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Chapter 1664 – A World Apart


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The mountain where the challenge arena was located was long gone, and a building was being erected there. Lin Feng touched his head, puzzled. Was the Competition over in just a day?

Lin Feng flashed down. His sudden appearance scared a worker who had just turned around and he complained, “What are you doing? How did you get in? You scared me!”

Lin Feng looked around at the unfriendly eyes of several workers, shook his head, and asked, “What are you building? Where is the challenge arena?” 

The worker was stunned, “What challenge arena?”

Lin Feng mentioned the contest between Fu Sang and Huxia, and the worker looked at him like he was a fool, “Do you want to take part in the contest? You have to go back a year ago,,if you have the ability!”

This left Lin Feng even more surprised. At this time, a worker nearby came over and said in a rude voice, “Sir, I don’t think you are aware. That Challenge Competition is over. Huxia lost. No, now it’s the headquarters of the Greater East Asia cultivation association. What we are building is the headquarters building!”

A burst of dizziness rushed into Lin Feng’s mind. They had entered the cauldron for one day, but it was one year in the real world? 

The man shook his head and sighed, “Ah, you didn’t see that. It was a terrible fight. The Huxian people suffered a terrible defeat. Finally, a compelling character appeared. But he suddenly disappeared. Not only did not save the Huxian cultivation world, but brought the power of Fu Sang down upon the Huxian cultivation world!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was scolded by a nearby worker, “Lao Zhu, you are speaking too much! If the supervisor hears you, you will die!’ 

The worker who was scolded looked around nervously and saw that there was no one else near. He began to complain in a low voice, “Hmm, maybe Lin Feng will come back again. At that time, he will kill all of the Fu Sang cultivators!”

He was not convinced, and the worker who scolded him kicked him severely. He lowered his voice and warned, “You are stubborn. In the past year, Fu Sang cultivators have been searching for the Huxian cultivators, but they didn’t find Lin Feng. Lin Feng may be a person who passed through the place. He is just a passer-by, but you can’t forget him!”

Another worker suddenly said, “Shhh. Don’t say anymore, the supervisor from Fu Sang is coming over!”

The workers immediately dispersed and left Lin Feng standing there. Lin Feng looked back and didn’t speak. A Fu Sang native who was coming over to Lin Feng shouted, “You are Lin Feng?! Come on; Lin Feng is here!”

Lin Feng also saw the man clearly; it was the old man who had presided over the challenge arena!

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he quickly flashed ahead and immediately grabbed the old man’s throat with one hand. He said in a sharp voice, “You dare to invade our Huxian land. I’ll send you back home today!”

With a snap, the old man spouted a mouthful of blood as Lin Feng directly twisted his neck.

This scared the workers, who fled far away. The stubborn man pointed at Lin Feng and asled, “You are Lin Feng?”

Lin Feng just wanted to nod, but there were dozens of cultivators coming from outside the building, rushing at Lin Feng!

“Come on, I’ll send you all to see your ancestors today!” Lin Feng proclaimed coldly. He quickly rushed at them. He was very fierce. It didn’t take a minute for all those cultivators to become corpses!

Lin Feng looked at the bodies. He burned them all with the fire of Jia Yan!

Lin Feng looked at the frightened workers and said, “I’m Lin Feng. I never left this year. Anyway, you won’t understand. You can tell me about the current situation first.”

These workers saw that Lin Feng wasn’t going to kill them. At the same time, they knew that Lin Feng came out for the Huxian cultivation world, so they were no longer afraid, and they gathered around.

They all spoke to Lin Feng about what happened one year ago. They had heard about the whole situation of Huxia. Lin Feng was shocked. He didn’t expect the cultivation world of Fu Sang to dominate the cultivation world of Huxia.

Many of Huxia’s strategic areas and ports had fallen into the hands of Fu Sang, and the deceitful Li Kechang was the president of the Greater East Asia Alliance. He was just a puppet of Fu Sang!

