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Chapter 1662 – Death

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This pure feeling was extraordinary. Gradually, he and the storage ring had resonance again. The roar of the beasts had disappeared after a time, so Lin Feng dared to whisper, “Dao Yi, can I try to escape with the Pangu Compass now?”

Dao Yi thought and said, “Try to open your ring first. If you can open it, it should be okay!”

Lin Feng tried to open the storage ring with his divine sense, but to Lin Feng’s dismay, he couldn’t do so. It was like Lin Feng and the ring were completely blind. Although Lin Feng’s divine sense could see the things in the ring, he had lost the ability to reach them!

“What can I do? Am I going to be trapped here?” Lin Feng asked reluctantly.

At the moment when Lin Feng was most anxious, he suddenly found a white light coming from the gap between the bones. The hole that had been sealed was opened again. Lin Feng shouted out, “Let me out, or I will break your magic cauldron!” His voice echoed in this confined space rather hollowly.

“Lin Feng, don’t boast. After two days, you won’t even have the strength to shout!” the Demon Mother replied disdainfully. As Lin Feng just wanted to yell at her; she continued, “You needn’t be afraid. I have found some mourners for you, so that you won’t be lonely on the way!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw something outside of the cave. In a flash of black light, several people smashed into the cave built by Lin Feng heavily, directly smashing the hole open!

A person fell into Lin Feng’s arms; Lin Feng couldn’t help exclaiming, “Nian Ling Jiao! How could it be you?”

Before Nian Ling Jiao spoke, two more fell in. They nearly knocked Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao out. They were Lin Zu and Qing Huangtian!

Qing Huangtian was stunned by the fall. She was weak and timid. How could she withstand the shock of falling?

That was not over. There were more than a dozen people outside; all of them were Huxian cultivators. Although Lin Feng didn’t know these people, he recognized them from their clothes!

Fortunately, Qing Huangtian had just fainted for a while, and there was no worry about her life. The Demon Mother intentionally left them alive to sacrifice to the magic cauldron. After they entered, the fierce animals on the inner wall of the magic cauldron that had just subsided started howling again, ferocious!

The situation suddenly became extremely terrible. The fierce animal totems on the cauldron wall tried to get out of the wall, stretched out a big mouth, and greedily sucked at the fallen Huxian cultivators!

A wolf-like monster bit a cultivator’s leg, tore the whole leg off with a twist, and chewed and swallowed it bit by bit, spitting out a pile of broken bones after a few seconds!

“Ah. Help!” The cultivator who lost one leg gave a heartbreaking cry, but there was only death waiting for him!

His shouting immediately attracted the attention of another fierce beast, looking like a bear or a mouse, with a table-sized head and a half-meter-long tusks. It directly stretched out a black and smelly tongue and rolled the wounded monk into its mouth!

The other cultivators were the same. There were not just the fierce animals; but many monsters who were not human and ghosts! When they saw these fresh people, they immediately fought for them desperately, they directly tore the cultivators to pieces and sent blood everywhere!

Lin Feng looked sad, but could not help, because he and the others had been buried under the collapsed bones again!

Even if they had not, Lin Feng would not take the risk to help them. If those fierce beasts found him, not just his life was in danger, the others hiding with him would die!

The others were frightened and dared not utter a sound. Lin Feng protected them. If those fierce animals found them, Lin Feng would fight boldly to the end!

After a long time, these fierce animals seemed full, gradually disappeared, and became wall carvings again!

The voice of Dao Yi rang in Lin Feng’s mind, “Lin Feng, have you sensed the change of Qi in this cauldron?”

“Is there any change? I don’t feel it?” Lin Feng asked. 

“It seems that your divine sense has been suppressed so much that you have lost sensitivity to the environment. Now the Qi in the cauldron is becoming stronger. The atmosphere is strange. It is like the Qi of the Ancient Demon!” Dao Yi described.

Lin Feng tensed up. Could the Ancient Demon come in here? But the Ancient Demon was the son of the Demon Mother. The tiger wouldn’t hurt the son. Could the mother kill her son?

But Lin Feng found that he might be right, he saw a drop of red blood slide from the wall of the cauldron in the gap between the bones. More of these blood drops seeped, as they did, they began to condense into a liquid human shape!

Although it was very vague, Lin Feng saw his familiar face. It was the Ancient Demon!

What kind of weird Skill was this? How could it use a cauldron to create a reborn Ancient Demon?

The Ancient Demon had not been fully formed; he only had a vague outline without facial features; he was like a faceless ghost. He stretched out his arms, picked up the bones on the ground, and put them into his mouth, one by one. They were directly soaked and corroded by the blood. It seemed that the Ancient Demon had absorbed them directly!

The Ancient Demon ate the new bones more and more greedily. As he ate more and more bones, Lin Feng was shocked to find that the Ancient Demon’s body was getting bigger and stronger, and the originally flat face began to develop some features. Its face was forming slowly!

“Dao Yi, what can I do now? He will eat us; once his eyes are back, we can’t avoid him anymore!” Lin Feng was anxious.

“Don’t worry, don’t you find that your vitality is growing? What’s the situation in your dantian?” Dao Yi asked.

Lin Feng was very nervous now. If Dao Yi hadn’t reminded him, Lin Feng wouldn’t have noticed his body’s change at all!

There was a blue flame in his dantian; the flame was sucking something from the body of the Ancient Demon. A very thin line connected to the rough body of the Ancient Demon!

Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel shocked. What was going? Had the Ancient Demon assimilated him? Or was he going to become a monster?

The Ancient Demon seemed to have noticed the existence of this thin line channel. He abruptly stopped chewing the bones, put his face down bones, opened a pair of empty eyes, and looked inside, just opposite Lin Feng’s eyes!

But his eyes had not been completely formed. At least for now, the eyes were still just swirls. Lin Feng had not been found at all!

However, his nose had taken form. The huge nostrils were searching for Lin Feng’s scent!

His expression was ferocious, and he became more and more irascible. He began to use his claws to excavate crazily. The target was Lin Feng and the others hiding under the bones!

Lin Feng couldn’t stand it any longer. If he allowed the Ancient Demon to dig, he would catch Lin Feng and others quickly. Lin Feng punched towards the eye of the Ancient Demon!

Lin Feng’s right hand went straight into the eyes of the Ancient Demon. Lin Feng burst the newly formed eye!

Before the Ancient Demon could react, Lin Feng immediately shattered his other eye, which infuriated the Ancient Demon. He grabbed Lin Feng with a huge claw!

At this critical moment, Lin Feng suddenly felt a tremor on his hand. The ring that he had been trying to attune woke up again. Lin Feng directly called out the Shadow Soul Sword and cut at the claw of the Ancient Demon!


The arm of the Ancient Demon was cut off directly. It quickly backed away from the pain and hit the wall of the cauldron with a hollow cry!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Feng immediately summoned the Pangu Compass. As soon as the Compass released its majestic atmosphere, it formed a spherical barrier and completely protected Lin Feng and others inside!

“My son, what’s the matter with you? Who hurt you? Was it Lin Feng? Why can’t you even fight Lin Feng?” the Demon Mother cried out.

The Ancient Demon said vaguely, “They took my eyes… “

Lin Feng didn’t care about their conversation anymore. He directly controlled the Pangu Compass to rise in the air and rush towards the hole. It was extremely fast. With a bang, he flew out of the cauldron!

As soon as he flew out of this cauldron, Lin Feng found that they were in a strange area. The heavens and earth were extremely desolate, with withered grass everywhere. Standing among the withered grass were countless huge black stone pillars, directly inserted into the ground!

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