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Chapter 1686 – The Exposure 

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The cultivator’s leaders in front didn’t see the scene just now. When Lin Feng and others came forward, they were angry. Lin Feng killed so many of their people in their territory. They were angry! 

“Who are you? Bastards!” A man dressed as a middle-aged Huxian cultivator jumped out and pointed his sword at Lin Feng and others! 

Lin Feng looked at him and said with a faint smile, “Ma Hualong, your memory is not good. Have you forgotten our relationship in Country M?” 

The cultivator retreated two steps, confused. In Country M, he stole the ancient Huxian cultural relics, and returned to Huxia later. After more than a year, he was recognized by Lin Feng at a glance! 

He didn’t pay attention to Lin Feng at all when he was in Country M, but when he arrived in Huxia, he heard all kinds of legends about Lin Feng! This made him quite afraid! 

“Lin Feng! Why are you here today? Don’t forget, this is our territory, it is officially recognized! Do you want to make trouble?” Ma Hualong bluffed. 

Lin Feng sneered contemptuously and said, “Yamaguchi Ni, your true face should be exposed. Don’t you feel tired after you cheated the Huxian cultivation world for so many years?” 

Ma Hualong listened to Lin Feng’s words, his face turning blue. He snapped, “Lin Feng, what do you mean by that? I am a native Huxian cultivator. Why do you want to give me a Fusang name?” 

Lin Feng shook his head and sighed, then pretended to apologize and said, “Oh, you’re not Yamaguchi Ni. It seems that I’ve made a mistake. If that Yamaguchi is not your father, you must not care about his life or death.” 

Yamaguchi Ni, who used Ma Hualong as a pseudonym, couldn’t calm down. He immediately shouted, “What did you do to my father?!” 

There was an uproar from the Huxian cultivators. They had all followed Ma Hualong and formed this cultivation sect. But unexpectedly, this man was also from Fusang! 

Lin Feng spread out his hands and said. “You don’t have to worry about it. I think you will know in a short time!” 

Lin Feng’s divine sense could reach everywhere. He had long sensed Wang Yuan and the others coming. In Wang Yuan’s car was the disabled Yamaguchi. He was the ancestor of these Fusang cultivators, and their spiritual leader! 

Within a minute, several SUVs stopped outside. After getting off the bus, he asked someone to take the bloody Yamaguchi out. Yamaguchi Ni was shocked when he saw the mummy in front of him. He could not recognize his father at all! 

Wang Yuan asked people to take Yamaguchi to an empty area. Yamaguchi Ni looked at Yamaguchi and asked Lin Feng with an uncertain expression, “Lin Feng, what the hell are you doing? Why are you bringing such a person here?” 

Lin Feng was amused by Yamaguchi Ni’s words. When he reached Yamaguchi, he put his hand on his shoulder and gently input a little energy. Yamaguchi, who was just as dry as firewood, recovered his original appearance with a burst of life on his face! 

Because his vital aura had dried up, as soon as he regained his original appearance, all these cultivators immediately cried out! 

“What’s wrong with President Li?” the Huxian cultivators exclaimed; they had been looking forward to Li arriving. Now they saw that their leader was so miserable, how could they not be shocked! 

“Dad!” Yamaguchi Ni screamed, threw away the sword in his hand, and rushed to him, holding Yamaguchi! 

Yamaguchi looked at Yamaguchi Ni and mumbled, “Son, I was tricked by Lin Feng. You’d better surrender now.” 

Yamaguchi wanted to say that he wanted his son to avenge him, but he had to change his words in the middle because he knew that Lin Feng was too powerful for Yamaguchi Ni. He didn’t want his son to die! 

Yamaguchi Ni was furious. Although they were now outside Huxian territory, their culture was deeply influenced by Huxia. The hatred of killing his father could be said to be irreconcilable. Yamaguchi Ni suddenly lost his senses, and wouldn’t listen to his father’s advice! 

“Lin Feng! I’ll kill you! I want your lives today!” Yamaguchi Ni immediately pounced on Lin Feng! 

Before he came near, Wang Yuan had already swept out his palm, which was extremely powerful. He directly blew Yamaguchi Ni away more than ten meters; he fell heavily to the ground! 

The reason Wang Yuan didn’t kill him directly was that he was going to expose their conspiracy today. He was still useful for the time being! 

