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Chapter 1672 – The Rebirth of Chi You 

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This sudden event upset the Demon Mother and others in a big way. They all gave out a scream, but it was too late! 

The Ancient Demon and the Pangu Compass rushed into this world at the same time, breaking the newly formed Chi You’s shape. The Pangu Compass penetrated the space and directly took Lin Feng out of the imprisoned area, while the Ancient Demon replaced Lin Feng! 

At the same time, the roar continued. The earth was shaking and cracking, and countless people came out of the ground. They were all dressed in ancient manner, but they all had the appearance of normal people. As soon as they broke away from their shackles, they immediately knelt to the Ancient Demon in the center! 

“Lord Chi You, we waited for you to save us. Lord Chi You, long live forever and unify Huxia!” 

The sound created a huge pressure. Lin Feng, who had returned to the Pangu Compass at the last moment, lost all his strength as if he had just been reborn from hell. Nian Ling Jiao and others all came to help him! 

Lin Feng calmed down and looked at the growing Chi You. This Chi You was not as terrible as he thought; he was a very handsome man, with a symmetrical and robust body, very different from the monstrous body in Lin Feng’s imagination! 

“Haha, we are finally liberated. I want to lead you out of this wild land, to occupy the territory of humanity, and make them bow as slaves forever!” Chi You laughed loudly, the wilderness around echoing his words! 

Chi You jumped to the ground. Just as his feet landed, the earth under his feet changed strangely. It seemed to be dissolving into wind and sand, and a storm broke out all about!

The storm was so powerful that even the Pangu Compass was crumbling! 

“My husband! You’re finally reborn. Do you remember me? I’m your wife!” The Demon Mother fell in front of Chi You, kneeling on the ground.

Chi You pulled her up and looked at her for a moment. Then he laughed and said, “You are still so young! This rebirth, I will not owe you anymore. I must give you the throne that I promised, and make you a real queen!” 

Looking at all this, Lin Feng seemed to be watching a historical drama, more like going through ancient times, forgetting how dangerous his position was! 

At this time, Chi You suddenly raised his head and saw Lin Feng and the others. He pointed at Lin Feng and shouted, “Ignorant humans! You are supposed to surrender to our demon clan!” 

There was a wave of sucking force from the palm of Chi You’s hand, which made the Pangu Compass shake ceaselessly. Lin Feng wanted to jump out to eliminate the source of the disaster, but he was too weak. His body was shaking, and his limbs were weak! 

“Lin Feng, don’t be eager to fight now. We should leave here first” Qing Huangtian stopped Lin Feng quickly! 

Lin Feng woke up, and quickly drove the Pangu Compass up and away, finally leaving Chi You’s false world! 

However, when Lin Feng rose to the sky, he was shocked. Chi You was rapidly transmitting a wave of energy in all directions. Where it went, the vegetation dried up, the mountains and rivers collapsed, and the birds flying in the air directly fell to the ground and died! 

Chi You’s destructive power was huge. Lin Feng couldn’t help worrying about the future of the world. Was this the end of the world? Was it in Chi You’s hands? 

At this time, the voice of Dao Yi rang again. “Lin Feng, you are the only one who can stop Chi You now. They have changed from an animal shape to a human shape. I’m afraid they will bring a great disaster to the world!” 

“How can I stop them?” Lin Feng asked promptly. 

“Emperor Yan and Huang Scripture; you have reached the second level, but you have not been enlightened to the third level. Chi You will continue to recruit armies, then penetrate human society, control humanity step by step, and finally achieve his goal of ruling the whole human race. What you have to do is to compete with him for those third parties!” Dao Yi answered. 

“Then why don’t I just kill them?” 

“Ah, what you are thinking is too simple. Although Chi You was defeated by Emperor Yan and Huang, and was Sealed for so many years, the lineage of his people was not broken; it still spread and propagated on this land. Now that Chi You has woken up and been reborn, his descendants have awakened their ancestral memories. How can you kill so many people?” Dao Yi explained. 

This worried Lin Feng. If killing Chi You and others could solve the problem, it would be simple. But now many seemingly normal human beings had Chi You’s lineage. If he killed these people, it would be a big problem! 

During their conversation, there was a loud bang. A flash of light rose from where Chi You was. Many groups of light rose and fled towards the east, like meteors breaking through the sky! 

