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Chapter 1678 – The Siege of Monsters

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This whale was over ten times larger than any natural whale. It had to be an ancient monster that had come out of the cauldron! 

Lin Feng flew over the ship, and the fire of Jia Yai came out and hit the whale’s mouth. The whale was hurt, and a column of water spewed from the top of its head. There were flames in the waterspout! 

The fireball had entered its lungs! 

The whale kept rolling in the sea, but half a minute later, it finally stopped struggling and turned up its white belly. A stream of blue smoke came out of it. The fire of Jia Yai had been burning it inside! 

The smell of meat was spreading in the air. Lin Feng could not help but take a deep breath. The scent of salty grilled meat was pretty good! 

The ship, after losing the whale, closed on the island at full strength and grounded itself on the shoreline. The soldiers on it fled to the island one after another. Lin Feng could not help but allow them into the protective cover of the Pangu Compass once he saw their situation! 

More than a dozen small ships had been completely sunk, knocked over by large fish or dragged into the sea by massive tentacles. Some larger ships chose to escape from this sea area, but many had been damaged and lost power, so they just drifted on the sea and waited for death! 

Seeing these monsters’ fierce attacks, Lin Feng decided that no matter which country the people on the ships were from or what they did, they were all human beings. Since he had the ability, he couldn’t let them be eaten helplessly! 

Lin Feng flew over the ships constantly, shooting down these monsters one after another. During this process, the fires of Jia Yai exerted their power, burning countless monsters. It created a great deterrence, and they kept away from the bodies of the burning monsters! 

Taking the opportunity, Lin Feng saved hundreds of people and sent them to Nanyan Island one after another. When Lin Feng was sure there were no more survivors, he returned to the island! 

As soon as he landed, he saw that the island was full of people. Many people were scared, crying, and shouting. When Lin Feng arrived, these people grew more excited. After seeing their savior, they rushed to Lin Feng one after another! 

Lin Feng hurriedly rose into the air and shouted, “Everyone, calm down and don’t rush about. People of the Painting, you are responsible for maintaining order!” 

It was not easy to calm these people down. Lin Feng continued, “Everyone seperate into groups according to your nationality. Count the number of people. If possible, contact the relevant departments in your own country as soon as possible…” 

Many monsters, big and small, had landed on the island outside the Compass’ protection. They all looked at the humans close by, showing hungry expressions! 

But fortunately, they couldn’t break the shield. They could only look in and sigh! 

If not for the protection of the Compass, there would have been more deaths and injuries. Although Lin Feng’s border could resist attacks, it would consume Qi and endurance. Lin Feng was getting exhausted! 

According to the quick report, more than a hundred and fifty people were now here, belonging to seven or eight countries, mostly seafarers from neighboring countries. 

“Lin Feng, thank you for your help…” When Lin Feng wanted to enter the cave, suddenly a man came out of the crowd. It was Captain Michael! 

Lin Feng nodded and wanted to keep going. He had rescued them out of compassion, but Captain Michael caught up. “Lin Feng, I think our Country M should take over the island temporarily. As a superpower, we will ensure the safety of these people!” 

He was stubborn. As soon as he was out of danger, Captain Michael immediately wanted to be in charge! 

Lin Feng didn’t want to talk to him at all; he wanted to go into the cave. Captain Michael followed him up, forcing Lin Feng to stop and say to him, “Captain Michael, I hope you understand one thing: you are all people I saved; you are all refugees, you have no qualification to ask again!” 

“That is not true. Our Country M is a member of the United Nations and a superpower. We have to protect the security of other countries. If you do not agree, I will report to the president and send an aircraft carrier to take over.” Captain Michael was still babbling on! 

Lin Feng was so angry that he almost laughed. It was amusing. Lin Feng smiled and said, “Well, I’ll send you back to your ship now. You can wait for your aircraft carrier to come!” 