“Then, where is the headquarters of the Greater East Asian Union?”

“This should be the future headquarters, but it has not been completed.”

“It’s said that it’s temporarily located in Kuqian Town,” a worker whispered; he was very careful.

After listening to that, Lin Feng immediately flew up, climbed on the Compass, and looked into the distance. At the same time, he was worried about it. The paralyzed old mother of Qing Huangtian was still in the town of Kuqian. He didn’t know if she was alive or not if she didn’t have the care of Qing Huangtian!


When Lin Feng and Qing Huangtian arrived at the Kuqian Town, they found that it was torn to pieces. Every home had become an empty house with broken doors and windows, as if it had been ransacked!

On the way to the building where Qing Huangtian lived, a group of Fu Sang cultivators came out. It seemed that they were patrolling and guarding. As soon as they saw at Lin Feng, they immediately shouted, “What are you doing? Why do you break into our headquarters?”

A guard blew his whistle and shouted, “Lin Feng! The criminal is here!”

Lin Feng hadn’t started yet, but suddenly a figure rushed out to attack the Fu Sang cultivators. She was Qing Huangtian, who just recovered her memory!

As she beat these people, she shouted, “You Fu Sang dogs, return my mother!”

Although Qing Huangtian had just recovered her cultivation, it was not difficult for her to fight with these Fu Sang cultivators. She killed most of them. The rest of them quickly fled!

A group of people quickly went through the alley to the front of the building, but found it had turned into ruins. Although the building had not collapsed, it had been destroyed, and the insides had long been empty!

Lin Feng and others went to Qing Huangtian’s house, where only the overturned furniture on the ground remained; there was no Qing Huangtian’s mother. When Lin Feng was about to leave, Qing Huangtian stepped to the corner of the wall and found a notebook from an overturned table.

Lin Feng looked at it; it held Qing Huangtian’s dreams about the World of Battles in all directions, or was the remaining memory of Qing Huangtian’s dreams. It turned out that it must have fallen behind the table!

He wanted to tease Qing Huangtian when a loud bang came from outside; a burst of smoke and dust turned up, the empty door frame was blown out and deep pits appeared in the wall!

That was the sound and blast of a shotgun! Lin Feng quickly flashed to the door as a barrel reached inside. Lin Feng grabbed the barrel and directly twisted it. He pulled the wielder in and slapped his head!

The dead body fell to the ground directly, Lin Feng stepped into the corridor, and saw Li Kechang. 

Around him were a dozen Fu Sang cultivators, and their levels were not weak; all of them were on top of immortal Da Luo. When Li Kechang saw Lin Feng, his face began to twitch quickly!

“Lin Feng! You’re not dead! You’re back!” Li Kechang shouted, but could not hide his fear!

To be honest, he thought Lin Feng would come back one day, but he didn’t think it would be so soon!

Lin Feng looked at Li Kechang and said coldly, “Li Kechang, you are a good president of our Huxian cultivation world. You helped Fu Sang take control of the Huxian cultivation world. It’s brilliant!”

“Lin Feng, don’t talk nonsense. I am not that kind of person. I’m thinking about the whole cultivation world. The general trend of the world is to co-operate!. The cultivation organization has absorbed many members from all over the world to join in and create new brilliance. It is a good thing!” Li Kechang declared.

Qing Huangtian came out, she asked sharply, “I don’t care what you are brilliant or not, where are the people from this room? Where did you put my mother?”

Although Li Kechang was not familiar with Qing Huangtian, he had made a clear investigation of Lin Feng’s relationships. He knew that Qing Huangtian was a friend of Lin Feng or even closer!

“Miss Qing Huangtian, you can’t blame me for this. Your mother is safe now. I’ve sent her to our headquarters to take care of her all the time…” He pretended to be innocent.

This left Lin Feng and others stunned. What did he want to do? Was he so kind?

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