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Chapter 1679 – Time Channel 

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Lin Feng couldn’t help laughing and shaking his head. “Look, Captain Michael, you can’t even protect your ship. You still talk about protecting the world. Don’t you think it’s funny?” 

Captain Michael choked a little, and his face was red. The people who had been inspired by him also had a change of heart. Many people left his camp. Lin Feng didn’t have a problem with these people. He let them go inside! 

Soon Captain Michael and others were all alone; only his own thirty soldiers were still following him! 

In order to prevent accidents, Lin Feng divided the island into two areas, and completely separated his side from Captain Michael. Although the two sides could see each other across the transparent border, they couldn’t cross it! 

“Comrade Lin Feng! This time you have made great contributions, saved so many civilians, and won a great international reputation for Huxia!” The captain from Huxia came to shake hands with Lin Feng. He was just protecting these civilians. He didn’t expect to help out Huxia. 

The captain added. “But now… how can we break out? We can’t be stuck here forever!” 

Seeing that Lin Feng didn’t reply, he continued, “This situation is very bad. It has become a sensation in the international community. Nanyan Island has become the focus of an event.” 

There was no better way for Lin Feng. There were so many people on the island that needed protection. If he left, he could not save them. But Lin Feng also knew that he couldn’t stay here forever. After all, he was here to rescue the girl! 

Now that Qian Jin Cai Yue was out of danger, it was time to go back and deal with Chi You. Otherwise, Chi You would set off a greater disaster! 

It was already dark, and the amount of food consumed by all these people was incredible. They ate up all the stored food, and some were still hungry. 

If it went on like this, it was hard to solve the food problem! 


“Lin Feng. You can’t keep us here. We want food! We only ate a little food. You are abusing us! “Captain Michael was outside shouting and protesting, and the people in the cave were in turmoil. 

The night was a good time for these monsters to move. Hundreds of monsters had crawled onto the island, and killed one another. All the monsters that survived were huge and fierce. Many of them were hungry. They kept hitting the shield, wanting to rush in and eat the people inside! 

“Captain Michael, we’ve decided to leave the island. Are you going to stay?” Lin Feng asked tentatively. 

“Our fleet is coming from nearby. It should arrive tomorrow, and then we will kill all these monsters! What’s the matter with these monsters? Why are they here?” Captain Michael said. 

Lin Feng didn’t know how to explain it to him. If he said they came out of a magic cauldron, Captain Michael would not believe it. Lin Feng replied, “Who knows? Maybe it was caused by Fusang’s atomic power plants leaking!” 


In the middle of the night, Lin Feng and others were awakened by shouts outside. They ran to the entrance of the cave and looked out, seeing a very strange scene. Those monsters who had crawled onshore during the daytime were flailing about on the ground at this time, and seemed to be in extreme pain! 

Lin Feng was puzzled. Could these monsters have caught some disease? But soon he found the source. As these monsters struggled, a bloody hole split the hard shells on the monsters’ backs. They were peeling off! 

Black and blue blood flowed out of the crack, but then a round head squeezed out from the crack. Seeing this head, Lin Feng felt cold; it was a humanoid head! 

Captain Michael and others exclaimed loudly, “Aliens… they are aliens!” 

After this reminder, Lin Feng couldn’t help exclaiming. The things that drilled out of these monsters did indeed look like aliens. The huge heads were triangular. The two big eyes were out of proportion. It looked more like a mantis! 

They climbed out of the shells one after another, unfurling wings. They beat their wings and raised gusts of wind! 

Before Lin Feng knew what was going on, these winged things had grown strong. They beat their wings and flew up into the night sky, shrieking. However, the monsters flying into the night sky didn’t leave; they hovered around, sometimes swooping down and landing on the shore. They even dug a nest on the beach. They were laying eggs! 

This worried Lin Feng even more. Did these monsters want to breed here? If it went on like this, wouldn’t there be even more of them? 