Captain Michael was stunned. “Lin Feng, don’t challenge the authority of our Country M! I know you are a strong cultivator, but are you more powerful than nuclear weapons? I hope you don’t provoke an international dispute between Huxia and Country M!” 

Lin Feng had no patience. He walked directly into the cave and left a barrier at the entrance! 

Captain Michael and others still didn’t understand, and directly ran into the barrier. They were bounced more than ten meters away and hurt; they were furious! 


“Lin Feng, what happened outside?” Qian Jin Cai Yue had taken, and was worried. “Has the Ancient Demon come to attack us again?” 

“Well, you don’t have to worry. How are you feeling?” Lin Feng replied. Chi You was the culprit, but he belonged to the same vein as the Ancient Demon! 

Qian Jin Cai Yue moved her muscles and bones. Looking at her graceful posture and red face, Lin Feng went to take her into her arms and said, “It’s okay, you’re okay. You can rest in this cave first. Don’t go outside. It’s dangerous right now.” 

Qian Jin Cai Yue nodded, but then said. “Lin Feng, why do I feel that the environment here is so weird? It seems that it’s not in the Eight Corners. Where is this cave? Why did I just hear those people say that this is the Earth? ” 

The people that she referred to were the people from the Painting. Seeing that she had doubts, Lin Feng didn’t want to hide it anymore. After sitting down with her, he caught her up on events. 

Hearing all that, she finally asked with tears in her eyes, “Can we go back to the World of Battles again?” 

“It should be okay. We have to talk about this later. Now we have to defeat Chi You, the Ancient Demon, first!” Lin Feng explained. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue naturally believed him. In the World of Battles, Lin Feng’s performance left her believing that there was nothing that Lin Feng couldn’t do. On this strange Earth, she also chose to believe in Lin Feng! 

There was a riot outside the cave. A man in black came in and told Lin Feng that someone was making trouble outside! 

When Lin Feng walked out of the cave, he saw that the people outside had been divided into two camps. One camp had a large number of people, almost three-quarters of them. The leader of this camp was Captain Michael! 

Captain Michael was trying to yell, “Ladies and gentlemen, you have to believe in the strength of our Country M. Only we can protect your safety. With our protection, you will be safe in every corner of the world.” 

Lin Feng went to the opposite camp, with only thirty-some people. Most of them were Chinese. No wonder they didn’t join the other camp! 

Half of the people in the other camp were Chinese, but they chose to believe Captain Michael’s promise. 

Captain Michael also saw the arrival of Lin Feng and said with a little pride on his face, “Lin Feng, you can see the situation now. The people who choose me are the vast majority. We should vote to decide who has the right to lead. The person who gets the most votes is the owner of the island!” 

Lin Feng was a little helpless. He even tried that at this time. Lin Feng sneered. “Captain Michael, you say you can protect them, right? Well, now I’ll divide the island into two sections. You can survive by yourself.” 

“What do you mean? We have so many people. Why would we only occupy half of the place? We should all take shelter in the cave and the center of the island!” Captain Michael protested. 

The sailors who went to the island with him were all eager to try. Their weapons were ready, and there were signs of an armed struggle for power! 

Lin Feng looked at the people on his side. Many of them were civilians, and unarmed. Lin Feng asked the people in black to transfer those people to the cave. Captain Michael wanted to stop them. In order to protect their safety, Lin Feng directly set up a barrier to separate them! 

“Captain Michael, for the last time, I warn you that if you want to make trouble on the island again, I will give up on you! If you think you are strong enough, you can face the monsters on your own!” Lin Feng declared firmly, pointing to the monsters outside! 

Captain Michael was scared. Countless monsters were looking inside from just outside the shield a hundred meters away. Although they couldn’t enter, they still didn’t give up looking in. The hungry eyes were so intimidating! 

But Captain Michael still pretended to be calm and raised the gun in his hand and said, “We will not give in. Our legitimate rights cannot be compromised!” 

There was an explosion as he said that. Looking at the sea, they saw that a large ship had exploded and capsized. It was Captain Michael’s ship! 

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