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Chapter 1670 – Forbidden Land

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After hearing the explanation from Hongjun, Chi You didn’t believe it and scolded him, “Hongjun, I was deceived by you at the beginning. I chose this wild land of eternal life by mistake! We have to suffer this, and we want to die but cannot die; this is worse than death! We did not agree to this. We are going to take our children out of this wild land and return to the territory of humankind!”

Chi You raised his hand and threw his huge blade into the sky, cutting at Hongjun’s face!

Lin Feng cried out in fright, “Hongjun, he’s going to destroy your face!”

Lin Feng had forgotten that the other side couldn’t hear him, but the great cloud face opened his mouth and spewed out a black cloud. The black cloud rolled out and with a burst of thunder and lightning, shot down the blade with a loud bang!

When the blade came back at him, Chi You retreated. The blade plunged into the hard ground!

During this period, the Yan and Huang soldiers had caught up with them and surrounded the Chi You people, but they did not start fighting. They all looked up at the Hongjun Ancestor, their eyes full of infinite admiration and awe!

Looking at the situation below, Hongjun said, “Chi You, you are a Taoist in the immortal class. You should have enjoyed the heavenly way as I do, but you keep having to go down to the lower world to stir up chaos. Why do you do this?”

“Haha, Hongjun, if I hadn’t come here and been reduced in cultivation by the heavens, I would have beaten you to the ground! You condemn me for interfering in the affairs of the lower world. Aren’t you also interfering in the affairs of this world now? Aren’t you afraid of being punished by heaven?” Chiyou sneered, “If you are brave enough, you will break the commandments of heaven. How about fighting with me?”

The Hongjun Ancestor was stunned by Chi You’s challenge. After a moment, he shook his head and said, “Chi You, is the heavenly way so easy to violate? I won’t fight with you in the lower world. I’m just here to advise you. I hope you won’t stay lost anymore. If you do, the heavens won’t let you go!”

After Hongjun finished speaking, the cloudy face dissipated slowly. The gathered clouds seemed to be rid of their shackles and drifted in all directions again. 

“Haha, you are fearless! I’d like to see what the heavens can do to me! I can’t be their slave and let them control me!” Chi You laughed.

“Chi You! Don’t be stubborn anymore. Surrender as soon as possible. We have surrounded you!”

A horse came out of the encircling forces. A strong man was sitting on it, holding a flag in his hand, two groups of fiery figures on it. With a glance, Lin Feng realized that this man must be Emperor Yan!

Lin Feng was a little underwhelmed. The legendary Emperor Yan was such an ordinary person. Be it body or momentum, he was different from Chi You!

Chiyou looked at Emperor Yan, snorted coldly, and said contemptuously, “Don’t think you can make me cringe with the bright fire today! I won’t surrender to anyone! Even if it was the heavenly way, I still wouldn’t pay attention to it. What’s more, the so-called humanity in your mouth, I will wipe you out today!”

Chi You leaped forward many paces. His huge foot hit the ground, and a great hole appeared. Even the hard ground shattered!

With a wave of Chi You’s huge arm, his hand became a huge claw. His nails were about ten feet long, and extremely sharp. He reached out to Emperor Yan. If he caught him, Emperor Yan and his horse would be cut to pieces!

At this critical moment, Emperor Yan suddenly shouted, “Jiutian Xuannv gave soldiers this special talisman, Chi You; you should not have made such a mistake!”

Emperor Yan waved the flag in his hand, and it immediately spewed a swath of huge flames, sweeping towards Chi You’s claws. Chi You was afraid of the bright fire, and quickly returned to his original spot!

However, the fire did not subside. It directly took root and form with its own Qi. It wrapped the whole area within, forming a huge fire dome and trapping Chi You’s soldiers inside!

The temperature rose sharply. The inside of the fire shield looked like a cauldron. The fog was steaming. Chi You and others were thirsty, and took out their water skins. As soon as the water came out of the skins, it immediately boiled into steam and dissipated in the air!

