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Chapter 1663 – Meeting the Ancient Demon Again

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There was a person standing on each stone pillar. They looked very small. Lin Feng looked down at the pillar again, and couldn’t help but be shocked. There were people dressed in black with iron faces standing there in great numbers!

It was the third time Lin Feng had met these people!

The first time he met them while he killed the Posuo clan on the desert trip; then he had met them again in Linhai City. Now they had appeared in this strange place. What was the secret relationship between them, and who was their owner?!

The seal of the cauldron was suddenly lifted, which made all of these people scream in horror. Countless blots of black blood were flying out of the broken cauldron. As soon as they got out of the cauldron, they flew in all directions!

Many clusters of blood rushed into those men, and most of them died or were injured.

While Lin Feng was stunned, a huge blob of blood turned into a black monster and rushed towards him, directly hitting the transparent shield of the Compass. After smashing into it several times, it shrank in size, and flew away, discouraged!

“Lin Feng. You destroyed our magic cauldron, and you let these monsters out! Chi You won’t let you go!” the Demon Mother shrieked.

Lin Feng followed the sound, and saw that the Demon Mother had reverted to an old woman from a young woman. Her face was wrinkled, her nose was crooked, her eyes were triangular and evil, and she had huge black wings coming out her back!

“This is your true face. You don’t need to frighten me with Chi You. Whether he will let me go or not, I won’t let you go today!” Lin Feng decided to kill her!

But before killing her, there were too many questions that had not been answered. She had to be captured alive first!

Lin Feng stepped out of the Compass’ shield and shot at the Demon Mother. When the Demon Mother saw Lin Feng coming to catch her, she turned around and ran. While running, she attacked Lin Feng from time to time, trying to stop him from killing her. However, Lin Feng drove a huge palm through the air. A huge transparent Buddhist hand turned into a fist, which directly grabbed her. Her struggles were useless!

“Lin Feng! Don’t think you can bully me with your high cultivation. Come on, kill him for me!” She knew she was not the opponent of Lin Feng and shouted!

Before the words were even heard, the people in black rose into the sky. They surrounded the two of them like grasshoppers in the sky. They even formed a huge human sphere in the sky!

Lin Feng frowned and sneered, “I don’t think you should resist unnecessarily anymore. I can kill you at any time! Why do you have to bury these monsters together with you?”

After hearing Lin Feng’s words, the Demon Mother could not help but feel cold. She was not stupid. She knew that it was in vain. At the same time, she was a person who cherished her life. She immediately said, “Lin Feng, don’t kill me. I can tell you everything you want to know.”

“Haha, you are smart.” After Lin Feng finished, he immediately took back the Buddha’s hand and scattered the men in black casually!

“What is this place? Why did you bring us here? What are these monsters?” Lin Feng asked quickly and eagerly. Was there such a vast land of red soil in Huxia?

The Demon Mother faltered, “I don’t know where this is.”

Lin Feng glared at her and threatened, “You want to trick me! You don’t know where it is, so why can you bring us here?”

Lin Feng’s breath was surging, and a strong murderous spirit had emerged. The mother was scared and explained, “I don’t know where it is. The reason why I can come here is to follow the guidance of the magic cauldron…”

Lin Feng blinked and saw her speaking firmly. He could not see whether she was lying or not!

“Then answer my other questions!” Lin Feng said again.

“Oh, these men in iron and black are all the strange people refined by the magic cauldron. They must protect this wild land. As for the land, this is one of the eight wild places in the legend. It’s the homeland of Chi You!” she answered.

Lin Feng’s heart moved. He had heard of that before, but at that time, Lin Feng had not cultivated; he just thought it was a myth. Unexpectedly, there was indeed such a place!

Lin Feng immediately thought that place was so broad and huge, but the outside world had not discovered it?…

Lin Feng looked at the magic cauldron, which was still on the altar; he released the Jia Yan Eye Skill. He soon found a clue. There was a kind of light that was invisible to the naked eye around the cauldron; the light was like a projection in all directions, sent out thousands of miles away!

Lin Feng asked the Demon Mother with great interest, “If I am guessing correctly, this so-called ‘eight wastelands’ is an illusion, right? Is it the reflection of the external rune of the magic cauldron projected in this time and space?” 

The Demon Mother couldn’t help but feel her heart skip. This was a question that she had been puzzled about; how did Lin Feng guess such an answer? Was it right or wrong?

Lin Feng just guessed it. He said to the Demon Mother, “How did you use this magic cauldron when you trapped me inside it?”

“The magic cauldron can only be opened with magic blood. I opened it with blood from my fingertip. If I want to leave here, I can close it with the blood again…” she said.

Lin Feng was a little disappointed by her answer. He thought that he could control the magic cauldron, but he didn’t want to need any bullshit blood!

Dao Yi suddenly whispered to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, I think you can open this magic cauldron. Do you remember that you shared vitality with the Ancient Demon when you were in that cauldron? It means that you must have the same Qi and blood as the Ancient Demon. Why don’t you try it yourself?”

When Lin Feng heard that, he didn’t hesitate. He forced a drop of blood out of his fingertip and wipe it off on the magic cauldron. But after wiping it, there was no response at all. Instead, the drop of blood was absorbed by the copper cauldron!

“Lin Feng, it’s not everyone’s blood that can open and close it. You don’t have magic blood. It’s useless to try!” 

Lin Feng didn’t know whether to believe her words or Dao Yi’s words?

All of a sudden, Lin Feng thought of a possibility. He quickly used the Jia Yan Eyes Skill and swept them over the magic cauldron. He soon found a strange place. There was a pattern on the outside of the magic cauldron which was very polished. It had been rubbed often!

This bright pattern exuded the same Qi as the Demon Mother. Lin Feng immediately realized that he should wipe the blood on that pattern!

Lin Feng wiped the pattern, and  saw the dark light dim. The magic cauldron turned into a small cup the size of a table tennis ball, just like a small wine cup!

At the same time, the wasteland disappeared, and the face of the Demon Mother was hideous. This was a secret she would rather guard with her life! It was worth her life. A long and sharp claw appeared in her long skirt, and was thrust at Lin Feng’s back!

She couldn’t allow this thing to be taken and controlled by Lin Feng, or her son, the Ancient Demon, couldn’t be resurrected. Her husband, Chi You, couldn’t lift the ban either!

Lin Feng was happy, but suddenly felt a dark threat behind him. He hurriedly dodged the blow and stood in the middle of the sky, looking at her. He couldn’t help shaking his head and saying, “You are stubborn, I didn’t want to kill you yet, but now I have to kill you today!”

“Fart, I’ll kill you today!” The Demon Mother had gone crazy with anger. She had forgotten that she was not the opponent of Lin Feng!

When she rushed at Lin Feng, Lin Feng had already deployed the strong suction from the cauldron. It even absorbed the sunshine, and made the sky dark!

The body of the Demon Mother turned into black Qi, and the twisted mass was sucked into the cauldron!

Lin Feng looked at the magic cauldron, threw it into his storage ring, and went back to the Compass again. He saw Qing Huangtian, who had just woken up. Qing Huangtian immediately rushed over and cried out, “Lin Feng, I know who I am! I remember the World of Battles!”

She couldn’t speak. Lin Feng patted her back and felt the growing familiar Qi inside her. He felt a little sad!

Lin Feng didn’t have much time to stay with them. He had to go to the challenge arena in Kyoto. But when Lin Feng arrived at the challenge arena, he saw an unbelievable situation. How had such a big change happened?

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