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Chapter 1673 – A Special Task 

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The disappearance process was bizarre. Initially, she was in an internal hospital with a very tight guard, and then she disappeared mysteriously. Just now, they had finally received a message from a mysterious person, suggesting that the organization that had kidnapped the girl was called the Night Flying Eagle! 

The Night Flying Eagle organization was not new to these high-ranked officials. It was an assassination organization that dominated the mainland and had their hands in many countries. Because of its strict secrecy, Huxia had never found any sign of their activities. 

What the officials didn’t expect was for them to make such a big show when they first appeared! 

Their demand was even stranger. They asked Lin Feng to negotiate with them, or the girl would be killed. The senior commanders naturally could not fully understand the requirement, so Lin Feng was called here through the Special Affairs Department! 

After hearing what they had to say, Lin Feng swallowed and asked, “Did they say why it has to be me?” 

“No, they only provided an address and said that we needed to give a reply within three days.” After that, the guard took out a small book and unfolded it on the desktop. 

Lin Feng looked at it; it was a place called Nanyan island. It was the first Lin Feng had heard of it!

“Where is the island?” Lin Feng asked tentatively. 

The guard took out a military map and pointed out the island, isolated in the South Huxian Sea. The man explained, “This island is still controversial in the world, an island that many countries are secretly competing for. This is suspicious, and everything has to be done in secret.” 

Lin Feng had heard some of these things. Now that Huxia had grown stronger, it had caused envy or anxiety in some countries. They were trying to set up obstacles against the rise of Huxia, especially in some small countries near the South Sea of Huxia. They were eager to try, afraid that the world was going to change! 

The guard added. “This time, we will send the military to support you secretly. You can rest assured that all we need now is for you to ensure the safety of the girl. Other things will depend on the changing situation.” 


After another detailed explanation, Lin Feng followed them out of the yard, went directly to the military airport, and got on a military helicopter. Before getting on, the guard said, “Lin Feng, you must not provoke them. You should reflect for some time, no matter what conditions they put forward. It’s up to us to decide, okay?” 

Lin Feng nodded and entrusted Wang Yuan to take good care of Nian Ling Jiao and the others, so that Lin Feng would not have to worry. 


A day later, Lin Feng was on a plane that reached the vast South Huxian Sea. A young soldier accompanying him pointed to an island on the horizon in the distance and said, “That’s Nanyan island. We’ll drop you on it with a parachute…” 

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “A parachute is not needed. I can jump down myself.” 

Lin Feng’s tone was very bland, but the soldier was surprised and doubted. “What did you say just now? Jump? You’re not kidding, are you? You’re young. If you jump to the island, even if you jump into the sea, you’ll be smashed flat!” 

He thought Lin Feng was joking or trying to be a hero. Lin Feng smiled and said,” You don’t have to worry about it. Since the other side said to let me go alone, I have my way.” 

After that, Lin Feng jumped out from the plane! 

“Ah!…” the soldier exclaimed and wanted to go pull Lin Feng back. If he jumped down like this, he would fall into the sea. Falling from such a height, landing on the water just like falling on rock. He would be directly pulped! 

He could not close his mouth before he saw a strange scene. He saw Lin Feng fall a hundred meters, and stand in mid-air! 

The pilot was also shocked by the scene. He circled the plane several times, saw Lin Feng wave at them, and then fly away to the island! 


When Lin Feng was heading towards the island, he had already felt a strong Qi there. This kind of Qi was unique and powerful. Before Lin Feng’s eyes, he saw dozens of figures suddenly flying out from the island! 

These people were all dressed in black. Unexpectedly, they all had substantial levels. A dozen of them surrounded him. One of them asked, “Who are you?” 

“And who are you?” he replied in the same tone.

“Who are we? You don’t have the right to ask! If you are entering here by mistake, please leave as soon as possible. But if you want to enter this Nanyan island with your cultivation, don’t blame us for being impolite!” the man said rudely. 

