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Chapter 1677 – Sudden Change 

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Captain Michael looked at Lin Feng in horror. He could see great ferocity in Lin Feng’s eyes. Those eyes were like the eyes of a beast. All he saw was murder! 

After Lin Feng finished speaking, he didn’t wait for Captain Michael to speak and went back to the island directly. As soon as he returned to the island, someone told him that Qian Jin Cai Yue had signs of waking up. Lin Feng hurried into the cave and saw that Qian Jin Cai Yue’s face was ruddy, and her eyes were moving rapidly under her eyelids. These were signs of consciousness; perhaps she was in a dream. 

Lin Feng understood that this should be the effect of his Qi transmission. Although the Qi on the island was very strong, it was natural. It was far less pure than the Qi refined by him. The energy he had refined was far more easily absorbed by her, so there should be signs of awakening! 

He gave more Qi to Qian Jin Cai Yue, and her eyes finally opened slowly. When she saw Lin Feng, she blurted out, “Lin Feng, where are we? Is it over? Has the Ancient Demon been beaten?” 

Lin Feng was startled by the question. It seemed that although she had returned to life now, the last thing she remembered was the World of Battles, perhaps the moment when they were finally beaten by the Ancient Demon and taken away! 

In order to avoid unnecessary confusion, Lin Feng told her that the Ancient Demon had already run away and that she was now on Nanyan Island, one of the places in the World of Battles. Qian Jin Cai Yue smiled happily. 

Someone brought some hot dried fish for her. Lin Feng held her up and fed her! 

It was a pleasant scene, but before they finished, the whole island suddenly shook. Although it was not very strong, Lin Feng and Qian Jin Cai Yue were startled. There was a huge explosion outside! 

Lin Feng immediately said to her, “Don’t move first. I’ll go out and have a look!” 

Lin Feng was angry. It seemed that his warning to Captain Michael just now didn’t work at all. He dared use artillery to attack Nanyan Island. Lin Feng couldn’t bear it anymore! 

But when he left the cave, Lin Feng was startled to see the ship was burning. Lin Feng didn’t know what had happened. Who had attacked the ship? 

He wanted to ask the man next to him, but a huge bubble rose on the sea a kilometer away, and a huge black shadow rose from the surface of the sea. It turned out to be a huge red monster! 

It could be compared to Tyrannosaurus Rex or Godzilla in appearance. As soon as it rose from the water, it was covered in steam. Its temperature was quite high, evaporating all the seawater upon it! 

It opened its huge mouth, and spewed out a massive fire blast of fire a hundred meters thick, which swept the ship into a sea of fire! 

The soldiers on the deck shot at it one after another, gunfire echoing over the waters. Their lines of fire were hidden from the monster. However, it was unharmed. Its crimson scales were enough to resist the guns! 

“What the hell is this?” Lin Feng asked the man in black standing next to him. “Get back!” 

All of them retreated. Huge waves had already rushed to the shore, all of them several meters high. Lin Feng quickly released a border to protect the island, avoiding the impact of the waves! 

The ship was not so lucky. The giant beast was probably enraged by the gunfire. It stretched out two huge claws and clapped them directly on the ship with a roar. At the same time, it opened its mouth and bit at the command tower, biting half of it off and throwing it into the sea! 

The ship began to lean to the side. Before Lin Feng and others could truly understand what kind of monster it was, there were other monsters on the sea around it. It was just like fish swimming upriver to spawn, jumping around energetically. The scene was fantastic! 

“No! Monsters are coming ashore!” Lin Feng looked over and saw that a black monster had crawled up on the beach several hundred meters away. This monster was different from the previous red monster; it looked like a human! 

Rather, it was more like a monkey with scales, but it was more than a hundred times larger than a monkey, twenty or thirty meters tall. As soon as it got ashore, it expelled the water from itself and stirred up a mist! 

