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Chapter 1671 – Stubborn Nature 

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Emperor Yan said without hesitation, “Chi You, that question was thought of long ago by Xuannv of the Nine Heavens. We will not leave, and we will take turns guarding. As long as the Flag of the Bright Fire is here, you can’t escape from this forbidden wild area!” 

“Hum, I don’t believe it! I will never believe a human’s stories!” Chi You snarled…


Time passed, and this world changed. Soon thousands of years had passed. The area was constantly changing, and the people surrounding outside acted as Emperor Yan said. Every season would rotate once, but the besiegers never retreated! 

All the familiar faces were rapidly aging. Every time they rotated, they grew older for several years. Some of them even died directly. They were buried around the periphery of this enclosure. More and more tombs were built, and soon they took up all the places that were visible!

Just as Lin Feng was sure that his eyes were about to be shocked by this fast-changing spectacle, he suddenly found a strange thing. The number of people was decreasing a little. At first, there were tens of thousands of people, dozens of layers inside and outside. Later, there were thousands of people, then hundreds of people. In the end, it was not enough to form a circle! The people were growing scarce…

The Fag of Emperor Yan, which was inserted into the ground, seemed to be defeated at this time. It was covered with dust, and even the wind could not make it move! 

The fiery dome weakened at the same time. Lin Feng was worried that Chi You would take the opportunity to break through the encirclement and escape, but Chi You’s people had slowly petrified. Thick rust covered their faces, and they had already lost their lives! 

Lin Feng was horrified that Chi You was such a stubborn man; he had persevered here for thousands of years, and had not surrendered to Emperor Yan! 

“Lin Feng. Now you know all that has happened. Tell me what my husband did wrong, and he will be banned in the wild forever by that heavens!” a familiar voice rang in Lin Feng’s ear, which made Lin Feng wake up suddenly! 

Lin Feng looked around in horror. There was no fire covering everything, or Chi You. There was only the Demon Mother and others. Lin Feng was still confined in the narrow transparent space! 

Lin Feng was sweating. Was it just a dream only he had seen? 

Seeing that Lin Feng was silent, the Demon Mother went on, “Lin Feng, what you saw just now is the past projected from this magic tripod. My husband just wanted to lead his people out of the wilderness and have a rich life like human beings. Was he wrong?” 

Lin Feng didn’t know how to answer that. He thought that was it righteous to put Chi You in the forbidden area… 

“You don’t know how to answer this question. It seems that you also think that my husband did something reasonable. Since it’s unfair, we need someone to break it. Now it’s your turn to help us. As long as my husband is resurrected, I will let him seal you as a great official, and we’ll go punish humanity’s incompetence and ruthlessness together!” the Demon Mother smiled. 

The huge stone had started to crack slowly, revealing the clothes inside, but the clothes were already tattered! 

Lin Feng knew that what he saw was just an illusion. He must have been in the eight illusions of the cauldrons; the eight huge stone statues were waking up! 

Once those colossi awaken, he would die! 

“Since you ask me whether it is right or not, I can tell you my opinion. Your husband is right to fight for freedom, but he used the wrong way. He killed people to achieve the freedom of his people. Did he ever think about the fairness of human beings?” Lin Feng asked. 

The Demon Mother stared at him and answered, “Hum! Human beings are just short-lived ants. They can’t live for even a hundred years. What’s the importance of their life and death? What’s more, they often kill each other! Their spiritual talents inherited from heaven have long been forgotten by their secular hearts. Those cultivators have fallen completely! They have no right to rule this area! Only we are immortal and the real masters of this eternal world!” 

Her voice spread all over the land. Lin Feng was shocked. He seemed to think that what she said was very reasonable. He inexplicably said, “Human beings’ life and death are important.” 

“Lin Feng, you’re enlightened. Now that you’ve figured it out, it’s easy for us. What we need is your true recognition. Otherwise, it’s hard to achieve. Now we will make you the reincarnation of Chi You!” the Demon Mother said excitedly. 

Then she said to the other elders, “Let’s try harder to refine Lin Feng’s heart.” 

At her command, the eight huge statues opened their mouths and spewed out a mass of black fire, which directly swallowed Lin Feng where he was hanging in the air! 