Lin Feng came here with a task, so he didn’t want to provoke them because of this little thing, so he introduced himself, “I’m Lin Feng.” 

The man was surprised. He looked at Lin Feng and exchanged looks with other people. Then he asked,” You are Lin Feng? ” 

“What’s the matter? Why can’t I be Lin Feng? Didn’t you ask me to come by phone?” Lin Feng had to wonder. Didn’t these people know him? Since they didn’t know him, why did they just let him come by name? 

At this time, the man said with his fists crossed. “We have no other questions. Since you are Lin Feng, please come with us!” 

They turned around and flew back to the island. Lin Feng followed them. 

The people on the plane were all stunned. It could be said that they had a little understanding of the world of cultivation, but it was the first time they had seen flying men! 

“Commander Wang, are these people human? They can fly in the air. They are gods?” the pilot asked enviously. 

“Well, it seems the world is becoming more and more complex. Many things can’t be explained by science…” Commander Wang said emotionally. “Let’s go back to ship and pay attention to the development of the situation.” 

After circling for a while, the plane landed directly at a huge warship with advanced monitoring equipment and firepower. As the main force for this incident, it had been in this area for several days. 


As soon as Lin Feng landed on the island with these people, he couldn’t help sighing. The Qi of this island was very abundant, and he felt very comfortable every breath. This Qi was not from people, but from the island! 

Lin Feng couldn’t help but think that if he practiced on this island, he would get twice the results with half the effort. No wonder these ten people’s levels were not weak! Every one of them would be regarded as a top expert if they went to the mainland.

Those ten people didn’t talk, taking Lin Feng directly to a small mountain. Lin Feng saw that the Qi of this small mountain was particularly strong. At the foot of this mountain was a cave! 

There was an open area in front of the cave, full of people in black. They all looked at Lin Feng. 

This kind of scene made Lin Feng wary. Lin Feng highly doubted that all the experts on the Earth had come to this island! 

While Lin Feng was thinking, an old man stepped out of these people in black. Looking at Lin Feng, a little suspicion in his eyes, he said, “Excuse me, you are Lin Feng?” 

Lin Feng nodded, and the old man asked again, “Are you an emissary from the World of Battles?” 

This question made Lin Feng’s heart jump. His identity had never been leaked. Who were these mysterious people in black, asking about his past? Did they know something about the World of Battles? 

However, since they had asked, Lin Feng also knew that if he continued to deny, he would appear to be timid. Since he was here for negotiation, he couldn’t lose his momentum. Lin Feng nodded to acknowledge their statement. 

When the old man saw that Lin Feng had confirmed it, he couldn’t help getting excited. He stepped forward, held Lin Feng’s hand and said, “We have waited a long time for you, Lin Feng!” 

Lin Feng was confused by this strange change. He quickly took back his hand and asked, “Who are you, and how do you know me?” 

The old man had not recovered from his excitement. He wiped away his tears and said, “Emissary, come with me, and you will understand all this!” 

He led Lin Feng into the cave. When he arrived inside, Lin Feng saw that the situation inside seemed familiar. The cave had a wide area, and many houses were built inside, but they were not the center of attention. 

In the middle of the central plaza was a huge carved stone. Lin Feng looked at the stone, and not only he did not understand what was going on, he was even more confused! 

This stone statue was him! It was carved very accurately! 

“What’s the matter? Why are you saluting my statue?” Lin Feng frowned. 

The old man went to the table in front of the stone statue, picked up a long scroll, took it to Lin Feng and said. “Do you recognize this thing?” 

“Ah! The Painting of Mountains and Rivers!” Lin Feng recognized it at a glance. It was from the World of Battles. It was equivalent to a self-consistent space, like his internal world. There was a different world inside it. There were rules and creatures in that world! 

Lin Feng now roughly understood and said hurriedly, “Are you the people from inside? How did you get out?” 


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