Lin Feng flew away to stop the monster. The monster was heading for the cave in the center of Nanyan Island, where Qian Jin Cai Yue was. Lin Feng couldn’t let it go any further! 

Screaming, the monster looked down at Lin Feng, its eyes flashing blue. It raised its right hand and slammed it down at Lin Feng! 

If it hit a human with its size, they would be crushed flat. Lin Feng quickly released the border and sent out an Imperial Imprint. The Earth-shaking seal slammed into the monster’s giant claws! 

They collided with a loud bang. Lin Feng almost lost control of the Imprint, but the monster didn’t have any advantage, as it was thrown into the sea. 

There was a black ichor swirling on the sea; the monster seemed to be hurt, and bleeding black blood! 

But it soon came out of the water again, even more ferocious, clawing at the reef by the water. It was truly mighty! 

“Lin Feng, this was Chi You’s monster! Do you remember the monsters you saw on the inner wall of the magic cauldron? These are all the monsters. It seems that after the rebirth of Chi You, the eight magic cauldrons have been successfully integrated, and these monsters have come to the real world together!” the voice of Dao Yi rang out, making Lin Feng more nervous! 

“So… Chi You had not come?” Lin Feng asked. 

“Once the eight-wasteland cauldrons are integrated, the eight wastelands will reappear on the Earth. All the monsters that once existed in the eight wastelands will be reborn, but they are not necessarily with Chi You!” 

Before he finished, there were two identical monsters around the first one. They grouped up and rushed at Lin Feng and others! 

Lin Feng used all his skills. The Shadow Soul sword grew to a hundred-meters long. Under the control of the Shadow Soul, he flew in the air and attacked the monsters from above. Lin Feng’s Imperial Imprint beat these monsters to the ground again. However, the monsters were too tenacious. They were beaten seriously, but they were still fighting. They continued to move to attack Lin Feng and the others! 

Thee people in black constantly released their own magic weapons to attack. Although their various magic weapons were not as powerful as Lin Feng’s, they outnumbered the monsters, and they played an important part in the battle. They kept these monsters in a fixed area, so that they had no time to attack the center of the island! 

At this time, Lin Feng left the battlefield on the ground and rose from the ground. He let out the Fire of Jia Yai and shot it at these monsters! 

He didn’t expect that these monsters, who could not be hurt by guns, were very afraid of his flames. They had no resistance to it. The fire washed over them and burned them. They screamed and retreated back to the sea! 

Dao Yi’s voice rang out again. “Lin Feng, let the Pangu Compass out quickly. Only it can save this island!” 

At his warning, Lin Feng quickly released the Pangu Compass, covering the core area of the island. However, the Compass could only grow to a limited extent, and the surrounding area of the island was not well covered! 

Lin Feng looked at the surrounding sea from a high altitude, and was shocked. Within the range of his eyes, all kinds of aquatic animals appeared on the sea surface, each stranger than the next! 

There were giant fish, giant octopi, and sea crabs bigger than houses. Anything a human could think of was there. Fortunately, they were not united, but killing each other! 

A huge shark opened its mouth and bit an octopus’ tentacle, tearing it off. The tentacle kept flailing around the shark’s face. The injured octopus escaped, but the blood attracted more monsters to come and attack the octopus, one after another! 

In less than half a minute, the hundred meter-long octopus had been torn to pieces, and the creatures that got the octopus meat dove into the water to enjoy the delicious meat! 

The military and merchant ships floating on the sea were not spared. Some amphibious creatures could not squeeze into the island, so they used these ships and merchant ships as landing sites and climbed up on them, one after another. The soldiers on these ships started to fight with the invading monsters! 

Lin Feng’s cell phone rang. Lin Feng heard the voice of the soldier shout, “Lin Feng! Come and help us, whales have attacked our ship!” 

Lin Feng quickly looked around and saw a faltering ship. It was the ship from Huxia, but a huge whale was chasing it, biting the stern. It looked like it wanted to bite off the stern of the ship! 

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