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Chapter 1669 – The Battle Between Human and Demon

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“Lord, please drink some water!” A man with copper head and iron armor came over, took out a water bag, and handed it to Chi You. Lin Feng stared at the man for a while, only to find that he didn’t wear a mask; he was really made of copper!

When he spoke, the copper and iron of his body deformed and wrinkled like skin, shocking Lin Feng. Were these the eighty brothers of Chi You in the legend?

According to the legend, Chi You was the leader of the Jiuli group. He was proficient in armor-making and good at training all kinds of strange birds and animals. He once led his regiment to fight against the Central Plains, and Emperors Yan and Huang. However, it was said that Chi You was defeated and killed. Was that now? When Lin Feng thought to shout out, he heard a shrill bird call in the middle of the sky. When he looked up, a huge flying bird was descending from the sky, with a huge arrow in its body!

The giant bird fell to the ground and hit in a big cloud of dust. The giant bird struggled desperately to stand up, but it was nailed to the ground by the huge arrow!

“No! They’re coming!” All of a sudden, the people who were resting were making a loud commotion, pulling and driving their mounts. However, these mounts did not have the power and will to stand up; all of them were motionless on the ground, with the expression of being about to die!

Some of them were pulled up with difficulty, but their legs were shaking, and were walked towards each other… but then they fell to the ground and couldn’t stand up anymore!

There were fire arrows in the air, and the sound of thunder was audible all the time. A variety of giant birds fell into the dust one after another, and died miserably!

Chi You roared, “Line up, prepare to attack!”

He threw the waterskin to the ground and pulled out a blade. It was dozens of feet long, and the blade was cold and shining. Its size matched the scale of these people. Each of these people was dozens of feet tall!

If anyone went to the real world, he would be the Big Mac; ordinary people would be just like little cats and dogs!

Lin Feng was a little puzzled. How did such a powerful army fail?

Soon Lin Feng realized that the Chi You army was like iron and steel. The soldiers were strong, but also incorruptible, and they seemed to be most afraid of fire!

When those giant birds that came down in flames fell among these soldiers, the soldiers immediately scattered and dodged, not daring to step forward!

Some people were hit by the flames, and the fire rose on them. Those hard steel wires and iron bones became flammable combustibles, and that person became a flaming effigy!

Once the soldiers started burning, they began to run wildly and rushed about desperately. That immediately caused a riot, scaring other soldiers. The officers hurled huge swords and spears at the burning people, killing them mercilessly!

“Lord, we can’t defeat them. They have the bright fire. Let’s run away quickly!” There was constant shouting.

This further confirmed Lin Feng’s speculation. Chi You was defeated by the so-called bright fire!

Lin Feng thought of the fire used in the cauldron for the sacrifice. No wonder it was all black. It was the dark fire, which belonged to Chi You!

The fire arrows were falling from the sky all over, like thousands of meteorites. The soldiers below were reluctant to fight under this kind of attack, and were running away. They were not obeying orders, even if Chi You called!

“Ah!” Chi You couldn’t help but look up to the sky and sigh. He had to wave to the dozens of people around him who were protecting him, “Withdraw! In the future, we’ll get back together and have a fight with them!”


He didn’t care about those monsters who lingered behind. They just ran away. 

Lin Feng was paying attention to the situation behind him. Beyond the thick smoke and fire, he saw a group of soldiers and horses holding torches on the horizon. These soldiers and horses were fast, and were getting closer and closer!

Every step of Chi You’s people was dozens of feet long. The heavy footsteps sounded like shells landing, making a loud thumping sound!

Lin Feng saw the people and horses coming up; they were ordinary people riding on horses. Some Chi You soldiers who were running slowly were overtaken by them!

Compared with these Chi You soldiers, these pursuers were as weak as ants. The Chi You soldiers lashed out and killed countless people immediately. However, the pursuers behind them had no intention of retreating at all!

“Shoot, shoot!” The soldiers ignited the arrows one after another, and shot at the dying Chi You soldiers. As soon as the arrows hit them, they immediately exploded! 

This move was effective. All the Chi You soldiers who were shot became huge fireballs, ran about like headless flies, and soon fell to the ground, turning into scorched copper and rusting iron!

