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Chapter 1667 – The Eight Cauldrons Devour the Soul

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The Ancient Demon reached out with his sharp claws to kill Lin Feng. He hated Lin Feng a great deal. He was beaten by Lin Feng in the World of Battles. He lost his power for a hundred years before he could escape back to the Earth. As a result, he couldn’t stand the pressure of the trip. His soul was shattered. When he reached the Earth, several of those parts were killed by Lin Feng, one after another! 

“Wait! Don’t mess around. Have you forgotten his importance to us?” The Demon Mother suddenly shouted.

The Ancient Demon was unconvinced, “Mother, he is very important, am I not an important son? I will just break his power, and will not kill him; it will not be a mistake!”

“Unbridled! Don’t you want to save your father, Lord Chi You? We have the eight Wild Cauldrons now, but we can’t gather the eight wild realms. We’re short of the Qi. Now we just need to take Lin Feng to sacrifice the eight Wild Cauldrons, and we can transform the realms into reality! Then we will unify all the Wild Realms of the Earth and unify all the eight realms. It’s more important than your revenge!”

Lin Feng heard clearly, and couldn’t help thinking about it. The eight wastelands that he had seen in the magic cauldron were just illusions!

They couldn’t merge the eight realms, so that they couldn’t save Chi You; Lin Feng was the person they needed to merge the eight realms!

“Lin Feng. It’s between the demon and the Tao. The choice is right in front of you. It depends on your own choice,” the voice of Dao Yi rang out again. “If you can’t resist her, you will have sex with her and be robbed of Yuan Yang. Once the eight wild realms merge, Chi You will come back to life, and there will be a disaster in the world.”

When Lin Feng heard Dao Yi’s reminder, he was shocked, and his spirit was gradually freed. He slowly clenched his hand and began to recite the Tao in the Yan and Huang Scripture. He calmed down a little bit!

However, at this critical moment, the Demon Mother saw Lin Feng’s small action. She snapped, “Where are the eight cauldrons, elders? Let’s work together and bind Lin Feng! He is about to wake up!”

She thought of luring Lin Feng, but now she saw that Lin Feng could move, and his expression also showed his feelings, which made her feel endangered!

“Yes! Let’s work together!”

The eight cauldron elders recited magic spells at the same time. A series of spells gathered bloody black lights, which erupted and directly hit the bottom of their cauldrons. Suddenly the eight cauldrons were full of blue light, and there was a circle of ripples from the cauldron mouths, directing a strong suction force at Lin Feng!

Lin Feng could resist it if it was the power of one cauldron, but when the eight cauldrons worked together, Lin Feng suddenly couldn’t resist. He felt uneasy. His inner world was being separated and divided into eight parts, slowly tearing in eight directions!

Qing Huangtian, Nina Ling Jiao, and Lin Zu shouted to remind Lin Feng, but it was all in vain!

Boom! A halo came out of Lin Feng with a loud noise, and the halo turned into another Lin Feng.

But this Lin Feng looked dull; his face had no expression, and was directly sucked in by one of the cauldrons!

There was a series of roars. Lin Feng clones appeared one by one and were sucked in by the magic cauldrons one by one. At last, Lin Feng’s body became frail!

“Haha! Lin Feng, come to my cauldron quickly. Don’t resist it anymore. As long as you are in there, you will enjoy it every day!” the Demon Mother said to Lin Feng with a coquettish smile!

Lin Feng’s mind was in chaos. Looking at the smile in front of him, he couldn’t even raise his will to resist!

The Demon Mother was happy and shouted, “Take it!”

The cauldron suddenly roared, and a powerful halo appeared in the cauldron’s mouth, which directly absorbed Lin Feng!

“Lin Feng, don’t go in… “Qing Huangtian cried.

“I’ll fight with you. Let go of Lin Feng!”

“Old witch, I’ll fight with you!”

