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Chapter 1681 – The Divided Souls of the Eight Cauldrons

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When they walked out of the chief office building, Li Kechang said to Lin Feng coldly, “Lin Feng, don’t think you can hide from everyone. I know everything. You have become the public enemy of our cultivators!” 


“Haha, Li Kechang, don’t pretend to be innocent! Don’t think I don’t know about your collusion with Fusang. If this gets known to the cultivation world, I’m afraid you won’t have a good ending!” Lin Feng retorted. 

Looking at Li Kechang’s face, Lin Feng sneered and stopped talking to him! 

Wang Yuan thought about it and said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, come; you and our Special Affairs Department are responsible for the internal defense of the capital. Li Kechang and his sect are responsible for peripheral security. You will be divided into several layers of defense. As long as you see these monsters, you will kill them!” 

At Wang Yuan’s arrangement, Li Kechang was very dissatisfied and frowned. “Wang Yuan, is that what you mean, or what the chief means?” 

“Li Kechang, what’s your opinion and suggestion? Is there anything wrong with my arrangement?” Wang Yuan replied. 

Li Kechang looked at Lin Feng and said, “You ask Lin Feng to take charge of the internal security. I think it’s very inappropriate. The internal core area has a great security responsibility. Lin Feng’s origin is unknown, and there are many questions. I don’t think he is suitable for such an important task!” 

The responsibility for internal security was more important. Whoever was in charge of this area showed who was more critical. 

Wang Yuan thought for a moment and replied, “This is not my arrangement, but the intention of the chief.” 

Even if Li Kechang disagreed with it, this was the chief’s arrangement; he should not put forward any different opinions! 

However, to Wang Yuan’s surprise, Li Kechang turned back and happened to meet the chief coming out for a walk. Li Kechang complained. “Chief, I think there is something wrong with Wang Yuan’s arrangement. In the past, our sect was always an important defense force in the capital, but now Lin Feng is being sent to replace us. This is belittling us, I don’t care about it personally, but I’m afraid that other cultivators will not accept it. Don’t create a hopeless situation.” 

This seemed reasonable, but it had a bit of pressure. The chief could tell. He frowned and seemed a little unhappy, but he turned and said, “Well, you can choose some powerful members, who will be personally in charge of the safety of the important area with Lin Feng. As for the periphery, you can arrange people.” 

The chief left after he spoke, leaving no other way for Li Kechang. At least, he had not fallen behind. At the same time, he was responsible for both internal and external security, which was more important than Lin Feng! 


Nothing happened in the first two days. Every day, Lin Feng sat on the Compass and hovered over the city; he was at ease. Li Kechang was much busier. He would go to the periphery and the inner defense circle to watch Lin Feng! 

In particular, Li Kechang was afraid of the people in black who had suddenly appeared. These people in black were all from the Painting of Mountains and Rivers. Their Levels were high, but they were as unknown as Lin Feng. Li Kechang was wary of them! 

On the fourth day, Lin Feng was dozing off at a high altitude. Suddenly, he felt a strong aura from the outskirts of the city. Looking to the west, he saw a black shadow in the sky dozens of miles away! 

This Qi woke Lin Feng up. It was powerful and familiar; it was Chi You’s Qi! 

The cultivators of the outer defenses were fighting with the invaders. Lin Feng hurriedly went to the West. When he arrived, he found that these people were the Demon Mother, the eight elders, and the flying monsters they led, but he didn’t see Chi You! 

The cultivators were not the opponents of the Demon Mother and the eight elders. More than a dozen people had been killed or injured! 

Li Kechang was barely able to resist some of them, but when those people ganged up on him, he couldn’t resist it anymore.

“Haha, you dare to call this the way of cultivation. Let’s see who can stop us! I advise you to recognize the current affairs as soon as possible, and turn to Emperor Chi You, and work together for a great cause! Those who follow me prosper, and those who oppose me die!” the Demon Mother was shouting madly! 

As soon as Lin Feng arrived, the Demon Mother stopped laughing and said to Lin Feng fiercely, “Lin Feng, I have an eternal feud with you! You have made my son the spiritual home of my husband. I can’t forgive you!” 

She waved her long sleeve. The dozens of flying monsters behind her immediately flew towards Lin Feng, reaching out with their huge claws.

“Lin Feng, help me! These old monsters are so powerful!” Li Kechang, who was being besieged by the eight elders, couldn’t hold on. He shouted for help! 