Lin Feng was horrified by this strange scene. As he was frightened, he heard Chi You cry out in pain. Lin Feng suddenly found that he had an arrow in his left arm!

The arrow was carrying flames. When it touched Chi You, it suddenly burst form. Lin Feng couldn’t help worrying about Chi You. If Chi You burned like this, wouldn’t he turn into ashes with him?

However, what Lin Feng didn’t expect was that Chi You was strong-willed. He raised his hand and waved his blade, cutting off his left arm!

There was no bleeding in the wound where the arm was severed. On the contrary, a black flame spewed out. It was very strange!

What was stranger was that the arm was slowly reborn under the black flame. Within a minute, a new left arm had appeared!

The people behind them were getting closer and closer, and Chi You’s soldiers and horses had scattered and fled. There were fewer and fewer people left beside Chi You. When Lin Feng counted, there were only a hundred people left!

These people were very close to Chi You, scattered all around him. From time to time, they swept away the flying arrows and swore to protect their leader!

At this time, Lin Feng suddenly woke up. Chi You was the one he always wanted to kill. How could he worry about him now?!

“Chi You, where are you going?”

A loud voice blew through the sky; it came from the sky with great pressure. The voice hit the wilderness and aroused a strong wind, making the boulders on the ground roll around like cotton balls!

Lin Feng could not help but be shocked by this powerful pressure. He looked up and saw a huge face made up of countless clouds. He was very familiar with that face!

However, Lin Feng couldn’t remember where he had seen him. The huge cloud face said again, “Chi You, you are so belligerent, and you have caused such a tragedy. Don’t you know how to stop?”

“Bah, Hongjun, don’t play tricks anymore! We are also born from heaven and earth! Why do we have to suffer in this wild land, while those people can live in the rich and watery lands for a long time. Is that fair?” Chi You replied, continuing to run.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but clap his head to himself. The person who collected the clouds was the ancestor of Hongjun; he was the Heavenly Godly Ancestor! 

” Ancestor Hongjun, I’m Lin Feng. I know Dao Yi and Fuxi! We are friends! Can you help me? The Demon Mother captured me!” Lin Feng did not care about his face as he shouted at Ancestor Hongjun!

However, the ancestor of Hongjun ignored Lin Feng, as if he could not hear Lin Feng’s words at all. Looking at Chi You and the soldiers around him, there was no response at all. He could not hear Lin Feng’s words!

Lin Feng was depressed. Was he having a long and realistic dream? Was he watching a dramatic real scene?

After hearing Chi You’s protest, Hongjun Ancestor replied, “Chi You, you can’t blame them. You chose to let your people live forever in the beginning. For this purpose, you were willing to suffer from savagery and thirst. Now you have achieved your goal, but you want to repent? Although the living environment of humans is beautiful, their life spans are very short, and they just enjoy the illusory glory of life. Why are you angry about it?”

The words of Hongjun made Lin Feng feel something. There was nothing wrong with what he said. Human beings were busy all day long. It seemed that they lived very well. However, it was only a few decades of life. Once a person died, there was nothing left. Although there might be reincarnation, the day when he became a man again, he would forget all the things of his previous life. It was just like he had never lived before!

Besides, reincarnation was not for everyone to enjoy. If he did anything evil, he would be punished to be reborn as an animal!

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    What a mess. Aight, imma head out. Nothing to gain from reading this shit.

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    Correct me if I’m wrong but when Lin Feng rank first in the world of battle he was the strongest and only Dai Yi and Fuxi were stronger Than him and as far as I know he has regained his godly earthly strength so how come there are so much enemies that can still capture him I mean unless there are at the level of dao yi or fuxi how it’s that even happening, one chapter the mother of evil said she is not match for Lin Feng and the next she captures him and if someone tells me it is because of an item or magical artifact it still doesn’t make sense because Lin Feng has had many more artifacts that were more powerful that his own level and yet he was not able to use them at their best

  3. D. Davis August 4, 2020 at 1:49 am - Reply

    I seem to recall a time when Lin Feng could create a deployment spell that could transport him out of traps. Damn shame he has lost so many of his earlier skills when he needs them most. Now only relying on strength. Why is he no longer smart?

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