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Chapter 1685 – New President

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Lin Feng squatted down, reached out to Yamaguchi’s chest, and nodded lightly. He said coldly, “Since you said that, I’ll save your life for the time being, to let you see how I kill Chi You!” 

A stream of vital blue aura dispersed from where he touched, and Yamaguchi’s skin dried out, like water escaping a bowl. In less than a minute, he had become a dying old monster! 

The light in Yamaguchi’s eyes was disappearing. His whole life’s Qi was scattered by Lin Feng, and his cultivation was wasted. At this time, he only had one idea: either let Lin Feng gave him a quick death, or wait to see how Chi You could kill Lin Feng to save him. Yamaguchi believed that his ancestor Chi You would have a way to restore his cultivation! 

Lin Feng did not care about him. He stood up and said to the chief, “Chief, I’ll leave this spy to you. I have other, more important things to do.” 

The chief asked people to stand Yamaguchi up, as he was unable to walk on his own. The chief’s eyes were burning with fire. He wanted to kill this devil with one shot! 

Lin Feng talked about the Qinling massacre, which the chief was aware of. The chief had been a soldier in the Qinling area, and he had participated in the military investigation of the massacre! 

He remembered that it was a cold winter night; they were pulled into the mountains and forests in an emergency, walking for three days and three nights to a valley. There were countless bodies in front of them! 

The faces of these corpses were not so bloody, because they were almost all killed by one stab, but they died very strangely. There was not a drop of blood left in any of them! 

These corpses were free of any blood. All of them were as shriveled as mummies. Nobody knew where the blood had gone! 

This kind of weird case was kept secret, so that there was no public record for many years. Even people like the chief, who had experienced it personally, never dared to say more! 

What the chief did not know was that all the blood of those people was sucked up by the little black gold dagger in Lin Feng’s hand. Just like it cut off Yamaguchi’s arm without a drop of blood, all the blood was sucked by the blade. 


When Lin Feng saw that everything here had been dealt with, he turned around and returned to the backyard. Wang Yuan came up from behind and asked tentatively, “Lin Feng, what you just said is true? Did Chi You exist? Was he revived?” 

Lin Feng nodded as he walked, turning to ask, “Wang Yuan, how are you doing now?” 

“I am now at the peak of spiritual cultivation. But I can’t compare with you, it’s not worth mentioning.” Wang Yuan was a little embarrassed. 

Lin Feng said sincerely, “Do you want to improve your level? The Huxian cultivation world has no leader. I think you are a good candidate.” 

As soon as Wang Yuan heard that, he said with a wry smile, “Don’t make fun of me. Although we in the Huxian cultivation world have suffered a lot, we are full of talents. Many people are stronger than me. In any case, I can’t be the president. Even if you force me to install a title, the people won’t agree!” 

That was the truth. Everyone who cultivated was someone who was unwilling to kneel others. Strength came first! 

Lin Feng thought for a moment and said, “You don’t need to worry about that. I have some elixirs and cultivation books here. Take them. In a few days, your accomplishments will at least reach the level of Ling Di, which is rare for the Earth cultivation world. How high can you rise after that depends on your efforts!” 

Wang Yuan was shocked. He looked at Lin Feng suspiciously; he wanted to talk and stop. He couldn’t believe Lin Feng’s words, but he had seen Lin Feng’s magic! 

Lin Feng took out ten bottles of pills from his storage ring, and then took out the first copy of Emperor Yan’s Scripture and gave it to Wang Yuan. He patted Wang Yuan gently on the shoulder and said, “Take them; I hope you can bring us eternal strength and peace!” 

Although it seemed like a gentle pat, Wang Yuan felt the vital aura of his body had suddenly increased thousands of times, and the meridians of his body kept making a sound of breaking out, a sign that his realm was advancing rapidly! 

In a flash, Wang Yuan’s accomplishments had reached the realm of Ling Di. Lin Feng had modified Wang Yuan’s physical quality and cultivation level by using the godly ability of a Heavenly Ancestor! 

Lin Feng knew that his divine power could not be used indiscriminately. If it were used too much, it would inevitably cause unnecessary chaos. It would also mean later practitioners would no longer be diligent in cultivating their minds and eager for success, which was not good for Huxia! 

