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Chapter 1676 – Guarding the Island 



Although Lin Feng was not a naïve fool, he was also not an unforgiving butcher. He didn’t want to hurt the innocent! 

“Haha, Captain, I advise you to think more clearly. You should know my identity. I’m a cultivator, I’m not afraid of your bullets. I am telling you that this Nanyan island belongs to me. I took it first. If you want to violate it, I will have to carry out necessary self-defense. Then I will let you sink to the bottom of the sea forever!” Lin Feng declared. 

This was a most direct declaration of hostile intent; the captain also had an idea in mind. This man was in front of him, and he had trespassed on their warship. He could be killed directly. If he were dead, all problems would be solved! 

Thinking of that, the captain decided and directly gave a signal. Those guns of the soldiers surrounding Lin Feng directly opened fire! 

Lin Feng had been ready for a long time. He had released the border of his inner world in advance, and also released his armor. Lin Feng was still cautious about the power of a gun. The bullets hit the border around him, just like running into an iron wall, generating bursts of light which were no threat to Lin Feng! 

The bullets were directly flattened and fell down; the soldiers all looked silly. What they expected was that Lin Feng would be turned into a sieve, and then a dead body. But not even his hair could be hurt! 

This was something they had never seen or even imagined. They had realized the seriousness of the matter. What kind of existence was someone who couldn’t be beat by a bullet? 

The gunfire suddenly stopped. Looking at the stunned soldiers, Lin Feng said with a light smile, “You should realize that I didn’t speak any nonsense just now. I hope you won’t disturb me again. I won’t allow you to make any more decisions for this island!” 


After that, Lin Feng flew directly off the warship into the air. The warship was still in place, but the captain had already run inside, and was making an urgent call to the Defense Department of Country M in a panic, reporting what had just happened to him! 

His superiors heard the report and shouted angrily into the phone, “Captain Mike, do you know what you are saying? Did you drink too much? Did you think this is a Hollywood blockbuster? Who can fly, block bullets, and push a whole ship back? I’ve seen cultivators before. I’ve never seen a man who can’t be hurt by a gun. Didn’t make any excuses for your incompetence! No one is allowed to stay on the island! Drive all of them into the sea!” 

The captain was scolded, but he insisted, “Admiral Washington, first of all, I didn’t drink; second of all, I didn’t lie, and I didn’t make excuses for myself. What I want to say is that if we attack hard, we are likely to suffer huge losses, because the power of this cultivator is so high! I swear to God, if there was a god in the world, then that person was one!” 

“Shut up! I order you to attack Nanyan island at once, or you will be dismissed as captain at once! Follow your orders now!” Admiral Washington was angry! 

Captain Mike could not resist the pressure and gave the final order, “Land on Nanyan island with all your strength, and if there is any resistance, kill them directly!” 


Lin Feng had returned to the island. Naturally, Lin Feng didn’t relax his vigilance. When he saw the warship approaching again, Lin Feng understood. It seemed that this warship was going to be tough! 

Lin Feng put out his border to protect the people around him. At the same time, he thrust out his palm. The blow struck the prow of the ship directly. With a roar, the warship swung hard about as it was blocked by Lin Feng! 

Captain Mike was standing on the deck, and broke out in cold sweat. He was shaking unsteadily. Looking at the huge hand print on the ship’s prow, he was frightened! 

What he wanted to do now was to retreat quickly, and then directly withdraw to a safe place, but the sound of Admiral Washington’s reprimand was ringing in his mind. He had to take Nanyan island by force! 

Thinking of that, he was also crazy and immediately gave an order. “Prepare the cannon and bombard him for me! Blow that Superman to death!” 

The cannon fired quickly, and the roar of it going off thundered over the sea. Five shots were fired in a row. The shells came towards the reef where Lin Feng was hovering. Lin Feng was shocked. The captain was unexpectedly vicious! 

The border of his internal world could stop bullets, but could it stop shells? Lin Feng had never tried! 

Lin Feng hastened to increase his Qi and put all of it on the border. At the same time, he also sent an Imperial Imprint at the warship’s turret! 

