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Chapter 1682 – The Heavenly Godly Ancestor

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Lin Feng tried his best to control the Qi in his body. He didn’t want to be torn apart by the eight cauldrons that had intruded into his body. However, these eight cauldrons were so sturdy that they were tearing Lin Feng’s meridians apart! 

“Dao Yi, what’s the matter? Why are there some strange things in my body?” Lin Feng found there was a Qi that he had never felt before in the many cracks in his body, and it was so turbulent! 

Dao Yi’s startled voice rang out, “Lin Feng, that is the Holy Spirit of a Heavenly Godly Ancestor! I didn’t expect you to have the spirit. It seems that you are not far from a breakthrough!” 

Although Lin Feng had been surprised, this situation was dangerous. If he couldn’t control the ripping, he might be torn apart before he broke through! 

At that time, Dao Yi also became serious and said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, guide these holy spirits to your upper, middle, and lower body, and then burn them with the Fire of Jia Yai!” 

Under the guidance of Dao Yi, Lin Feng gradually controlled this pure energy and guided it into his dantian before introducing the Fire of Jia Yai. With a loud bang, the fire started to burn inside him! 

Watching Lin Feng’s miserable situation, the Demon Mother and eight Elders found that Lin Feng’s Qi was burning, and his eyes were red! 

“Haha, Lin Feng, you can’t be saved! These eight cauldrons will completely refine you and return the life of my son, the Ancient Demon!” The Demon Mother was smiling excitedly! 

Lin Feng was about to faint. Suddenly a voice rang out; it was the Ice Spirit who had been dwelling in his spirit world! “Lin Feng, I will help you!” 

The eight cauldrons had turned as red as eight lanterns by a fire. They became small and solid in an instant after being tempered by the Ice Spirit, and turned eight real cauldrons the size of finger rings! 

His Qi was filled with wind and cold. The ice and fire in Lin Feng’s body alternated with each other, writhing between mist and smoke. The Demon Mother shouted, “No! He hasn’t been refined! My cauldron!” 

The eight elders were also shocked, and cried out, “Why can’t we control our cauldrons? Why is it like this?” They were in a mess, but now things were beyond their control.

There was a sudden sense of killing on the face of the Demon Mother, and she shouted, “What are you waiting for? Let’s do it together, kill him!” 

Originally, they wanted to refine Lin Feng into a new soul cauldron, but now there was no hope. If Lin Feng could destroy the cauldron again, all their efforts would be wasted! 

They converged on Lin Feng and struck at him; even if betting the last traces of their lives, they could not let Lin Feng succeed! 

Lin Feng was in great pain at this time. His consciousness was completely vague. Although he could see those people attacking at him, he couldn’t fight back. He might die this time!

However, when those swords thrust into his body, a strange scene appeared. The swords stabbed into Lin Feng’s body as if they had been driven into an illusion. There was no wound. When they were pulled out again, the swords had been reduced to only a hilt! 

When Lin Feng was worried, the hot air in his dantian disappeared, and a new cauldron appeared! 

This cauldron was different from those eight cauldrons, colored red-gold. There were countless runes floating around the cauldron, just like a neon lamp, displaying countless lights and shadows. The lights and shadows directly penetrated the body of Lin Feng and shone on his attackers! 

“Ah!” several of them cried out painfully. The skin struck by the lights were immediately scorched with blazing runes, their flesh and skin black as charcoal! 

One of the elders was blinded in one eye, and the Demon Mother was illuminated by a rune. Her white skin instantly grew old, and it became dry and ugly as bark. The Demon Mother retreated from the fighting, cried out, and tried to flee! 

The eight elders also fled. They didn’t know what the aura on Lin Feng’s body was, but they had felt its power, and they could not fight against it at all! 

Dao Yi was so excited that he could hardly speak. He stammered, “I didn’t think this would happen! In this world, there is another Heavenly Godly Ancestor! This is the first time since the beginning of the world. Lin Feng, you are going to succeed! Hold on for a while!” 

