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Chapter 1661 – Trapped Inside a Cauldron

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She reached into Lin Feng’s chest. It seemed that she was looking for something, but was disappointed. She soon saw the ring on Lin Feng’s finger, and there was a flare of greed in her eyes.

The Demon Mother touched Lin Feng’s storage ring, murmuring, “Lin Feng, I know you are still conscious. Open this storage ring quickly. I only need the Pangu Compass. I promise I won’t kill you.”

This storage ring could only be opened by the owner; the one who wanted to open it could destroy its structure with a strong force, but then they would damage the things inside. The Demon Mother didn’t want that to happen!

“Haha, you need the Pangu Compass. What’s the use of it?” Lin Feng pretended to be weak as he replied. He had recovered his mobility, but in order to know her true purpose, he deliberately concealed the fact!

The Demon Mother glanced at Lin Feng and sneered, “Lin Feng, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s useful to me. A Pangu Compass will replace your life! You will not lose anything.”

“Well, I’m not, but you’re going to lose a lot!” As soon as Lin Feng finished speaking, he suddenly grabbed her wrist. The Demon Mother screamed and fled quickly!

Lin Feng failed; he was too anxious just now, the recovery was over, but his moves were still unstable! 

The Demon Mother looked at Lin Feng in horror. She didn’t understand how Lin Feng could lift the fragrance’s effects in such a short time. She was angry and didn’t show mercy anymore. She waved her sleeves and threw a round object at him!

This thing was rotating in the air, making a sound of that sang through the ages. Lin Feng looked at it, wondering why it looked like a wine glass?

Before Lin Feng understood, it turned over. Its mouth was directly towards Lin Feng, and a strong suction force came from it. Lin Feng was drawn into it. Lin Feng tried desperately to resist this strange force, but could feel that his vital energy was being absorbed quickly!

When he opened his eyes, Lin Feng was shocked to find that he seemed to be in a shaft, and there was a large opening above his head. Lin Feng understood; he had been sucked into the strange magic weapon!

Lin Feng took a breath of Qi and rushed towards the hole. When he just arrived at the hole, he met an invisible barrier and was bounced back!

“Lin Feng, you want to escape from the Nine Cauldrons? Don’t dream anymore! When you die, the ring will become an ownerless magic item. Then I will get ownership of it. Everything in it is mine, haha!” the roar of the Demon Mother came from outside the entrance!

“You are such a despicable villain. Fight with me directly!” Lin Feng shouted angrily, echoing in the cauldron.

“You are naive, Lin Feng! I know your level, and I know I can’t defeat you, but I’ve always been clever. Since you’ve fallen into this, I can’t help you. No one can save you. Nine days from now, your soul will be absorbed by this cauldron, so I have to say goodbye in advance.”

After saying that, the tunnel suddenly darkened. There was no light outside, nor any sound of the mother. Whatever he shouted, there was no response!

Lin Feng felt his vitality was disappearing, being stripped from his body as she said. Lin Feng was shocked. But when he looked at his feet, he was even more shocked!

There were bones at the bottom of the cauldron. He didn’t know how thick they had accumulated. Stepping on them, Lin Feng felt some self-pity. Would he become one of them?

“Lin Feng, do as I say, or your soul will disappear!” The voice of Dao Yi was ringing again!

Lin Feng asked him, “Dao Yi, aren’t you in the Hongmeng zone; how could you be here?”

“Don’t talk anymore. Just hide in these bones, or your soul will be sucked clean by the Nine Cauldrons!” Dao Yi’s voice was very anxious.

Lin Feng didn’t dare delay anymore. He dug up the bones and buried himself, sealing the opening with the bones according to the orders of Dao Yi. It was like making a cellar within the bones. After Lin Feng dug through the bones, he was already sweating!

Lin Feng could do these things easily normally, but now he was very tired and panting. His vitality was leaving too fast!

