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Chapter 1687 – Extermination

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A Huxian cultivator tore one Fusang cultivator’s clothes, and was attacked by several Fusang cultivators. He was directly struck back several steps, spitting blood!

Wang Yuan was angry; how could he be disgraced like this before Lin Feng? He flew to the middle of the sky, driving a palm at the Fusang cultivators, and killed five of them!

The situation was out of control. The cultivators in front of the square looked at each other. They knew that there was no possibility of things going well today. They immediately took out their weapons and threw them at Lin Feng and others.

They threw the darts quickly, and at the same time, their leaders also came to attack with their swords. They wanted to attack first!

Lin Feng sneered. Originally, he wanted Wang Yuan to deal with these people. Unexpectedly, they took the initiative to attack him!

Lin Feng waved his right hand with a burst of strong Qi. It turned into a fire and hit those people at once. These leaders were at the level of the Immortal Da Luo, very strong, and ordinary fire couldn’t cause any harm to them. They weren’t afraid!

But they didn’t know that Lin Feng’s fire was not ordinary fire, it was the Fire of Jia Yai. It could burn their Qi. That was to say, the higher their cultivation, the purer their Qi was, and the greater the harm it would do to them!


Several people cried out in pain and tried their best to extinguish the fire on their bodies, trying to push it away. However, they were wrong again. Their movements made the fire fiercer, and they were all engulfed by the flames immediately. They fell down, one after another, and died!

At this time, the other Fusang cultivators realized the current situation. If they stayed here, they would die! 

They scattered, fleeing, and caring for nothing else!

Lin Feng couldn’t help shaking his head. He leapt into the air, and volleyed with his hands. He drew a circle around the vast field, forming a barrier, like a giant glass tube, surrounding all the Fusang cultivators!

The people running in front directly collided loudly with this barrier. There was a little ripple of spirit waves popping up in the void, and they rebounded!

The people in the back rushed up and attacked the barrier with their weapons once they couldn’t get out. However, their efforts were in vain!

Lin Feng said, “Today is the last time for you invading the Huxian cultivation world. If you don’t want to die, stop fighting. If you don’t listen to my advice, all of you will be killed!”

The Huxian cultivators were excited, and attacked the Fusang cultivators one after another. Suddenly, there was a mess!

If it went on like this, the Huxian cultivators couldn’t take advantage of it. After all, the number of Fusang cultivators here was far greater than the Huxian cultivators. Lin Feng had to stop this messy scene and try to minimize the losses!

Lin Feng waved to the ground in the middle-air, and a strong wind rose. He divided the fighting cultivators into two teams, and then jumped down between them!

“Lin Feng! Are you going to kill us today?” a Fusang cultivator asked with red eyes and ferocious face.

“It depends on your next actions! Today we give you two choices: to die or to abolish your cultivation. You can choose yourself!” Lin Feng declared.

“Hum! How dare you to abolish our cultivation!” the Fusang cultivator immediately refused.

Cultivation was more important than life for a cultivator. They had practiced hard for decades. How were they willing to become ordinary people?

The cultivator suddenly shouted and threw a black thing towards Lin Feng: a grenade!

A cultivator used magic weapons or fighting skills when battling; few of them would use such things. However, the cultivator knew that he couldn’t defeat Lin Feng, so he used this technique!

“Lin Feng, go die! Even if you are powerful, I don’t believe you can resist the explosion!” the cultivator roared proudly!

However, he was shocked. The grenade reached ten meters from Lin Feng. When it should have exploded, it instead stopped in midair. There was no explosion!

But the grenade was suspended in the air, and the metal on the surface was a little cracked. The flare from the crack seemed to indicate an explosion, but it did not cause any damage!

Lin Feng said with a sneer, “Since you like this thing, then keep it!” 

Lin Feng waved his hand; the grenade flew to the Fusang cultivator and into his gaping mouth! 

A burning heat made the cultivator cry out in pain. The grenade was stuck in his mouth, and he could not get it out even if he pulled it, scaring everyone!


With a muffled sound, the grenade finally exploded, and the cultivator was blown to bloody bits!

Lin Feng had given a great deterrent to these cultivators. No one dared to fight against him, as they didn’t want to die like that. Suddenly, someone raised a flag and shouted, “Everyone, get together and fight Lin Feng!” 

Under the order of the flagbearer, the cultivators immediately gathered together strangely!

They stacked together and formed a huge scorpion shape; every link of this scorpion was made up of people. Every joint bore long swords and sharp blades!

Looking at their formation, Lin Feng was interested. He wanted to try this!

Lin Feng wasn’t worried. After they assembled, he said lightly, “Do your best. Don’t say that we bullied you!”

“Attack!” the Fusang cultivators called out in unison. A blue electric fire formed on this huge scorpion, and then they jumped at Lin Feng! 

At the same time, there was a big flash of thunder and lightning from the ‘pincers’, which lashed out to hit Lin Feng!

It was a powerful suppression. Obviously, it was not just one man’s cultivation level, as it was as powerful as a Ling Di. Lin Feng didn’t retreat. When the lightning stroke was in front of him, he suddenly clapped his hands!

Huge palms clapped on the thunder and there was an explosion. The thunderbolt was struggling like a chain being caught. The palms slowly pressed down on the huge scorpion and directly sent the thunder and lightning back!

When the thunderbolt hit the tail of the scorpion, the whole thing exploded. The whole scorpion burned with electric fire, and all the people on it were set on fire!


The strong electric current burst out and blew the huge scorpion into several sections. The Fusang cultivators became fiery lumps, rolling like headless flies on the ground; the scene was catastrophic!

They were all burned clean in a minute. Lin Feng had added a little bit of the Fire of Jia Yai to them, so they were burned away thoroughly!

The rest of the Huxian cultivators were happy, and worried at the time. The members of the Hu Lung Clan were worried, as they didn’t know what to expect.

“Lin Feng, we didn’t know that Li Kechang was Yamaguchi. They forced us to collude with Fusang. Please don’t kill us,” the Hu Lung people pleaded.

When one person said this, other people were not far behind. There were more than a score of people standing out. 

Lin Feng didn’t have much hatred for them. After all, they were Huxian cultivators, who just sought benefits and avoided disadvantages!

When Lin Feng was about to say something more, he suddenly looked back and watched the distant sky. There was a tremor coming from the southeast. Although it was thousands of miles away, it couldn’t escape Lin Feng’s divine sense!

“Wang Yuan, take care of yourself. I have something else to do. Goodbye!” Lin Feng waved and left with Nian Ling Jiao and others. They flew southeast and disappeared in a blink of an eye!

This Qi was very familiar. Lin Feng was excited, because this was the Qi of the Demon Mother. They were hurt by Lin Feng last time, and unexpectedly they came back again. There was only one possibility: they must have found an ally to help them!

That ally was probably Chi You!


After flying for half an hour, they saw the dust all over the sky. The dust was sweeping the world, rolling and rushing over! 

Lin Feng hurriedly released the barrier and protected the others. A powerful sandstorm hit the border, mixed with huge stones!

A group of strange people in strange clothes appeared in the dust. There were thousands of them, all dressed in animal skins with all kinds of knives, guns, axes, and sticks, and riding all kinds of monsters!

These monsters saw someone blocking the way, and howled!

“The Demon Mother! I didn’t expect you to come back! Where is Chi You?” Lin Feng asked, pointing to the Demon Mother in the crowd. 

The Demon Mother had changed a lot. She was no longer a thin and dry old woman; she was now riding a red one-horned rhinoceros, whose aura was not weak!

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