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Chapter 1683 – The God of Time and Space

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This powerful energy has dyed the sky red; the dazzling light was like raining fire! 

As far as the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Country M, numerous nuclear bombs were ready to launch to fight back against an enemy! 

The fiery light in the sky finally diffused slowly. It seemed that everything was back to normal, but no one knew that the world was different, and a god of time and space was now on this Earth! 

In this ownerless space, a god of time and space had just been born. This person was not someone else; it was Lin Feng!! 

Lin Feng breathed out long and slow, and looked down. Where his eyesight fell, everything was so tiny. Lin Feng moved his mind a little, and immediately saw an ant drilling into the hole in a panic on the ground ten thousand meters below, frightened by the abnormal sky! 

Looking next to him, Lin Feng couldn’t help but be stunned. There was a couple in the forest panicking and putting on messy clothes! 

Lin Feng quickly turned his eyes and took back his divine sense, which was too powerful. If it was abused like this, it was too indecent! 

“Lin Feng, you have broken through the realm of Heavenly Godly Ancestors. Now the space-time of the Earth has become your main space. In this space, even I have to fraternize with you …” Dao Yi’s tone was a little bitter, as if he was no longer so supreme. 

Lin Feng said with a slight smile, “Dao Yi, I am just a new Godly Ancestor. You are my predecessor. We will have to deal with each other more in the future, but I have more important things to do now. Chi You still doesn’t show up!” 

Lin Feng had searched the ground with his divine sense, but he couldn’t find Chi You! 

“Lin Feng, Chi You is still in this world, but he is also a Heavenly Godly Ancestor. He is a powerful opponent now. If you want to eliminate him, you will have to work hard!” Dao Yi told him. 

Lin Feng nodded and was just about to descend when he suddenly felt a little wave from the eastern sky. Looking at it, he found that countless small black dots were flying towards him! 


Lin Feng didn’t know much about the type of missile, but he could recognize the basic shape! 

This missile came from the territory of Fusang, and was targeted at Lin Feng! 

The monitoring systems of the Fusang state automatically detected Lin Feng’s breakthrough as a high-altitude nuclear explosion. The military base in Country M in Fusang responded immediately, and launched dozens of surface to air anti-missile missiles! 

To be honest, Lin Feng was worried. After all, he had never dealt with that level of modern military weapons before! 

“Don’t worry, Lin Feng. You are the master of time and space. They can’t hurt you! And as a god, you have the right to modify the space rules. You can control their flight path with your mind!” Dao Yi laughed in amusement. 

Dozens of missiles had been sent flying at Lin Feng. At the speed of these missiles, they would hit him in the blink of an eye! 

Lin Feng thought about it, looked at the missiles and said softly, “Stop!” 

A strange scene appeared. The missiles flying at high speed suddenly came to a halt and stopped in the air, motionless! 

Even the long exhaust flame behind the missiles were frozen at the same time, so it was like the sudden stoppage of time! 

Lin Feng suddenly felt interested and flew over to these missiles. He looked at these vast iron weapons, and could not help shaking his head gently. It seemed that civilization could not be separated from control of the laws, and Lin Feng was the new master of the laws! 

Lin Feng would not let these missile continue on. If they landed, many innocent people in Huxia would be killed! 

Lin Feng was annoyed at this attack. This kind of undeclared provocation was invading the airspace of Huxia! 

“Go back!” Lin Feng snorted coldly. Since these people liked to kill people, let them taste the backlash! 

The missiles inexplicably returned on their original trajectory and flew back to their firing sites! 


At the military base of Country M in Fu Sang, there was tension and horror; the radar had already detected that their missiles were coming back! 

“What’s the matter? What’s wrong with the instruments?” a commander roared angrily. 

“Sir, it’s not the fault of the instruments. It seems our missiles have lost control and are coming back to us!” someone immediately reported. 

“Nonsense, how could such a thing happen? Come on, stop them!” the commander shouted, because he had seen the missiles coming back from the exterior surveillance! 