Lin Feng watched his hands and legs melting into a stream of copper liquid, and then reformed into a completely different person than himself! 

Lin Feng realized that he was being refined into Chi You by this black fire! 

Lin Feng’s mind was in turmoil, and unwillingness was rising from his heart. Why should he be willing to become another person? That person was a devil ready to kill people! 

Lin Feng’s heart moved, the black fire wrapped in his body suddenly burst out, and it died away! 

His body which had already been reformed, was cooling down, and he regained his original body again! 

“Lin Feng! Why did you repent? If you don’t obey me, we will refine you by force! You will be burned and destroyed physically and mentally. Don’t blame us!” the Demon Mother snorted.

What Lin Feng didn’t know was that she was scaring him. If she forced refinement on Lin Feng, she could make him into Chi You’s body, but with Lin Feng’s mind. In that case, Chi You would not be reborn! 

“I can’t let you refine me. Why should I sacrifice myself for Chi You’s rebirth?” Lin Feng answered stubbornly. “Once Chi You returns, humanity will be in great danger. I can’t let you succeed!” 

Lin Feng said it very firmly, which further infuriated the Demon Mother. The refining attempt just now consumed the power of each cauldron-user, which they had accumulated for at least a thousand years. If it was wasted by Lin Feng again, they would fall short! 

Once all of them lost their cultivation, they would not be able to continue refining Lin Feng. They would have to wait thousands of years to wake up again, which they were not willing to wait for! 

“Hum! What a stubborn human being! Don’t think we have no way if you don’t agree!” an elder roared quickly. 

Another elder said, “We needn’t talk nonsense with him anymore, just refine him! Although there may be some defects in his mind, as long as old master Chi You is revived, there will be a chance to repair the loopholes in his mind!” 

After thinking about it, the Demon Mother bit her teeth and said, “Since everyone agrees, let’s do this! We will work together to refine Lin Feng’s mind completely!” 

They increased the amount of black fire covering him. Lin Feng was surrounded by black fire once more, and his body began to melt again. This time, the fire was very strong, and soon Lin Feng had melted into a human-shaped piece of molten iron! 

Lin Feng’s appearance completely disappeared and slowly changed into another form. However, Lin Feng’s divine sense was still tenacious, and his mind was not lost. Lin Feng was hiding in his soul, desperately resisting the fire! 

“Let’s work harder, and don’t fail again!” The voice came into Lin Feng’s divine sense. Lin Feng wanted to refute, but he found that he was not able to affect anything, and could not speak at all! 

Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel sad for a while. Was he Sealed? 

As Lin Feng’s consciousness was getting weaker, a familiar voice came from his heart. It turned out to be the voice of Qing Huangtian and the others. “Lin Feng, what’s wrong with you? Why is your virtual shadow so unstable? You must hold on!” 

At this time, the worry and panic appeared on the face of Nian Ling Jiao and others on the Pangu Compass, because the virtual shadow of Lin Feng in the center of Pangu Compass was changing, and about to disappear! 

All of them were calling for Lin Feng, and at the same time, they were trying to transmit their energy to the virtual shadow, so the last trace of Lin Feng would not fade away! 

Lin Feng was once again excited by this call. He woke up from the trap. His body had turned into boiling copper liquid. Only his unyielding heart was still beating! 

“Haha, we are about to succeed. With the last of the magic fire, Lin Feng can’t hold on!” the voice of the Demon Mother cried out excitedly. At this time, they could see Chi You’s body shape had slowly formed and was slowly solidifying. This was the manifestation of Chi You’s rebirth! 

But Lin Feng didn’t know that he was in danger, and was still trying to resist the erosion of the copper liquid around him! 

Boom! As the Demon Mother and others were so happy, they suddenly heard a roar from the middle of the sky, distracting them. When they looked up, they saw the Ancient Demon falling from the middle of the sky! 

Following him was a saucer-shaped frisbee only eight palms in size. It was the Pangu Compass they were looking for! Instead of continuing to attack the Ancient Demon, the Pangu Compass directly rushed into the black fire and rushed towards the soul of Lin Feng within! 

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