There was no trace of Chi You and the others when the smoke disappeared! 

Lin Feng saw the streams and guided the Pangu Compass to chase it. He chased it for more than a thousand miles from day to night; he only saw that streamer fell into a million lights and disappeared! 

“Dao Yi, what’s going on?” Lin Feng asked. 

“They have already lurked in human society, or occupied a normal human body; there will be much unexpected chaos!” 

Lin Feng lowered the Compass; everything was as usual below. There was no chaos. People were doing their things, but the streams were gone. 

Lin Feng felt very tired, and Nian Ling Jiao and others had become haggard because of long-term fatigue and hunger. 

“Lin Feng, let’s go back to have a rest first. We haven’t eaten for several days. We’re going to faint from hunger.” Qing Huangtian begged as she patted her stomach. 

Nian Ling Jiao and Lin Zu also agreed, “We are hungry!” 

Lin Feng thought for a moment and knew that this couldn’t be rushed. Since the other side had disappeared, he had to stop. Otherwise, he might be trapped by the other side and be worn down! 


When Lin Feng and others returned to Kyoto, it was the next morning; Lin Feng took them to find a roadside hotel to check-in, ate something and went straight to sleep! 

When Lin Feng was woken up by Wang Yuan’s phone, it was already in the afternoon. Wang Yuan asked where Lin Feng was. He asked Lin Feng to hurry up and said something important had happened! 

When Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao arrived, Wang Yuan led Lin Feng directly into a heavily guarded courtyard. Lin Feng had never been there before. It should be a top-level place. 

“Wang Yuan, what happened?” Lin Feng asked tentatively. 

“A high-level figure, his daughter is missing. This matter seems to have something to do with you.” Wang Yuan frowned. 

“About me?” Lin Feng was more confused; he didn’t know the high-level figure, “How did she vanish?” 

Before Wang Yuan could answer, they had entered a room. Three people were sitting in it, all wearing military uniforms. Lin Feng couldn’t help believing Wang Yuan’s words. An old man sitting opposite them looked at Wang Yuan and Lin Feng with majestic eyes. He pointed to the seat next to him, indicating they could sit down. 

After sitting down, the old man looked at Lin Feng with a frown and asked Wang Yuan, “This is the Lin Feng you recommend? Why is he so young? ” 

Wang Yuan stood up and said respectfully, “Chief, this is Lin Feng, the one who saved the plane. Although he is young, his level is very high…” 

The old man nodded his head and said to Lin Feng. “Lin Feng, I’m looking for you for help, but you have the right to refuse. Now I’ll give you five minutes.” 

It seemed that once he agreed, there was no chance to turn back. However, Lin Feng didn’t care. Now that he had come, he couldn’t be timid anymore. 

“I don’t have to wait for another five minutes. If it’s an incident related to the safety and security of Huxia, Lin Feng will naturally take care of it. If it’s just personal resentment or something, then don’t tell me,” Lin Feng was straightforward without any false words. 

After listening to Lin Feng’s answer, the old man blinked twice. He thought to himself that he didn’t expect to see this young man so ready to speak and not having any flattery for a superior. This demeanor showed that he was an extraordinary person who had seen big things! 

This made the old man look at Lin Feng again, already feeling some admiration, and his tone was more relaxed than before. “Well, young people have to be driven by this kind of courage and righteousness. Since that is the case, let’s talk about it directly.” 

After that, he said to one of the three soldiers. “Chief guard Liu, please tell him the story again. The more detailed it is, the better. There is no need to hide it.” 

The guard nodded and told the story. 

A week ago, a very strange thing happened in the capital of Huxia. A girl from the upper class disappeared! 

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    I don’t get it I thought he was the hero who was undefeated at the Japan and China dick measuring contest why would this old man all of a sudden be surprised about who Lin Feng really is smh so inconsistent

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    So he gets a primordial demon made from his body no ill effects just tired then out of the blue he gets a phone call from someone he hasn’t seen in over 2 years. The world is being overrun but no one cares. He still hasn’t found the rest of his family but no let’s stop and side track to this waste of time case. What even is this. Literally counting down the chapters til this is over. Like watching a hot pile of burning shit sputter our it’s last embers. Stopped making much sense after he met Hua the fire lords daughter but really fell off the rails starting with the world of battles and this whole earth trip is like a bad acid trip. Whatever on to the next chapter.

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