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Chapter 1674 – The Unexpected Figure 

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Lin Feng had been in the Painting many times, and had cultivated and roamed in it, but he had not the people out of the world here! 

The old man said with a puzzled face. “We don’t know about that. Just a few years ago, there was a vast crack in the sky inside. The whole sky was burning with fire, and a crack appeared in the sky. At that time, we were sucked out of that sky crack. When we woke up, we were here on the island! ” 

Lin Feng slapped his forehead; how could he forget? When he crossed back to the Earth, he went through great flames, and his body disintegrated in this process. Many of the things he carried were scattered everywhere! 

It seemed that the significant changes in the sky break had happened at that time. The Painting of Mountains and Rivers fell on the island, and these people also spilled into the world of the Earth unexpectedly at that time! 

What puzzled Lin Feng was why they suddenly kidnapped that mysterious girl? What was the reason for? 

“Well, let’s talk about this negotiation first. Who did you kidnap? Why did you call me here?” Lin Feng asked directly. 

The old man was ashamed when Lin Feng asked about it. “Lin Feng, I think you misunderstood. We didn’t kidnap Qian Jin Cai Yue, we brought her here to help her!” 

“What did you say?” Lin Feng grabbed the old man and asked excitedly, “Where is she now?” 

The old man was hurt by Lin Feng’s grasp. He quickly grinned. “Don’t worry, I’ll take you to see her now. She’s in there!” 

He took Lin Feng to the stone statue; a transparent coffin was on the ground behind it, in which lay Qian Jin Cai Yue! 

Lin Feng pounced on it. He opened the crystal coffin, but saw Qian Jin Cai Yue’s eyes were closed slightly, and breathing evenly. Lin Feng called her gently, but found that she seemed to be in a deep sleep, and did not wake up! 

The old man quickly explained. “Lin Feng, don’t worry. She is safe now, just in the recovery period…” 

The old man pulled Lin Feng away and closed the crystal coffin before saying. “Her current public identity is the representative of Huxia to the United Nations, but she suddenly fell ill and unconscious last year. She has been lying in the hospital for a year.” 

Lin Feng frowned. According to the calculation, it was just the time he was back to Earth! 

It should be at that time that Qian Jin Cai Yue went into her body. Maybe it was the reason she went unconscious. Lin Feng asked the old man, “What’s the use of putting her in this crystal box?” 

The old man said. “Just a few days ago, our people went to the mainland to look for you. As a result, they found a Qi very similar to yours around the hospital. After searching, they finally found her. It’s just that she was in a coma because of her lack of Qi, and the situation was very urgent. If she could not replenish her Qi, she would probably die! For that reason, we had to bring her to the island urgently!” 

Lin Feng understood. It seemed that it was right to accept this task! 

At this time, Lin Feng’s cell phone rang. It was the soldiers who sent him here. The man inside asked, “Lin Feng, have you seen Cai Yue now? Is she safe now? How far has your negotiation gone?” 

Lin Feng hesitated a little and said. “She is very safe now. You don’t need to worry about that, but our negotiation is in progress. Please don’t worry. I will inform you as soon as the negotiation is concluded.” 

The soldier said. “Lin Feng, when we sent you to Nanyan Island, it was discovered by the warships of state M. Now they have issued a warning to us that you should withdraw from Nanyan island as soon as possible. If you haven’t left Nanyan island within twenty-four hours, they may go to the island to catch you forcibly!” 

Lin Feng frowned and asked, “Isn’t this island an island without owners, why would they arrest me?” 

“Country M has been desiring the island and wants to establish a military monitoring base on it. If it wasn’t for the strong opposition from Huxia, the island would have fallen into their hands!” 

“Haha, it seems that they really are in charge of a wide range of things. It’s okay, you don’t have to worry about the things here. If they dare to come to the island, just let them. As long as they are not afraid of death, just let them go!” Lin Feng didn’t show any cares. 

“I think you’d better leave as soon as possible, or they might take military action. What’s the identity of the people, are they pirates or not? If Country M acts in the name of eliminating pirates, we won’t be able to interfere. After all, in recent years, there have been many hijacked merchant ships!” 


After Lin Feng promised, he hung up the phone, looked at the old man’s embarrassed face, and asked. “Did you rob those merchant ships?” 

“It’s true that we robbed them, but it was to secure food and fresh water, without hurting people or taking anything else.” The old man pointed to a corner in the distance. There were many kinds of boxes and packages in the corner. The number was quite huge! 

Lin Feng couldn’t say anything about that. No matter who was on the island, survival was the first thing. If they didn’t steal food, wasn’t that even more inhumane? 

Lin Feng opened the crystal coffin again and felt the warm wrist of Qian Jin Cai Yue. Her pulse was a little weak. After Lin Feng delivered some Qi to her body, her pulse was strengthened. 

While Lin Feng was delivering energy to Qian Jin Cai Yue, he heard a great commotion outside. There was a loud voice from a megaphone in Huxian. “Everyone below pay attention. You are ordered to leave the island within 24 hours. You are ordered to leave the island within 24 hours. If you do not leave within 24 hours, we will attack!” 

Lin Feng walked outside of the cave and saw several helicopters hovering hundreds of meters in the air. The sound came from them. 

Lin Feng flew towards the helicopter. When Lin Feng suddenly appeared next to the helicopter, the helicopter pilot was so scared he almost lost control of the helicopter. He stared at him with big eyes and blurted out in Huxian. “Who are you? How can you fly?” 

A man was sitting there, with an Asian face. He was very surprised. He pointed a gun at Lin Feng and shouted, “Don’t come in here, don’t get close to our copter, or I will shoot!” 

Lin Feng didn’t want to cause any trouble. He waved and said, “I hope you will leave here first. Since it’s an island without an owner, it’s natural that whoever comes first is the owner. This is the principle of first come, first served. Now we are on the island. I don’t think you have the right to drive me out!” 

But the man said, “We are ordered to act. We will give you twenty-four hours. If you don’t leave, you are with the pirates. Then we will attack!” 

They didn’t reason with Lin Feng at all, and Lin Feng didn’t want to talk nonsense with them, saying directly, “If you attack, you will suffer unnecessary losses. As for how you choose, you are responsible for all the consequences!” 

After that, Lin Feng flew away from the helicopter and headed back to the island below. 

The helicopter circled two more times, unwilling to leave immediately. What Lin Feng didn’t realize was that his move just now provided the best excuse for them to take action! 


After Lin Feng returned to the ground, the old man turned to the people standing outside the cave. “Attention, we have a new master, Lin Feng, the master of the Painting! Only he can send us back to our world!” 

The cultivators were all excited and shouted together, “Master, can we go back to our world? When can we go back? Our families are still waiting for us…” 

This question confused Lin Fei. Lin Feng saw the old man look at him expectantly, then said, “I will see if I can send you back…” 

The old man nodded, then flew into the cave, took out the Painting of Mountains and Rivers, and handed it to Lin Feng. Lin Feng recited the mantra he had used when he had entered it before. An illusory light flashed from inside. Lin Feng’s body flashed and disappeared inside! 

The people in black were all startled, because they had not been able to enter their world like Lin Feng had! 

Lin Feng had arrived in the Painting of Mountains and Rivers. Looking around at the world inside, there were mountains and water, and the plants and trees were flourishing. Everything seemed to be the same. 

But in the sky of the world in this painting had a residual crack, just like the crack in a huge glass dome. Lin Feng was wondering why he could come in, but the people outside couldn’t!

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