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Chapter 1684 – Yamaguchi

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Li Kechang was confident; he had been hidden for many years and not been found. He was sure that Lin Feng could not come up with any evidence! 

Lin Feng sneered and said, “I don’t know if it’s better to call you Li Kechang, or is it better to call you Yamaguchi?” 

When Li Kechang heard the name Yamaguchi, his face was full of cold sweat, and he said, “How do you know my name?” 

This was no doubt after he admitted his own identity! 

Lin Feng said. “Yamaguchi, the founder of the Shankou gang of Fusang, was once a powerful kingpin. He established the largest mafia in the country of Fusang, almost the same as the former shogunate. He was known as the Folk Emperor. You retired in middle age and pretended to be dead. You snuck into Huxia to study and practice the ancient cultivation arts secretly, and sent them back to Fusang. Am I wrong?” 

“Who are you?” Li Kechang was a little flustered. He had been hiding in Huxia for nearly a hundred years, and had changed several identities during that time. How could Lin Feng recognize him? 

“You don’t have to worry about how I know. You infiltrated Huxia with the invading army decades ago, after you learned a shocking secret from a secret source. There is a strange sect in the hinterland of the Qinling Mountains in Huxia. They have passed on the ancient path of cultivation for generations. Your purpose was to steal that cultivation technique! But at that time, although you were the founder of the Shankou group, you were just a brave man. Compared to those cultivators, you were just a common man! However, you are smart. You even took advantage of the war to disguise yourself as a fugitive Huxian and infiltrated that sect. You settled down in it and gained their trust through deception. During that period, you led them to successfully kill many of the invading soldiers who invaded the Qinling Mountains, but you were not protecting those people, but protecting the secret there!” 

Lin Feng explained in detail, as Yamaguchi’s face grew pale. He had been in Huxia for decades. If it wasn’t for Lin Feng mentioning his old deeds today, he would have forgotten the past! 

Lin Feng continued, “Later, you finally gained the trust of the people of the sect, married a daughter of the patriarch, and got the qualifications to learn to cultivate. Unexpectedly, you are also a genius at cultivating. In just over ten years, you became the strongest cultivator among the sect, and succeeded to the position of patriarch! However, you wanted to take this cultivation art as your own, so you secretly passed it back to Fusang and gave it to your children. You also tried to kill all the original sect members! 

“However, you miscalculated. When you killed all the people there, you couldn’t kill all the people who were lost in the war, so that the cultivation art could spread among the Huxian people slowly!” 

Yamaguchi seemed to go back to the past with Lin Feng’s story. He had killed thousands of people and then come out of the hinterlands of the Qinling Mountains to annex Huxia with the invading army. However, the situation had changed greatly. Country M detonated two atomic bombs in their country, and the country surrendered overnight! 

Yamaguchi failed, but he didn’t go back. He decided to make a comeback. He repeated his success with the Shankou gang, so he founded the Hu Lung Clan. Then his youngest son came to Huxia, changed his surname to Feng, took root in Jiangnan City, and became the largest cultivation sect in Jiangnan. It was a group from Fusang! 

When Lin Feng came back from the World of Battles, he landed in Jiangnan City. Lin Feng changed from a stupid security guard to a cultivator in one night, which aroused the vigilance of Feng’s Shankou gang. They sent many forces to investigate and kill him, but were defeated by Lin Feng again and again. In the end, Feng’s entire Shankou gang was destroyed by Lin Feng! 

Yamaguchi’s hatred for Lin Feng was irreconcilable. He once again dispatched cultivators of the Shankou gang to Huxia from the territory of Fusang. He tried to start from the top, and step by step take control of the Huxian cultivation world, then further control the secular world, and finally reach the goal of conquering without fighting! 

Just as Lin Feng was about to go on, Yamaguchi suddenly flew to the aghast chief . A black gold dagger from his sleeve was at the chief’s throat, and he shouted angrily, “Lin Feng! You forced me! Now I’ll give you a minute, either you choose to cut yourself, or I’ll kill him!” 