After meeting with Qing Huangtian, Qian Jin Cai Yue, Nian Ling Jiao, and Lin Zu, Lin Feng talked with them for a long time and told them all about what happened, which satisfied their curiosity. At last, Lin Feng said to them, “You came to the Earth with me and suffered too much. Starting tomorrow, I will take you to see the beautiful places of the Earth. This is the world where I grew up!” 

They cheered for a while. To be honest, though they had gone on many fantastic trips, they were still curious about this place. 

The next morning, Lin Feng left the courtyard with everyone. Now Lin Feng had become the main god of the world. He could travel through time and space at will. Just by thinking about it, he took all the people up to the sky, and brought them thousands of miles away from the familiar land! 

Lin Feng was not at all stingy with his people. He secretly promoted them all to the level of Tao Ancestor, right below Lin Feng’s level! 

It was not that Lin Feng didn’t want them to have a higher level, but it was constrained by some inexplicable laws. Lin Feng was the god on Earth, the ruler of time and space, and there could only be one god in this world. So, Lin Feng could not let them become gods! 

But now, Lin Feng and his people had become the most powerful beings here. No one could pose a threat to them except Chi You; no one knew where he was! 

Lin Feng took them to the Kuqian town of Miyun Reservoir, because yesterday he had discussed things with Wang Yuan. Today, Wang Yuan was going there to present himself to the Huxian cultivation world. This was a good play that couldn’t be missed! 


When Lin Feng and others arrived at the sky over Kuqian Town, they looked down. The headquarters building of the Greater East Asia Cultivation Sect, which was still under construction a few days ago, had been completed, covering a large area in modern buildings. However, the majority of the people were from Fusang. 

The main members of the gangs were from the Shankou gang, followed by the Zhuji and Daochuan gangs. 

“Lin Feng, what do you think so many people are doing there?” Nian Ling Jiao nestled up beside Lin Feng and pointed to the crowded square below. 

“This is the place where the so-called Greater East Asia Cultivation Sect is located. Today, Wang Yuan is coming here. It will be full of killing!” Lin Feng had already told Wang Yuan that all the Fusang cultivators would be killed; no one would be spared! 

Since they had dared to invade Huxia, they deserved the cruelest punishment! 

If Lin Feng had the idea of being nice before, it no longer existed. After his level increased, his mind had also grown greatly. Let everything speak with strength. Sometimes the law of the jungle is the fairest! 

Lin Feng and others reached the ground. They walked into the venue, and went to the front to see clearer! 

Just a dozen meters away, a cultivator turned his head and saw Lin Feng and others. When he saw Nian Ling Jiao and the other beautiful women, a funny smile appeared on his face immediately. He reached out to stop them and flirted, “You are so beautiful. Do you want to accompany me?” 

Before he finished speaking, Lin Zu moved. Now Lin Zu was at the level of Tao Ancestor. She could kill thousands of people with one move. Such a third-class cultivator was not her opponent; he was directly hit by Lin Zu and flew a hundred meters into the air! 

All the cultivators around screamed as they looked up; his body was like a leaf flying to the square in front of the open space! 

The crash was bloody. Lin Zu was too quick just now, the cultivators didn’t see what was going on. Now they saw that their companion had been killed, and they exploded immediately! 

A cultivator from Fusang had been killed! They thought they were superior to all others here, but one of them was killed on the spot by a Huxian cultivator. How could they suffer this loss?! 

“Boy, you want to die! You dared to kill a Fusang cultivator!” A dozen cultivators rushed up and drew their swords and weapons! 

Lin Zu didn’t show any mercy to these people. One finger was extended, and a dozen blasts of energy shot from her finger, directly splitting the void. The people rushing forward suddenly felt a chill on their chests, which directly split in half! 

With several muffled sounds, they all fell dead on the spot. This kind of killing startled everyone! 

The other cultivators who were ready to take advantage of the chaos put their hands on their weapons, but they were all too scared to move! 

They all retreated at high speed, even squeezing to fall, giving Lin Feng and others a road more than ten meters wide. Lin Feng looked at Lin Zu’s ruthless killing, and could not help nodding. 

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