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Chapter 1675 – The Painting of Mountains and Rivers 

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Lin Feng didn’t wait around. He came out of the scroll and said to the old man, “Use my mantra to see if you can go inside.” 

Lin Feng didn’t hide it. He told them every word of the mantra, but after each of them tried it, it didn’t work at all! 

“What’s the matter? Why can you go in, and I, who was originally inside, can’t go back?” The old man looked worried, as if he would never go back to his world. 

Lin Feng thought hard, but he couldn’t understand it. He asked Dao Yi, “Dao Yi, do you know why?” Now Lin Feng had to turn to Dao Yi for help!

Dao Yi seemed to have been paying attention to all these things, and answered immediately, “Lin Feng, this is easy to explain. You can see there is a crack in the picture. The scroll has been damaged, so they can’t go back.” 

“But why can I go in?” Lin Feng persisted. 

“This is determined by a subordination relationship. You are the master of it, so its rules cannot limit your access. However, those people are subordinate to it. It can be said that it is equivalent to their master, so now the master has changed, but they have not changed, so they cannot enter” Dao Yi further explained. 

After listening to Dao Yi’s words, Lin Feng understood. Was this the final result, they really couldn’t go in? 

This made Lin Feng feel a little guilty, as he had caused this. Lin Feng asked again, “What can I do to allow them to return to their world again? Will there be no more opportunities?” 

Dao Yi thought for a moment and replied, “That requires you to repair it first; there is no other way.” 

As soon as Lin Feng heard that there was still a way, he immediately got excited and asked, “How can I repair it? What can I do?” 

Dao Yi disappointed him. “This method exists, but it is based on your cultivation, and you can’t do it yet. This is a top-level scroll. Only when you have reached the cultivation of Heavenly Godly Ancestor do you have the ability to modify a world’s rules!” 

Lin Feng understood that although he had restored his cultivation of Earthly Godly Ancestor, he still had a considerable gap to the level of the Heavenly Godly Ancestor. He said to Dao Yi, “Aren’t you at the level of the Heavenly Godly Ancestor? Can you repair it?” 

“I can’t do it, either. If it was my true body, it would be fine. But I’m just a ghost talking to you now, so I can’t do it.” Dao Yi replied helplessly. 

Lin Feng was in complete despair. He told the old man some of what Dao Yi just said, and then said, “Don’t be pessimistic. As long as I reach the level of Heavenly Godly Ancestor, I will help you repair it and send you back to your world.” 

Although they felt disappointed, they also knew that Lin Feng had not cheated them, and they could only accept the result. 

“Then you should cultivate as soon as possible. We all are counting on you!” the old man said earnestly. Lin Feng nodded. The vitality of this island was so abundant, it was a good place to meditate and cultivate! 


Lin Feng entered the cave again, found a quiet room, and began to cultivate. He practiced Emperor Yan’s Scripture and the Understanding of Buddha from the beginning. With this abundant Qi, he understood many new realms! 

But he didn’t feel the sign of a breakthrough. Lin Feng also understood that it was not a simple thing to break through from Earthly Godly Ancestors to Heavenly Godly Ancestors. He didn’t just need enough energy, he also needed to improve his mind! 

But now Lin Feng was utterly unable to calm down, Qian Jin Cai Yue was in front of him and was still unconscious. Chi You’s people were still lurking in Huxia. There could be a bloodbath at any time. If he couldn’t defeat Chi You, let alone repair the Painting of Mountains and Rivers, he wouldn’t survive in this world! 

Chi You would never tolerate the existence of a cultivation master like Lin Feng. What was more, Lin Feng was not willing to surrender to Chi You’s power. They were sworn enemies in this world! 


It was getting dark. The old man had set up a fire in the cave to heat the food. They had stolen all the food. It could be said that the foods of every country and region were here! 

Dozens of people gathered around the fire and ate all kinds of food. Since they could not go back to their world for a while, it was a leisurely situation. 

Lin Feng only ate two pieces of roast beef, and then went straight back to the hut to continue his cultivation. 

After practicing for half a night, Lin Feng went to sleep. 


The next morning, Lin Feng received a phone call again. The soldier on the phone told Lin Feng that they had received an ultimatum from the military of Country M. Lin Feng had to leave Nanyan island before noon, otherwise, they would launch an attack! 

Lin Feng was not surprised. Looking at the sea in the distance, Lin Feng found that the warships of Country M were approaching, and helicopters in the sky were circling, carrying out various propaganda and warnings to Lin Feng and others. 