This high temperature made Lin Feng very thirsty, but he had no waterskin Lin Feng. Lin Feng was soon dizzy with thirst!

“Chi You, do you submit or not? I don’t want to kill you, but if you still insist on this, you will not be forgiven by heaven!” Emperor Yan asked loudly.

Chi You wiped his dry face and said in a hoarse voice, “Bah! Even if I die, I will not surrender to you!”

After saying that, he rushed towards the fiery dome, but the people around him dragged him back. “Lord, don’t be rash. We can’t live without your guidance. This is not our end!”

“Ah? If we haven’t reached the end, what else can we do to break through the fire? What’s the best way to do it?” Chiyou asked in surprise.

The man pointed to the hard ground, “We’ve lost our way. There is no way to go to heaven, but we can escape through the ground!”

Chi You looked at the hard ground under his feet, surprised. He roared, “What are you waiting for? Dig a channel to escape, and kill these ants when you get the chance!”

After saying that, those people immediately formed a giant claw and dug into the ground!

The speed of their digging was amazing. Within a second, they had dug down ten feet. Underneath the flying soil, Chi You and others had disappeared in this world!

Lin Feng was shocked, was this such an end in history? Did Chi You dig down and run away?

But history said that Chi You was defeated by Yan and Huang, and was killed after he surrendered!

Without waiting for Lin Feng to understand, Chi You people had dug a huge hole. Everyone worked hard to burrow down, and a huge cave with a diameter of about ten feet was constantly extending down, with amazing speed!

No one knew how much time had passed and how long the channel was dug; they couldn’t see the end behind them. Lin Feng silently calculated that it was hundreds of miles away; it was already far beyond the Yan Emperor’s encirclement!

“Lord, I think we’ve dug enough. Do you want to dig to the surface?” One of the soldiers was panting and sweating. The air below was getting thinner and thinner. They were all going to suffocate soon!

Chi You thought about it, and a satisfied smile appeared on his face. “OK, we will survive!”

They dug up ten meters and finally dug out a big hole from the ground. Everyone jumped out of the ground!

However, Lin Feng couldn’t help exclaiming. Yan and Huang’s were standing around the cave there, and the surrounding environment was the same as before. They had dug so far, but they didn’t leave the encirclement!

How could that be? It was totally against Lin Feng’s logic. Even if it was digging around the corner, they should be hundreds of miles away!

“What’s the matter?” Chi You had been happy, but he couldn’t help but scream when he saw this.

“I don’t know. Why haven’t we dug outside of it?” the rest complained loudly.

Emperor Yan laughed, “Chi You, I forgot to tell you just now. The Tian Luo Di Wang was set up by the empress Xuannv of the Nine Heavens; it can overturn the universe. You can’t escape from this world, no matter how far you dig. I think you’d better surrender quickly. I won’t kill you!”

Chi You was so angry that he retorted, “Fart! If you want me to surrender, there is no way! I believe that we can dig out! Brothers, keep digging!”

After that, they jumped into the cave again and began to dig like hamsters. This time, they were smart. They dug a little tunnel and then took a look. But every single time, they saw Yan Emperor’s soldiers outside!

They kept digging until they were exhausted, and they had lost all energy!

However, when Chi You dug to the surface again, they still couldn’t escape from the encirclement!

“Xuannv in the Nine Heavens is so mean. What’s the grudge between you and me? Why do you want to harm us like this?” Chi You held his head and yelled. The loud voice echoed in the fire dome constantly, stirring up the wind and making the flames dance!

Emperor Yan said, “Chi You, don’t do useless work. If you won’t admit defeat to heaven, you will be trapped here forever, and you will never escape! You’d better think about it for yourself!”

Chi You clenched his fists tightly and said, “Don’t boast! I don’t believe you will never leave! As soon as you leave, we will be free!”

That was a question. Lin Feng was thinking about the same answer. These people of the Yan Emperor couldn’t stay here forever. Otherwise, wasn’t it equivalent to them being trapped here, too?


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