebirth, could he kill her!

“Cluck, you’re too careless. The Holy Buddha, the devil and the Buddha are in the same body. Can you kill them at will?” She smiled for a while and said, “Lin Feng, I can tell you clearly that you are in a very dangerous situation. If you continue to be willful, someone will drive you out of your wits!”

Seeing that she didn’t seem to be bluffing, Lin Feng was severe and asked coldly, “Is that right, but I don’t know who has such an ability?”

“You should know that my son is the Ancient Demon. You may never know who his father is. He is the most famous one in Huaxia, the Lord Chi You, do you think you have any chance to win?” she said arrogantly.

Chi You?

Lin Feng immediately thought of what Fuxi and Daoyi had told him when he crossed. Chi You was indeed on the Earth, as they said!

But why hadn’t Chi You ever appeared? Lin Feng was puzzled and said deliberately, “You don’t need to scare me. Chi You is just a legend. Do you think I will believe your words?”

The demon mother and Holy Buddha was stunned and smiled, “It seems that you are ignorant. Chi You is not a mythical figure; he was the first great man in ancient Huaxia. If it wasn’t for the Yellow Emperor’s plot, the whole of Huaxia would belong to our family! I made a mistake that hurt my husband and me.”

The more Lin Feng heard, the more he was confused. He said, “Since your husband is so powerful, why doesn’t he dare to show up all the time? Has he become a waste?”

The face of the mother was cold as she retorted, “Unbridled! You are the last sin of Yan and Huang. Yan and Huang set up a trick to lure my husband down and suppress him under Jiuding. Now you are still slandering me. Today I will kill you and save my husband!”

After saying that, she turned into a huge wolf tail with sharp spikes on it, and swept down to Lin Feng. Lin Feng chopped with the axe, and cut the wolf tail into three sections!

But she didn’t scream like before. Instead, she was full of mischievous laughter, as if this was the result she wanted!

While Lin Feng was stunned, he suddenly smelled a strange fragrance. As soon as the scent came into his nose, he felt a rush of restlessness, and the axe in his hand grew several times heavier. He couldn’t help himself!

“Haha! Lin Feng, you’ve inhaled my Tanhun Fragrance. Next, you’ll accept my physical destruction. I’ll spoil you well!” she smiled. Lin Feng saw that when the wolf’s tail was broken, the invisible fragrance was released!

However, it was a little late to understand that. Lin Feng was slowly paralyzed, and the figure of the mother turned fuzzier! At this critical moment, Lin Feng heard a faint voice in his mind, “Lin Feng, keep your heart and your mind clean, it’s for the Skill of Tao.”

Lin Feng’s heart was filled with doubts. How familiar was the voice? It was Daoyi’s voice. But Daoyi was in the World of Battles, why could he hear him?

The voice of Daoyi started again; he recited a verse of a mantra. Lin Feng quickly guided his Qi according to the formula, and forced the dirty gas out of his body!

The demon mother came up to Lin Feng, reached out and stroked him gently on his chest. “Lin Feng, it’s a pity that I won’t be able to use your good figure. You hurt my son, so why don’t you have a better son with me?”

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