But no matter how they shouted, the fact was Lin Feng had disappeared in front of them!

The Demon Mother’s face turned cold. Looking at the Pangu Compass floating in the distance, she sneered, “This compass is a treasure. Since we have collected Lin Feng, then this compass has become an ownerless thing. Let’s take it together!”

But before she had finished speaking, the compass trembled, and flew into the distance!

The Demon Mother shouted, “Don’t let them run away. Unexpectedly, the Pangu Compass has awareness and knows how to run away! Lin Feng still has a remnant on it. We must absorb all his soul into the cauldrons, or we will not be able to condense the eight realms! “

After that, she chased the Compass, and the other cauldron elders also made efforts to catch up!

Qing Huangtian and others were even more surprised. This Pangu Compass was taking several people in an unknown direction, entirely out of anyone’s control. What was going on?!

Fortunately, this Pangu Compass was very fast, as quick as fire and lightning. Soon, it was far away from the Demon Mother and others behind!

“I’m so angry! Hurry up and don’t let them escape!” The expression of the Demon Mother distorted with rage, and she could not stop swearing. However, she could only watch the Pangu Compass leave. After pursuing for thousands of miles, the compass had disappeared into the horizon!

But she refused to give up, and chased for another a thousand miles. There was nothing, and she finally stopped!

“What can we do?” an elder asked anxiously.

Another elder said, “Was the Lin Feng we just sucked is a fake one, and the real Lin Feng was taken away to Nirvana by the Pangu Compass?”

The Demon Mother was worried, and the others were talking, she said, “Don’t quarrel! If he goes to Nirvana, we’ll lose all our efforts!”

“Mother, what shall we do now?” the Ancient Demon asked in a low voice.

“What else can we do? Now the most important thing is to gather the reality of the eight wastelands and revive Chi You before they reach Nirvana! Otherwise, all our hopes will be dashed!” she frowned.

She pointed at a high mountain under the cloud sea, “The mountains and forests below are densely covered, and there are few people, it’s a good place for condensing the power. Let’s hurry down now; we can’t delay anymore!”

After that, they dove towards the huge forested mountains. When they reached the forest below, they found a deep mountain valley and disappeared!


After they disappeared, the Pangu Compass slowly emerged from a dense cloud. The Pangu Compass had become palm-sized!

Qing Huangtian and others inside had also shrank down. Being in the circle of the Pangu Compass was like an independent world with its own rules. Everything changed with the size of the Compass!

Qing Huangtian and others were already in tears. They were worried about Lin Feng’s safety and their future. If Lin Feng lost his life, wouldn’t they be trapped in this Compass forever?

As they worried, they heard a voice coming from the Compass: it was Lin Feng’s voice! They were surprised to see a faint light rising from the center of the Compass. The light projected Lin Feng’s image!

“Lin Feng, they didn’t catch you? It’s so nice!” Qing Huangtian ran to Lin Feng excitedly, but went right through the image!

Nian Ling Jiao also ran over and said in horror, “Sister Huangtian, this is not a real Lin Feng, but a soul. Lin Feng was taken away.”

As they were crying, Lin Feng said, “Don’t cry, I’m not dead yet! Now I am a trace of soul left by this Compass. I am in contact with those in the eight Cauldrons. Don’t cry first. I won’t die!”

“Then why didn’t you resist? Why let them swallow you up in the cauldrons?” Qing Huangtian demanded.

“How can we help you now? Can you let us out? We can go to the forest to rescue you!” Nian Ling Jiao urged him

“I’m just a soul now. I have no power to open the border of the Pangu Compass. I can’t open it. Once I open the border, my last remaining bit of soul will disappear completely.” Lin Feng was helpless.

After listening to Lin Feng’s explanation, everyone was sadder. Qing Huangtian said, “Is it impossible to save you?”

They didn’t know that Lin Feng was in the cauldron and talking to them through the divine sense of the Pangu Compass.

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