But it was too late. With a series of explosions, the missile launchers of the military base had become a sea of fire, and the launch equipment had been destroyed by their missiles, reducd to scrap iron! 

The commander shouted angrily, “Stop launching them now! Don’t intercept!” 

He didn’t know how many silos and launchers would be destroyed if he launched again! 

Lin Feng looked at the flames rising from the ground and felt helpless. However, he didn’t take any further revenge and descended directly to the ground! 

If Lin Feng wanted to destroy the base, it could be done, but that would inevitably cause a lot of casualties. Lin Feng understood that this kind of killing was meaningless. His real enemy was Chi You! 


When Lin Feng fell to the ground quietly, the streets were already full of vehicles. They were disturbed by all the strange events just now, and didn’t know what to do. People were desperately running away. They had just heard the long-silent air defense alarm, and the whole city was shrouded in a fearful atmosphere! 

A lot of people did not notice Lin Feng flying above them. Lin Feng did not stop, and headed toward the chief courtyard where Qian Jin Cai Yue was staying. Now he had to report he was safe, so that they would not worry about him! 

“Lin Feng! Why do you come back? Didn’t you take charge of defending the capital?” 

As soon as Lin Feng appeared, Qian Jin Cai Yue and other people immediately surrounded him. They were standing in the yard and looking up at the sky. Lin Feng fell to the ground and said, “The danger was temporarily removed.” 

A soldier rushed up to Qian Jin Cai Yue and said, “The chief has an order, let me take you to the secure shelter!” 

Lin Feng quickly stopped the soldier and said, “Take me to see the chief. Those missiles have exploded!” 

The soldier listened to Lin Feng’s words, but said angrily. “Lin Feng, you rebelled and hurt Li Kechang! Come on, get him!” 

The dozens of young soldiers who followed the officers immediately swung up their guns, and all of them pointed at Lin Feng. The soldier pointed at Lin Feng and said, “I command you to lie down immediately and be captured. If you dare to resist, I’ll kill you!” 

Lin Feng was speechless. He shook his head and said, “Ah, it’s the villain who complained first. It seems that you won’t believe me. Take me to see your chief.” 


Lin Feng was escorted to the front yard by the soldiers. Lin Feng cooperated with them because he didn’t want to cause unnecessary panic! 

When they got to the front yard, there were more soldiers in front of them. When the soldiers saw Lin Feng being escorted in, they stepped back and formed a path. When Lin Feng came to the front, he saw the unhappy chief! 

“Lin Feng! You dare…” Just as the chief was about to get angry, Lin Feng gently waved his hand and moved away the strong men surrounding him, who were forced to step back, one after another. Their arms were numb and they could not lift them! 

“Chief, I already know what you want to say, but this time you are too partial. Li Kechang is a spy for Fusang! He not only helped the Fusang cultivation sects invade the Huxian cultivation world, but also tried to provoke internal strife between us, and then helped the country of Fusang beat us!” Lin Feng pointed to Li Kechang, who had lost one arm. 

Li Kechang’s wound had been bandaged up, and with his level, the pain could be completely suppressed. At this time, there was no expression of pain on his face. He was just shocked; he pretended to be calm and retorted, “Lin Feng, don’t blame me. Why would I collude with Fusang to harm my country? I love my country and would never do anything to betray my country!” 

The chief believed in Li Kechang. After all, Li Kechang had a very high cultivation level and had long been associated with the senior officers, giving him a certain prestige and credibility! 

“Haha, Li Kechang, you will not betray your motherland! You are not Huxian at all, you are from Fusang!” Lin Feng said in a leisurely way, which shocked Li Kechang! 

Li Kechang thought quickly. Was Lin Feng tricking him, or had Lin Feng figured out his identity? 

Li Kechang calmed down. Naturally, he would not admit defeat so easily. The strictest spies of Fusang had trained him. He could withstand such a situation completely! 

“Lin Feng, you can insult me. If you have any evidence, just take it out. Otherwise, your words are meaningless here!” Li Kechang continued to argue.

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