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Chapter 1665 The Mystery of the Eight Cauldrons

Edited by RED

Li Kechang’s words were true. When Lin Feng went to chase the Demon Mother from the challenge arena, Nina Ling Jiao and others followed him, but they were all thrown into the magic cauldron by the Demon Mother and never returned, which gave Li Kechang another idea!

He knew that Lin Feng was not a person to provoke and could come back at any time, so he left a way for himself and sent someone to take care of Qing Huangtian’s mother, just in case Lin Feng and other people came back, to spare him and take the opportunity to make friends.

It was time for him to ask for credit. Qing Huangtian demanded, “Where is my mother now? Take me to see her!”

Without hesitation, Li Kechang expressed pleasure and said, “Okay, how about we go now?”

Lin Feng knew that Qing Huangtian wanted to see her mother. If he fought with Li Kechang, it was a bit inhumane. Besides, her mother was in the other side’s hands, which was also unknown. He couldn’t attack right now


After Li Kechang sent the Fu Sang cultivators away, he drove Lin Feng and others out of Kuqian Town and to a new destination. Half an hour later, he drove into a villa. The houses in the area were all Fu Sang-style buildings, and the security forces in the villa all wore Fu Sang clothes!

“Well, that’s it. Your mother is in there. She is well taken care of.” Li Kechang stopped in front of a Fu Sang-style villa and called Lin Feng and others to get out of the van. 

Several cultivators of the Lung Hu clan were in front of the villa’s gate. When they saw Lin Feng and others, they were scared. When Lin Feng and others followed Li Kechang into the room, a cultivator whispered, “Isn’t that Lin Feng? Hasn’t he been gone for nearly two years? How is he back now?”

“Shh, be quiet. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t come back. It’s important that he seems to get along well with our leader now. The leader has expected this day for a long time!” another whispered.

Lin Feng saw Aunt Liu lying on the bed, but she was very thin and blind, and Qing Huangtian could not recognize her!

After crying and calling for a long time, Aunt Liu turned her eyes, but her eyes were empty and blank. There were no emotional fluctuations. 

Lin Feng hurriedly explored with his divine sense, and could not help sighing in his heart for a while. In this year, Aunt Liu’s life had really dried up; her brain atrophy had reached the end, and the meridians around her body had almost died!

Even Lin Feng couldn’t do anything for her. She could die at any time!

Lin Feng wanted to say something, but found that Li Kechang was gone. Dozens of barrels were suddenly inserted into the paper lattice door and window. Lin Feng was shocked. Li Kechang had set a trap for him!

Lin Feng hugged Nian Ling Jiao and Lin Zu and rushed to the bed together. At the same time, he quickly released his border to protect all of them. There were a series of explosions. The whole room was full of flames and smoke!

Fortunately, Lin Feng had responded instantly. If he had been slow, they would have been injured now!

After this round of gunfire, the shooters were changed, and they shot inside again. The steel balls flew in the air and bounced off the border of his world. There was a cry of pain from the gunmen outside. Someone was injured by the rebounded steel balls!

“Don’t stop, keep fighting!” a rough voice rose outside. Lin Feng was so angry that he immediately released his armor and flew in the voice’s direction!

He grabbed the commander’s throat and lifted the man. Before he could call for help, his head had been cut off by Lin Feng.

At the same time, Lin Feng swept a palm at the shooters outside and killed most of them. Those who were not dead immediately pointed their guns at him. Lin Feng didn’t give them a chance to fight back; he summoned the Shadow Soul Sword, turned it into a million cold lights, and directly impaled those shooters on the spot!

But Li Kechang was gone.

Moreover, the door of the room was completely closed from the outside. Lin Feng walked into the room quickly and saw that Aunt Liu was dead. Qing Huangtian was holding her and crying!

Lin Feng knew that he could not stay for a long time. He used the Pangu Compass and brought the others away. They directly broke through the closed villa’s roof and rose into the sky. The villa was surrounded by flames when they looked down, with many Fu Sang cultivators around it continually adding fuel to the fire!

