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Chapter 1666 – The Mother of Fu Sang

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When the magic cauldron was launched, the sky turned dark, because some sunlight was sucked into the cauldrons. Lin Feng had been sucked into a cauldron once, so he was afraid of it. He had turned around and found seven cauldrons floating around him!

The huge sucking force from those cauldrons caught Lin Feng in a vortex. What was more, the sucking force even broke his world border!

The border was like marshmallow, swiftly torn into pieces. The old man was not hurrying to take Lin Feng’s life. He deliberately humiliated Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, do you know what magic weapon this is?”

He was very proud of his magic weapon, and wanted to show it off. Lin Feng tried to calm down and directly held up his cauldron. He sneered, “Is there anything strange? It’s just a magic cauldron!”

As soon as Lin Feng showed his magic cauldron, the old man’s face immediately changed. “How can you have a magic cauldron? Did you kill the Demon Mother?” 

He was so shocked, Lin Feng deliberately said, “Haha, she was just an old witch. She was trapped by me in this cauldron now. Maybe she has become a pool of blood!”

The old man was surprised when he heard the first half of the sentence, but when he heard that the Demon Mother was in the cauldron, he suddenly laughed and said, “Haha! You are so funny; what a big joke! Tapping the old witch in the cauldron!”

Was there anything wrong with him locking the Demon Mother in the cauldron?

But before Lin Feng could understand what was going on, the cauldron on his hand suddenly shook, and there was a huge bang. Two clusters of black and red blood were ejected from the cauldron. The blood groups gathered in the wind!

It was the Demon Mother, and the Ancient Demon!

They stood in the air, hand in hand. At this time, the appearance of the Demon Mother was restored to a young woman, who looked much younger than the Ancient Demon. It looked quite strange to them!

“Cluck, Lin Feng, you’re smart, but you are too stupid. Did you think I was sucked in by the cauldron? I am one of the eight old cauldron masters! That cauldron is my life weapon! I am not only not harmed by it, but can increase my power there!” the Demon Mother smiled. Her breasts were jumping like big white rabbits!

Lin Feng cursed, “You are sly. You cheated me!”

“Hah, Lin Feng, it’s because you’re so easy to trick! That cauldron doesn’t depend on magic blood. When you used your blood to test it, I secretly recited a mantra to open the cauldron, which made you think you succeeded. Then I pretended to be sucked in, so you would relax your vigilance, so I could help my son regenerate. Wasn’t it the best way?” she said proudly.

The old man stared at the Demon Mother, swallowed, and exclaimed, “You are brilliant! With the blessing of such a talented and beautiful goddess as you, Fu Sang will surely be prosperous and rule all over the world.” 

Being praised by the old man, the Demon Mother was even prouder. She winked at the old man. The old man immediately shivered all over.

Lin Feng was confused. She was the Demon Mother. How could she become the goddess of Fu Sang? She even had a Fu Sang name, Yixienamei!

Lin Feng could not suppress his doubts and asked, “What is your identity?”

“Hah, I said you are ignorant. I am the goddess of Fu Sang, and the mother of all gods. All the gods of Fu Sang were born by Chi You and me. Oh, by the way, Chi You is Yixienaqi, and he is my brother!” she said with infinite charm and evil in her eyes!

Lin Feng felt cold. Unexpectedly, they gave birth to the gods of Fu Sang. It was no wonder that the people of Fu Sang were so shameless. They made some messy porn movies because of that tradition!

However, Chi You of Huxia was a god of Fu Sang, which surprised Lin Feng. If so, Fu Sang was a branch of Huxia?

But where was Chi You now? Was he still in Fu Sang? Why didn’t he show up?

The old man finally recovered from his confusion. He came to the Demon Mother, greedily breathing her fragrance with a very enjoyable expression. The Demon Mother didn’t mind at all; instead, she touched the old man, smiled, and said, “We haven’t been happy for a long time; we will have fun after we kill Lin Feng.”

She was a fascinating goblin. At her touch, the old man immediately seemed to react, and his body stiffened.

Lin Feng looked at the Ancient Demon beside them. This guy could stand his mother openly flirting with others. Didn’t he mind at all?

Before Lin Feng’s harsh words came out, the scene shocked Lin Feng more. The Ancient Demon slowly leaned over to his mother and said, “You can’t forget your promise with me, my mother.”

The Ancient demon, who had always been ferocious, had this kind of tender look. Lin Feng was stunned. She reached out her hand and pinched the ass of the Ancient Demon. “You are a grinding goblin. Wasn’t it enough for you in the cauldron?”

The Ancient Demon put his hand on the buttocks of his mother, and kept fumbling and kneading them. “You said that you would teach me all the postures in the world. You can’t break your promise. Besides, I have injuries. I am relying on your Yin yuan to heal.”

Lin Feng couldn’t help it. He understood the relationship between them. When he thought he took this cauldron with him, there was terrible incest going on in it. He was shocked!

When Lin Feng retched, the mother said, “Lin Feng, what’s with your expression? I like it very much. As long as you obey me and have sex with me, I don’t mind letting you go. Isn’t it wonderful that we would share joy?”

“Bah! How can you say that? You ignore human relations, and you even have sex with your son. Are you still a person?” Lin Feng could only swear in shame and annoyance.

Lin Feng cursed the Demon Mother as a prostitute. Instead of being angry, she laughed. In a coquettish voice, she untied her buttons, revealing her breast. “Lin Feng, don’t pretend to be moral anymore. I don’t believe that you are not interested in women’s bodies. I heard that you have seven wives. Do you think you have the qualifications to judge me?”

Her words directly choked Lin Feng. She didn’t say anything wrong. According to her logic, he was not a moral person. But he didn’t mess with his children!

The old man’s saliva was almost running out. He held out his neck and stared at the Demon Mother. 

Lin Feng saw the Demon Mother say something. Her white teeth were looming, and her pink tongue was sticking out from time to time. It was full of temptation! 

The sound from her mouth left Lin Feng’s body and mind disordered. The sound was high and low, thick, and thin, exciting, and joyous; all of these sounds intruded on Lin Feng’s body!

Lin Feng felt his Qi was boiling, colliding with every sensitive part of him; his eyes were completely attracted by the charming body of the Demon Mother. He was completely out of control, and couldn’t even move!

Lin Feng knew better than anyone else that the Demon Mother was using a woman’s unique magic to seduce him. He shouldn’t be controlled by her. However, that was only a thought; he had already lost physically. The strong reaction made him feel hot!

Nian Ling Jiao and Qing Huangtian were angry. The words of the Demon Mother embarrassed them, but they couldn’t talk because of shyness. But when they saw Lin Feng floating towards the Demon Mother, how could they bear it!

However, they couldn’t break the shield of the ancient Compass, so they could only shout, “Lin Feng! Come back and don’t be fooled by her. She is not a good woman! Don’t go!”

“Lin Feng, wake up, don’t look at her eyes, don’t listen to her mantra! If you want it, you can find Qing Huangtian and me, please don’t mess with her.” 

However, despite their shouts, Lin Feng ignored them and drifted towards the Demon Mother.

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