This sudden change immediately made the soldiers around nervous; they wanted to rush to rescue the chief. However, how could these people be the opponents of Li Kechang? Although he had one left arm now, he only needed to release a trace of vital aura to force away all the soldiers out dozens of meters! 

The chief was so angry, and left his life and death aside. He swore, “I will not let you succeed even if I die today, Li Kechang, you Fusang bastard! Lin Feng, don’t worry about me. Kill the spy!” 

Yamaguchi said with a sinister smile, “Lin Feng, the time is half gone. I don’t want to say it again!” 

Lin Feng sneered, “Haha, Yamaguchi, why are you so impatient? I haven’t finished my words, but do you think you can hurt the chief? Do you think you are qualified to blackmail me?” 

Lin Feng’s body suddenly disappeared as he finished! 

Yamaguchi couldn’t help but be shocked. He blurted out, “Invisible Taoism…” 

However, before he had finished speaking, he glanced at his left arm. He saw that his left arm had been cut off, severed by the black gold dagger he had just been holding! 

A huge force kicked him, and he flew more than ten meters in the air, falling heavily to the ground, his blood spurting out! 

The soldiers wanted to capture him, but suddenly Lin Feng appeared at Yamaguchi’s side. None of them could get close because of Lin Feng’s aura!

Lin Feng stepped on Yamaguchi’s wound. “You killed a thousand people with this black gold dagger. It is covered with the blood of our fellow Huxians! When the old patriarch passed this dagger to you, he didn’t think it would become the death of his people!” 

Lin Feng said, squatting down, stabbing at Yamaguchi’s wound, and said, “You must be very curious why I know your identity? Do you want to hear why?” 

Yamaguchi forced himself to bear the pain and nodded. “Lin Feng, if you have something to say, please give me a quick death! I’ve lived for more than a hundred years. Death has long been a thing of the past for me!” 

“Haha, it seems that you have guts, but I won’t let you die so soon. Otherwise, it would be too easy for you.” 

Lin Feng went on, “When we went to Country M to look for the ancient cultural relics of the double terra cotta figures, we met a cultivator named Ma. He and the cultivators from the country of Fusang collaborated and killed the native patriarch and seized the terra cotta figures. At that time, after our defeat, I began to trace the man named Ma. Finally, we found him in the underground caves of the Feng family. 

“It turns out that, like the Feng family, he is Fusang, disguised by your Shankou group! And you all have the same Qi. Although it’s very secret, it’s very special. It’s different from the Qi of our Huxian people. That was the clue I was looking for! 

“Later, when I met you, I finally connected all of this together, and I got closer to the truth step by step! The most important thing for me to understand was the Demon Mother. When she used the eight cauldrons to divide my body, I found the same Qi from those cauldrons as yours. If I didn’t make any mistakes, I’m afraid Chi You is the origin of your people.” 

Yamaguchi was calming down. He had recognized the reality, and had slowly given up the will to resist! 

“Interesting, Lin Feng. We are the same as Huxia. After the defeat of Chi You, the people of Fusang migrated to the East and drifted overseas. Therefore, quite a part of our Fusang people are the descendants of Chi You. Huxia has stories about dominating the mainland, but we are more ambitious; we want to win rulership of Huxia! My goal is to regain the ancestral land of Chi You, which is Huxia!” When Yamaguchi said that, it seemed that he had made great efforts, and once again he became impassioned. “Even if you kill me, you can’t kill my ambition!” 

The people around listened; it was almost like listening to a novel. They were full of strange feelings; they didn’t expect that there was such a secret and unknown history! Or more like a legend that couldn’t be verified! 

“Haha, Lin Feng, I already learned from the Demon Mother that our Lord Chi You has been reborn in the world. Even if you kill me, our Lord Chi You will regain Huxia. No matter how powerful you are, you are not my lord Chi You’s opponent! Haha!” Yamaguchi laughed wildly. 

“Lin Feng, Chi You is reborn?” The chief asked, confused. He felt that this Yamaguchi seemed to have abnormal faith! 

Lin Feng didn’t know how to explain all this. Even if he said so, who would believe it? Unless he let them go through all that he experienced and saw the scenes of Chi You’s rebirth with their own eyes!

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