It was vicious; they had been plotting for a long time. They tricked Lin Feng and others inside with Aunt Liu and then tried to shoot them. In order to protect themselves, they set a fire outside. They wanted to burn Lin Feng and others away completely!

The people saw that Lin Feng had broken through the reinforced concrete villa, and immediately took the next step. Dozens of cultivators chased Lin Feng and others into the air at the same time!

Lin Feng was not afraid of these people. He didn’t want to fight with them while they were carrying Aunt Liu!

He accelerated into the distance, and soon there was no trace of the cultivators chasing them. When Lin Feng landed the Compass again, they had reached an empty place!

“Qing Huangtian, don’t cry. You know Aunt Liu’s life. It was going to end up this way sooner or later,” Lin Feng said helplessly.

“But she is my mother; she raised me…”


After a talk with Nian Ling Jiao and Lin Feng, Qing Huangtian finally regained her composure. They discussed things and wanted to settle Aunt Liu first. Fortunately, Qing Huangtian had expected all this and even bought the cemetery plot in advance.

Now it was urgent, and the situation was special. They couldn’t follow the process like a normal funeral. Lin Feng directly sent her body to the selected cemetery for burial!

Qing Huangtian was surprisingly calm. She made a final bow to the tombstone, and then said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, let’s go back now and kill all of them!”

That was also what Lin Feng was thinking. It was not too late for a gentleman to get revenge after ten years. But this kind of deep hatred couldn’t wait any longer. If he bore it again, it would be equivalent to coddling those murderers!

When Lin Feng and others went back, they met the Fu Sang cultivators who were looking for them. They had split into the air and ground to search together. The people in the air found Lin Feng first. With a whistle, dozens of cultivators converged!

Lin Feng was shocked; these dozens of cultivators were all people at least a hundred years old. Their accomplishments were high, all of them above the Ling Di level!

There were even several old monsters; Lin Feng couldn’t tell their cultivation.

“You are ignorant, is this cultivation world that you can shake like a little passer-by?” An old man with a dragon crutch in his hand pointed at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stood on the Compass and roared, “Haha, you don’t want to live in Fu Sang, but came to our Huxian land! You dare to challenge me? I think you have Alzheimer’s disease!”

“Since ancient times, we respect the strong. Since you were defeated, you have to admit defeat! Even the things that have been recognized by the high-ups in Huxia have no qualifications to say that. You don’t know the current state of affairs! Today, I won’t talk to you too much. You can surrender, or I will kill you!” the old man spoke harshly. 

Lin Feng was angry, and didn’t answer him. He said to Nian Ling Jiao and others, “You stay inside and don’t go out, and I will go out to deal with these scum!”

After saying that, Lin Feng jumped out of the Compass and flew towards the old man. The Shadow Soul Sword was in his hand. The old man was beyond caring, and was not afraid to hurt the innocent, so Lin Feng had no reservation about using the power of the sword. The sword waved within a kilometer!

The sword Qi split the air and raised waves. However, the old man didn’t dodge at all. He shouted and released a suit of black armor!

At the same time, he pointed the dragon crutch at Lin Feng, and a wave-like sea of mountains suddenly appeared, colliding with the sword Qi in the middle. The roar spread all over the place, and even resisted the power of Lin Feng’s sword!

Others were taking the opportunity to gather around Lin Feng, ready to attack Lin Feng all the time!

“Haha, Lin Feng, you are nothing more than that. It’s funny that you are so arrogant!” Seeing that Lin Feng had not hurt his crutch, the old man immediately smiled proudly.

The crutch must be a best magic weapon; otherwise, it couldn’t withstand the edge of the Shadow Soul Sword!

“Since you are so ungrateful, don’t blame us for being rude! Build the formation!” The old man laughed and immediately gave orders to the others!

As soon as the command came out, he saw that they dragged out round things at the same time. Lin Feng was surprised. It was magic cauldrons again!

How could there be so many magic cauldrons? Were they made by these cultivators? It was a little unreasonable!

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