Lin Feng would not leave just because of their warnings. This was a treasure land with abundant Qi. It was a place Lin Feng could use to improve his cultivation. Besides, this was not an island of Country M. Why did he have to listen to them? 

Lin Feng was also ready to gather these people together, divide their work, monitor all directions, and beat them back as soon as a warship approached!


Towards noon, the helicopter came again. It gave a loud warning. A warship was heading for Nanyan island. It didn’t stop there directly. Instead, it lowered more than a dozen boats. There were several soldiers with guns on each of them, charging towards the island! 

Lin Feng wouldn’t let them succeed. He flew directly into the sky and clapped his hands at the sea. The huge waves immediately rushed towards the boats;they couldn’t get close to the island, and were forced to retreat! 

Lin Feng suddenly thought of a successful strategy. Since they wanted to land by ship, why didn’t he make their warship unusable? Lin Feng flew towards the warship of Country M, and then directly landed on its deck! 

The soldiers above immediately saw Lin Feng. They all quickly gathered around him, looking scared. They didn’t expect someone to just fly to their ship in such a way! 

Soon someone called the captain. The captain shouted to Lin Feng, “Who are you? Are you Huxian? Why are you trespassing on our warship?” 

“I’m from Huxia. I had no intention of coming to your warship. I just wanted to tell you not to force us to leave Nanyan island. It’s free land out here, and we are civilians. Your military has no right to take military action against us!” Lin Feng did not have any fear of stating his point of view! 

The captain looked at Lin Feng and said, “No matter whether you are civilians or not, if you occupy Nanyan Island, it is against our rules. We have the right to make you leave. If you do not leave, we have to take extraordinary measures to ensure that Nanyan island is not illegally occupied!” 

Lin Feng felt a little helpless; they had only expressed their own opinion. Lin Feng said patiently, “Captain, I have to remind you of one thing, that is, before you take action, you should understand that we are not as easy to deal with as you think. If unnecessary casualties are caused at that time, you should take full responsibility! You are responsible as a captain!” 

After that, Lin Feng exerted his power, and clapped his hands toward the front of the ship. The sea seemed to explode, reaching dozens of feet high, and the spray covered the sky! 

Under this powerful force, the huge warship was pushed backwards in the water. The captain’s face changed. He didn’t believe what he had just seen. How could a man have such great power? 

“Superman? You are Superman! No, there is no Superman!” The captain waved his hands and protested loudly! 

But he still didn’t want to give up. After all, it was not something he could decide for himself. He was just an underling. The real orders came from above. He only had the right to obey!

“I don’t care who you are; as long as you don’t follow our advice and act on your own, don’t blame us for taking decisive measures! I now order you to leave my warship immediately, or we have the right to fire on you!” The captain felt a great threat from this man in front of him!

A man who could make a warship retreat with his own strength, standing on their ship like that, had become a significant threat. If he wanted to destroy this ship, it was not impossible! 

Lin Feng didn’t think about that. It was not difficult to sink the ship directly. But Lin Feng also knew that if he did that, it would not be his own business anymore. It would involve affairs at the national level in Huxia. If he didn’t get this right, it would lead to military conflict! 

Once the military conflict happened, the casualties would be massive!

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  1. Nonarkunsama August 8, 2020 at 12:01 am - Reply

    Yet another big contradiction the mountain and river painting was a world created by the yi clan and all of them were below the earthly godly ancestor and as far as the story said there were only 3 heavenly godly ancestors and now to fix a world he need power beyond his , from what I been reading I believe that the autor just wanted to end the novel as soon as possible, it is sort of like when he did the end of the first book

    • Johnson August 8, 2020 at 8:25 pm - Reply

      At this point this author is just trying to end his failure he probably knows by now he wasn’t ready to take on continuing a series he didn’t understand. Don’t mistake this author with the original author of the first book. This author has pretty much been writing his own fan fiction of the original source and retconned so much stuff that it not even the same series anymore

  2. Dandy August 8, 2020 at 5:55 pm - Reply

    If Lin Feng had not gone to earth maybe the novel would have being reasonable but now it’s so confusing I don’t know if it’s still pieerless martial god I’m reading

  3. Ovrlymm August 19, 2020 at 6:27 pm - Reply

    The amount of Chinese nationalism has gone from laughable to staggering. I wanna roll my eyes between fu sang and m country their bias knows no bounds!

  4. Dexter Davis September 12, 2020 at 10:29 pm - Reply

    Why not take them into the ring and release them inside the painting? Master/subordinate relationship would not come into play.

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