The cannon shell hit Lin Feng’s border, and penetrated the first section, but its speed was significantly slower. When it came to the second border formed by Lin Feng’s Qi, it finally exploded! 

This kind of border was not much different from actual walls. At the same time, because of the strong pressure, the shells blew apart in midair! 

The huge impact force passed to Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel flustered. He landed on the shore with two feet, and was forced backwards several meters! 


With a loud noise, Lin Feng’s Imperial Imprint directly hit the turret, which was blasted into a pile of scrap iron! 

Captain Mike was so scared that he was lying on the ground. If the Imprint that had just fallen from the sky had landed on him, he would have been crushed to the bone! 

If Lin Feng wanted to kill them, he could punch a big hole in the ship and just have it sink into the sea! 

Of course, at the last moment, Lin Feng didn’t want to take such an extreme approach. After all, Lin Feng didn’t want to bring any military conflict to Huxia now! 

Lin Feng’s mobile phone rang, but it was a call from the Huxian warship. Lin Feng picked it up in a hurry, but the people inside were very firm. “Mr. Lin Feng, do not let the personnel from the M warship land on Nanyan island. Nanyan island has been our territory since ancient times. It is inviolable. Now you have the task of protecting the motherland!” 

When Lin Feng heard this, he was irritated. He asked, “Aren’t you going to fight back? Is it up to me?” 

The soldier was stunned, and then said righteously. “It is everyone’s duty to protect the territory of the country. Everyone must fight against invaders to the end! We will always be your strong backbone!” 

Before Lin Feng could refute him again, he hung up. At this time, there was a rumble of aircraft in the sky. About a dozen military helicopters had already flown over Nanyan island. It seemed they wanted to land by parachutes or rappelling! 

Although Nanyan island was not very large, Lin Feng couldn’t help himself if he wanted to guard it alone. Soon, dozens of parachutes had jumped off these helicopters! 

Lin Feng quickly shouted. “Everyone pay attention; control them all!” 

These paratroopers ended up as captives. Lin Feng sent dozens of palms towards these paratroopers in midair. Many paratroopers were directly thrown out of the range of the island, and fell into the sea! 

Many of the others did not fall off the island, but lost consciousness before they hit the ground! 

As soon as they landed, they were taken captive by those who had been prepared for them. As a cultivator, it was easy to manage these paratroopers. When Lin Feng counted them, they captured eighteen paratroopers in total! 


The helicopter was hovering above; someone had seen and immediately reported the situation to Captain Mike. Mike was furious and kept walking about the deck. In his heart, he blamed Admiral Washington’s determination. Now, instead of landing on the Nanyan island, dozens of soldiers were captured! 

The other paratroopers who had fallen into the sea had been saved, one by one, and had lost their strength! 

“Do not hurt our paratroopers. If you hurt them, it is equivalent to declaring war on us. We will give a serious warning to Huxia. You are provoking us…” The people above were disordered and contradictory in what they said. 

Lin Feng found it amusing. They were the first ones to act. Now they said that he was provocative. They were too overbearing! 

But Lin Feng didn’t care about that now. He confined thase paratroopers on the beach. Lin Feng didn’t want those people to stay on the island. He grabbed the paratroopers with a huge hand, just like grabbing a handful of candy, and threw them back to the deck of the warship! 

Mike stared at the returning paratroopers, and his psychological defense collapsed. He was only abusing himself now! 

Lin Feng appeared on the deck again. Looking at Captain Mike, Lin Feng said with a faint smile, “Captain Mike, your people have already returned. This time, I’ve given you a chance. If we don’t show mercy, I’m afraid you’re going to lose your whole ship. But I don’t want to have another time; otherwise, it will not be like now!” 

“You… You are provoking us; you are declaring war!” the captain shouted obstinately. 

Lin Feng flashed to Mike’s side, grabbed him by the collar, glared at him and said, “Captain Mike, I’ll say this for the last time: don’t insist on taking meaningless actions again! This island is not your territory. You have no right to prevent others from landing!” 

Mike looked at Lin Feng in horror. He saw great ferocity in Lin Feng’s eyes. These eyes were like the eyes of a beast. All he saw was murderous ferocity! 


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