“Lin Feng, sit on the ground, hold your soul and vitality according to the Tao formula I am giving you. Only in this way can you hold on for nine days,” Dao Yi told him, and recited a series of formulas. After seeing Lin Feng obeying, he breathed a long sigh.

Lin Feng felt the dissipation of vitality in his body stop, so he asked, “Dao Yi, you haven’t answered my question; why are you here?”

“I’m not here. I’m talking to you only through the Pangu Compass. I didn’t expect that you would find that ancient magic weapon by chance. It’s a great device. The Pangu Compass was formed when Pangu opened up the world, and the Hongmeng realm was formed when heaven opened up the earth. The two can be said to be the existence of living and dying together. So now I can talk with you!” Dao Yi explained.

“Ah? Can you see what’s on my side?” Lin Feng asked in surprise.

“I can’t do that, but I can sense your Qi. It’s not much different from seeing it with the naked eye!”

Lin Feng thought about that and asked, “Is this one of the Nine Cauldrons made by Yan and Huang? Why does the Demon Mother have it?”

“No, it is not. Judging from the Qi of the cauldron, it should be the counter cauldron made by Chi You, which is opposite to the real one. This cauldron can’t pray for the common people, but can be used as a magic weapon to take lives!” Dao Yi informed him. “There are so many bones; they were used to sacrifice this counter cauldron.”

Lin Feng was shocked. The Nine Cauldrons of Yan and Huang had been missing for many years; he didn’t expect to see this cauldron first. This was bad!

Lin Feng thought of another question and asked, “Well. Why does the Demon Mother want the Pangu Compass? Does this Pangu Compass have any great use to her?”

Lin Feng was full of curiosity about the ancient compass. As an ancient magic weapon, it must be more than a flying magic weapon, and have many powerful abilities that he had not yet fully understood!

Dao Yi responded after a moment, “The Pangu Compass is the ancient relic by which Pangu divided Yin and Yang, which contains the intangible truth of the Tao. Even I can’t tell all of them. But since you have this chance, you can get enlightenment through your understanding. It depends on your comprehension.”

The words of Dao Yi did not dispel his doubts, but made him more interested in the Pangu Compass. Suddenly, Lin Feng wondered… why didn’t he use the Pangu Compass to escape from the cauldron?

Lin Feng tried to open his storage ring, but he found that the storage ring didn’t respond at all! It couldn’t be opened!

“Lin Feng, you have lost so much energy now. With the force of this counter Ding, you can’t open the storage ring. But you can practice the second way of the Yan and Huang Scripture. You can only break through this layer completely before you can realize the realm. Then you can get rid of the restriction of the counter Ding…” Dao Yi reminded Lin Feng when he saw him trying to open the storage ring.

There was a sudden roar of animals. Lin Feng looked out through the cracks of these bones, and saw many ferocious animal totems protruding from the cauldron’s inner wall. These totems were swimming on the wall of the cauldron, and kept scanning the bones as if they were looking for their prey!

“Dao Yi, what’s with these totems?” Lin Feng asked in a worried whisper.

“Shh, don’t talk…” Dao Yi stopped Lin Feng quickly!

Their dialogue had attracted the attention of those animal totems. They were more ferocious. They wanted to break away from the cave wall and kept roaring in Lin Feng’s direction. At the same time, they send out waves of suction force from their mouths, sucking many bones over to the cave wall!

Fortunately, Lin Feng had hidden in the deepest part of the bones just now. Otherwise, he would have been found by these fierce totems and might have fallen into their mouths!

Those bones that were sucked into the cave wall were drawn in to the mouths of the totem beasts, but the fierce beasts just chewed them a few times and found that they had no value. They vomited them back into the cauldron again; Lin Feng was shocked at the sight and dared not say a word!

Following the Tao formula of Dao Yi, he held the soul and the body as one. Gradually, he ignored the deafening roars of the beasts outside. 

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