The sky was full of light and colorful streams of runes. This rune covered thousands of miles, penetrating Heaven and Earth, and everywhere it went was cleansed! 

Even the grasses and trees that had been dried up for countless years were sprouting a little green! 


A beam of light rose from the foot of Lin Feng. The beam was hundreds of meters long, reaching to the sky. It was like a huge streamer waterfall, with turbulent runes flowing inside! 

When the cultivators led by Li saw this scene, they were scared and fled for the horizon! 

“Li Kechang, what’s the matter with Lin Feng?” a cultivator asked in horror. 

“I don’t know, either!” Li Kechang’s face was full of fear. Just now, he had told these cultivators in advance that he intentionally left Lin Feng alone during the battle and wanted to get rid of him at the hand of their enemies, but now he didn’t know what to do. He felt Lin Feng’s Qi was even more powerful! 

They also felt the power of these runes. They felt that the runes made their level soar at the same time. They broke through several levels one after another, their bodies bursting with power! 

Li Kechang’s face was gloomy. His cultivation had improved, but his ambition was greater. He couldn’t see Lin Feng’s strength, which was simply raising the tiger to cause trouble! 

Finally, Li Kechang’s selfishness catalyzed, and he snuck around behind Lin Feng, and suddenly shot out a black light! 

“Lin Feng, don’t blame me! Blame yourself for being too showy and nosy!” 

Li Kechang released a black nail from between his fingers. It was coated with the most toxic poison. As soon as someone touched it, his blood would freeze, and he would die! 

However, this black light hit the back of Lin Feng’s chest, and unexpectedly bounced back! 

Before Li Kechang could react, the funny smile on his face solidified, and the black light hit his palm! 

He was the exclusive refiner of the poison, but was helpless to cure it. There was no antidote at all. His palm burst instantly, and his flesh and bones were sent flying! 

Li Kechang was a man of high cultivation with a ruthless heart. Seeing this situation, he knew it was not good. In an instant, he cut his right arm with a sword hand. 

The arm turned black in mid-air, and exploded into countless pieces! 

Lin Feng hovered in the air; his eyes were closed; his consciousness was confused, as if he had died! 

Even when Li Kechang attacked him, he didn’t realize it. He didn’t do anything to stop Li Kechang from flying away! 

Lin Feng felt as if he had become infinite now. He was looking down upon all things in the world. The Earth had become a real circle, so small and quiet in Lin Feng’s dream. 

Dao Yi called his name. “Lin Feng, wake up quickly! You have broken through. Now is the time when the spirit is lax. Don’t let your spirit diffuse between Heaven and Earth! You must recover yourself!” 

Lin Feng could hear Dao Yi’s voice, and it rang in his consciousness. Lin Feng couldn’t help shivering all over. His confused consciousness returned to his body a little bit. After a long time, Lin Feng slowly moved his eyelids! 

Slowly opening his eyes and looking at the sky, he couldn’t help but frown. He could see countless threads of light floating gently, but when he looked again, he was stunned! 

These filaments were born from his body, and with him as the center, were extending infinitely in all directions! 

Through these countless threads of light, Lin Feng seemed to have a connection with all things in the world. Lin Feng heard birds singing thousands of miles away, insects chittering underground, and the cheers and screams of thousands of people below at this time! 

“What’s up there? Is there another sun?” A cry of surprise came from under the clouds. 

“Is it a spacecraft explosion, or a meteor falling?” Another voice! 

These voices came into Lin Feng’s ears from all directions. It was a wonderful feeling. It seemed that he had become a god, and everything resonated with him! 

“Lin Feng, you have broken through!” Dao Yi announced to him. 

Lin Feng was slowly regaining consciousness, but the Earth had become a mess. The national alarms in Huxia and the surrounding countries were loud, and many air defense warnings had been activated. The Ministry of Defense of Fu Sang had detected a nuclear explosion near its airspace! 

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