But at this time, more dangerous things happened. Lin Feng suddenly found that the border on the Pangu Compass was weakening. Lin Feng quickly asked what the matter was. 

The voice of Dao Yi was feeble and soft. “Lin Feng, the time and space of your Earth is in danger. Chi You may have opened other time channels. The information channel between you and me has been affected. Lin Feng, can you hear me?” 

“Dao Yi, what’s going on?” Lin Feng cried anxiously. 

“Chi You has opened another channel; he is likely to invade!” The voice suddenly broke off. Lin Feng called out one more time, but there was no voice there! 

In order to maintain the shield of the Pangu Compass, Lin Feng had to further reduce the scope of the shield. But if he did, Captain Michael and others would be exposed! 

Lin Feng said to Captain Michael, who was a little scared. “Why are you still here? Kill these monsters quickly! They are laying eggs and breeding. If you don’t do it now, they will multiply!” 

Although Captain Michael and others were afraid, they knew the danger and rushed at these strange creatures in succession! 

Lin Feng and the people in black mainly attacked the sea monsters. But after their transformation, these monsters seemed to become quite intelligent and were very difficult to deal with! 

When Lin Feng and other people were fighting with these monsters, there was a roar from the distance. Lin Feng quickly looked around and found that there were layers of dark clouds in the distant sky. The lightning flashed and thundered, the precursor of a storm! 

The speed of the clouds’ rise was terrific. Soon half of the sky was covered, and Lin Feng’s forehead was creased. The weather was abnormal. There were waves of pressure from the black cloud! 

The air was full of an unpleasant smell. Big raindrops hit the sea; they were all black, just like pouring ink into the sea! 

Lin Feng had to return to the shielded area; the strong wind was stronger, churning the sea constantly! 

There were strange birds coming out of the thunder and lightning, and soon the sky was full of terror! 

There was a huge vibration on the island, coming from below. It seemed that something was hitting the ground underneath them. People here were all unsteady! 

Lin Feng hurriedly called all the people outside of the cave. He had to take these people to leave here quickly! 

Lin Feng controlled the Pangu Compass and rose into the sky. As soon as he rose into the air, he could see that the island below had been split into several sections, and countless monsters had emerged from it. Then the island sank under the water! 

Screaming, a flock of strange birds in the midair collided with the Compass. They rushed continuously up to try to peck at the people on it! 

Lin Feng hurriedly flew towards land with the Compass, but the monsters behind were still chasing him! 

When Lin Feng reached land with the Compass, he found that these monsters were also hovering over the city there, which let him very surprised! 

“Lin Feng, we can’t fly any further. There are many foreigners aboard here. Just now, I was told to send them to a military base,” a soldier said to him. Lin Feng agreed with that idea, as dragging these people around was inconvenient! 


Half an hour later, Lin Feng finally arrived at the military port. After sending his passengers off, he lifted off again and flew in the direction of the capital! 

Lin Feng found that the monsters were not in the inland areas. It seemed they were all aquatic, and all near the sea, helping him calm down. 

Lin Feng put away the Pangu Compass and walked down the streets with Qian Jin Cai Yue. He contacted Wang Yuan. Wang Yuan soon drove his car to pick up Lin Feng and took him to the original courtyard of his boss.


When Lin Feng showed up in the conference room with Qian Jin Cai Yue, the old official shook hands with him excitedly and said, “Comrade Lin Feng, you have done a very good job this time. You brought her back safely and made a great contribution to Huxia! You recovered a major loss for us!” 

Lin Feng looked at Qian Jin Cai Yue, puzzled; he had a question. What was her status now? Why did they pay so much attention to her?

The old chief turned cold and said to Qian Jin Cai Yue, who was standing behind Lin Feng, “Qian Jin Cai Yue, do you know how many mistakes you have made?” 

His voice was cold, but Qian Jin Cai Yue didn’t respond. Lin Feng couldn’t help being more curious and asked, “Chief, what’s the matter?” 

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