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Chapter 1668 – Wandering in a Dream

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“Don’t worry; this Pangu Compass has my divine sense now. As long as you continuously input power to ensure that this trace of my soul doesn’t dissipate, then I can help myself!” Lin Feng further explained.

He told Qing Huangtian, Nian Ling Jiao, and Lin Zu to form a triangle, and continuously send energy to his clone, so as to ensure that his spirit would not be separated. Only in this way could the Lin Feng in the cauldron not lose his mind completely!

Lin Feng sat in the cauldron and endured the pain. The fierce animals on the inner wall of the cauldron kept extending their claws and teeth to devour him, but fortunately his protective armor didn’t let them succeed!

Although it was in the cauldron, Lin Feng could hear the voices outside!

“Mother, what should we do now? Shall we set up eight realms here?” the Ancient Demon stood at the bottom of the broad valley and asked. The Demon Mother looked around. She nodded and dropped to the ground.

“This is it! The bottom of the valley has natural conditions for Qi accumulation. It is also very secret and not easily found. Let’s hurry and start now!” the Demon Mother directed.


The eight elders formed a circle. They divided into southeast, northwest, and four the cardinal directions, forming a shape of eight trigrams. One after another, they took out their cauldrons and raised them several meters in the air. With the mantra they recited, these cauldrons emitted eight brilliant colors, making the dense forest valley shine brightly!

The Ancient Demon took on guard duty, rising into the sky. He stood on the top of a tree, and observed everything around him all the time!

The eight cauldrons projected the fantasy of the eight wastelands, which overlapped little by little, and built the illusion into reality. The plants and trees in the illusion took the place of everything in the dense forest valley!

But the illusion was still small, only a hundred meters across, just like a sandbox in a wild land!


Lin Feng was concentrating on steadying his body and soul. Suddenly, he saw the magic cauldron in front of him was turning transparent. Through the transparent cauldron wall, he beheld the scene outside. Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe!

Lin Feng found that he was floating in a vast wilderness, with the sky hanging low and the grass everywhere, but there was no life here; not a bird, insect, or fish was here!

There were eight huge human-shaped mountains. No, they were not human-shaped mountains, but eight huge human-shaped stone carvings!

Lin Feng soon realized that these eight people were the Demon Mother and the other seven elders. They were carved so lifelike. Lin Feng was puzzled and wanted to see what kind of existence this was. 

However, Lin Feng found that he couldn’t move. He was confined in a narrow space, suspended in mid-air!

The huge statue of the Demon Mother suddenly opened her eyes and stared at Lin Feng. “Lin Feng, don’t struggle in vain. Now we’re going to sacrifice you to Chi You’s Shrine. After the sacrifice is successful, you will become the real Chi You. You will have no original memory. I will enjoy your body.” 

“You old witch, what’s the matter? Let me out!” Although Lin Feng couldn’t move, he didn’t lose the right to speak!

“Do you feel weird now? I can tell you the truth before you die, or you can keep resisting; otherwise, it’s not easy to do!” the Demon Mother said with a smile.

Lin Feng was upset, but he had to suppress his panic and listen to her!

“You are not the real you now. You are just a shadow, and you are blocked in the convergence of the eight projections of the eight Wasteland Cauldrons, which is a virtual shadow magic cauldron. Next, we will refine you and turn you into a body for Chi You!” she said.

Another huge statue opened his eyes and said, “I didn’t expect that we finally found the man to sacrifice to the cauldrons. We have worked hard for tens of millions of years to protect the eight wastelands. From living people to dead stone statues, we only waited for the day of rebirth!”

The other statues also spoke, and when they spoke and opened their eyes, the broken heads on the statues cracked, peeling off layer by layer. Huge stones fell one after another, sending out a series of booms, the echoes consistently sounding in this dense forest and valley!

Finally, several of them were completely restored to the shapes of real people. They were real people hidden in the stone statues!

“Don’t talk nonsense anymore. Now let’s work together and sacrifice him as soon as possible!” the Demon Mother ordered. They recited a series of spells directly!

The incantations turned into a huge wave, and hit Lin Feng!

Lin Feng was puzzled, then a fire erupted all over the sky. But this fire was black; there was no flame like this in the real world; it was completely black!

As soon as the flame appeared, the surrounding light immediately dimmed and was completely submerged by the black flame, as if the whole world had entered a long night!

What astonished Lin Feng more was that the flame was in his small space. Lin Feng felt the temperature around him rising rapidly, and his clothes suddenly burned away!

Lin Feng became naked directly, which left him embarrassed. He couldn’t help swearing, “You are shameless, let me out! You are going to revive Chi You. Is there any reason for you to revive him?”

The flame was constantly burning on Lin Feng’s skin. Every time it burned; it would bring a lot of pain. The flame burned directly into Lin Feng’s heart!

Lin Feng endured the sharp pain and didn’t scream, but the fire was so fierce that he kept sweating, and his awareness grew weaker with the sweat!

In his mind, a variety of scenes which he had never seen before began to appear, as if he was in a clear long dream. Lin Feng saw many primitive tribes fighting in the wilderness!

He was riding on a huge monster, dozens of feet high. Its head was as big as a boulder, and bore nine horns. It kept snorting flames!

Lin Feng felt strange that he had become another man, and this man was leading his army to the front of the conflict. This long wilderness was too broad and boundless!

There were all kinds of monsters around him, including giant tigers, giant elephants, giant crocodiles, and so on. There were many monsters that couldn’t be named at all. Each person there was riding a strange monster like Lin Feng!

“Lord Chi You, have we cast off the Yan and Huang? Can we a rest for a while? My Golden Scale Crocodile can’t continue any longer!” asked a man seated ten meters away on a giant crocodile.

Lin Feng turned around, and said uncontrollably, “Can Xiu, we are running for our lives now, not playing. Yan and Huang will not let us go. We must escape into the core area of the eight wastelands to ensure our safety!” That person is called Can Xiu, Lin Feng thought, a little scared. What happened to him? He seemed to be a rider in Chi You’s head, and couldn’t control his actions and words at all!

Lin Feng was more like a bystander, a peeper hidden inside Chi You!

When Can Xiu heard Chi You’s words, he bit his teeth and didn’t speak. But then the huge golden-scaled crocodile he was riding suddenly gave out a roar and fell to the ground. After landing on the ground, he kept rolling and threw Can Xiu directly into the air!

After rolling out for hundreds of meters, Can Xiu crashed into a huge stone and directly smashed it. Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel a pain in his heart. He must have broken his bones and skull!

But to Lin Feng’s surprise, the man stood up and slapped away the stone powder all over his face. There were no injuries at all!

The golden scale crocodile was lying on the ground, heaving and panting, salivating all around, rolling its eyes, looking as if it was about to stop breathing!

Not only him, but many of these stopped monsters also ended up lying on the ground, making sad cries. They were exhausted and were gnawing at the sand and stone around them!

Lin Feng couldn’t help but be very surprised; these monsters were so hungry they were crazy; how could they eat this. 

But slowly Lin Feng found that he was wrong, because these monsters did not feel any discomfort after eating the sand and stone, but seemed very comfortable, like the sand and stone was quite delicious.

Their owners kept rolling over large stones from the surrounding areas for them to nibble at; they were monsters that ate sand and stone!

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