Lin Feng asked the people in black to deal with the monsters. He pulled out and rushed at the eight cauldron elders. Lin Feng didn’t want to save Li Kechang, but he did want to hurt one or two of the eight elders, and frustrate them! 

“Lin Feng, you’re just in time! Last time you spoiled our plan, you’ll pay for that today!” When the eight elders of cauldron saw Lin Feng, they all showed anger. When they had helped Chi You to revive, Lin Feng was rescued by the Pangu Compass, and the eight of them suffered a lot of backlash! 

When Lin Feng saw them abandon Li Kechang and surround him, he dared not ignore them. He drew out the Shadow Soul Sword and swept it out! 

A hundred-meter-long sword arc cut through the sky and slashed across those old monsters! 

However, when the sword aura struck them, there was a screech of metal and flash of light. It didn’t hurt them at all! 

One of the elders sneered proudly, “Lin Feng, we are guarded by our cauldrons. What can you do to us?” 

The man’s hands were forming seals, and a virtual magic cauldron with a round opening in the air was moving towards Lin Feng. The round cauldron had a huge vortex coming from it. Lin Feng felt a strong suction trying to control him! 

Lin Feng had been attacked this way more than once, so he would not be tricked again. He quickly took his sword to the side and avoided the vortex! 

However, as soon as he passed by, there was another auction power behind him. When he looked back, another magic cauldron illusion appeared, and it was smashing towards him. 

“The border of Tao.” At the same time, Lin Feng stabbed his sword out at the magic cauldron. There was a silent bang, and pulse of energy. The cauldron seemed to collapse in a flash! 

Lin Feng was puzzled. Hadn’t the eight cauldrons been integrated? How could they still form a magic cauldron? 

“Dominate the mainland!” The eight elders shouted at the same time, and eight magic cauldrons flew to surround Lin Feng. Lin Feng flashed and tried to avoid them in vain; he felt his foot grabbed by something, and he couldn’t avoid them! 

Lin Feng subconsciously looked down and found that there was a vortex under him, which had surrounded feet! 


Eight cauldrons collided with Lin Feng from eight directions at the same time, powerful enough to break gold or stone! 

Lin Feng felt the Qi in his body surging. He knew that if his Qi was broken, he would be disabled! 

What was even more strange was that the eight cauldrons were beginning to merge slowly, confining Lin Feng within. No matter how Lin Feng struggled, he couldn’t get rid of them! 

“Haha, Lin Feng, the last eight cauldrons fusion was destroyed by you. This time, I just need to refine you again. I want to refine you into my son’s spiritual house!” the Demon Mother exclaimed with a fierce smile! 

Lin Feng saw his body being swallowed up by the eight cauldrons, and was shocked! 

As Lin Feng was feeling helpless, he suddenly heard a voice, “Lin Feng, this is your opportunity!” 

“What opportunity, I’m going to be torn apart by eight cauldrons now!” Lin Feng shouted helplessly. 

Dao Yi said, “Since they want to devour you, why don’t you devour them in turn? Last time you were refining the essence of eight cauldrons; are you afraid that these eight cauldrons won’t succeed? Now try my method. If you succeed, you will have a great chance to break through to Heavenly Godly Ancestor!” 

Upon hearing the words “Heavenly Godly Ancestor”, Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel excited. Since he returned to Earth, although his level had improved, he couldn’t make a true breakthrough. Could he make a breakthrough with the help of the eight cauldrons? 

Dao Yi recited a series of mantras and asked Lin Feng to memorize them. Lin Feng quickly recited, “Taoism changes Yin and Yang, combining the virtual with the real and helps me improve.” 

Dao Yi said again, “Quickly release your Jia Yai Fire, let it fill your body, and fuse the eight cauldrons inside you. Never let them separate again, or you will be torn apart by the eight cauldrons!” 

Lin Feng couldn’t help but be shocked into a cold sweat. Introducing the Fire of Jia Yai into his body? That was a very risky thing! 

Although it was not dangerous to let out the Fire of Jia Yai, it was a fire formed by the release of Qi. If it backfired, it would enter his meridians and viscera. If he failed, wouldn’t it ignite all the Qi in his body? 

If his Qi ignited, he would turn into a bomb and immediately explode into tens of millions of pieces! 

When Lin Feng was surprised, the eight cauldrons had suddenly accelerated into Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng felt all his organs tearing at the same time, and his body was starting to crack! 

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