Yamaguchi Ni vomited black blood several times. He got back up reluctantly and pointed to Wang Yuan. “Your cultivation… Why is it so high?” 

In Country M, Yamaguchi Ni and Wang Yuan had fought more than once, and Wang Yuan was defeated by Yamaguchi Ni. But Wang Yuan’s accomplishments had directly improved several levels. How could Yamaguchi Ni not be suspicious? 

Yamaguchi Ni had been cultivating for nearly a hundred years, and his cultivation had reached the level of Immortal Da Luo. Naturally, he knew that it was not easy to cultivate. It would take more than ten years to reach a new level. However, Wang Yuan had jumped so many levels in just over a year. Yamaguchi Ni couldn’t believe it! 

Wang Yuan didn’t know how to answer. He paused and said, “Yamaguchi Ni, you don’t need to ask me how I improved my cultivation. I believe you know the purpose of me today. Today is the day of death for your cultivators!” 

After Wang Yuan finished speaking, ignoring Yamaguchi Ni’s reaction, he turned to the crowd and said. “Huxian cultivators, I am Wang Yuan, the new president of the Huxian sect. Our Huxian sect will always be the Huxian people’s own, not the subordinates of Fusang! The reason why we lost to them before is because of the traitors among us! I don’t need to say that you can also guess that he is the former president Li, but his real identity is Yamaguchi of the Fusang!” 

Wang Yuan dragged Li Kechang to the front, forcing him to raise his head. The Huxian cultivators under the stage were in an uproar. Some people cried out in a surprised voice, “What can prove that he is Yamaguchi?” 

The question was raised by the cultivators of the Hu Lung Clan. Although they were Huxian cultivators, they were all subordinates of Li Kechang. Although they colluded with Fusang together with Li Kechang, they had never known his real identity! 

Someone shouted, “That is to say, if there is no evidence, it is a trick.” 

But at the same time, some Huxian cultivators retorted. “If he is not a Fusang cultivator, why would he force us to merge the Huxian cultivation world with Fusang? We didn’t agree before, and the people of the Hu Lung Clan came to threaten us!” 

When the people of the Hu Lung Clan heard this, they immediately said, “Who was threatening? You are not strong enough! Don’t you recognize the law of the jungle? Winners take all. That is the eternal truth!” 

Wang Yuan was annoyed by the noise below, and snapped, “Be quiet! Don’t you want evidence? I have it!” 

After saying that, Wang Yuan’s hand moved. His palm force directly pulled Yamaguchi Ni to the front. He lifted Yamaguchi Ni’s clothes, revealing a tattoo, an octagonal star pattern. Then Wang Yuan lifted Yamaguchi’s clothes, and the same tattoo was at the same position! 

“This is their logo. If you don’t believe it, you can look at the cultivators from Fusang. All of them have this logo. This is the logo of the Shankou gang!” Wang Yuan seemed to have worked hard too. He had learned things from Yamaguchi! 

The Huxian cultivators were immediately excited, and were going to check the body of cultivators from Fusang. However, the Fusang cultivators were not willing to comply; they would start fighting immediately! 

Many Huxian cultivators had been killed and wounded, and most of them were experts. Iff they lost any more hands, it would be a huge loss! 

Lin Feng hurriedly signaled to Wang Yuan to stop the commotion. Wang Yuan snapped, “Stop it, all Fusang cultivators! In the name of the president of the Huxian cultivation sect, I now declare that you must unconditionally let us check! If anyone dares to resist, we will kill him!” 

Originally, Lin Feng wanted Wang Yuan to calm down the situation, but Wang Yuan’s words instead triggered the event! 

But Lin Feng didn’t stop him. Today’s main purpose was to let Wang Yuan establish authority. Lin Feng didn’t want to interfere. If Wang Yuan couldn’t even stop this kind of scene, how could he be judged competent? 

The number of Fusang cultivators here was far greater than Huxian cultivators, accounting for almost eighty percent of the total number, and they were not willing to comply when many Huxians were coming to inspect them. When Huxians came to inspect them, they immediately shouted, “We are only filial to Yamaguchi and our emperor, and do not listen to the orders of any other people! Who dares to inspect us, we will kill them!” 

This was just tit for tat with Wang Yuan’s words. Inspired by this, the Fusang cultivators immediately counterattacked!

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