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Chapter 1688 – The Reborn King Zhou

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“Lin Feng, we have to thank you. If it wasn’t your breakthrough, our demons could not have been completely revived. Today, we are following Lord Chi You’s order to recover all of Huxia!” the man beside the Demon Mother responded loudly.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but be shocked. He didn’t know the man, but he looked familiar?

“Who are you?” Lin Feng asked coldly. 

“Haha, who am I? You don’t know, but when it comes to an idiom, you should remember ‘helping the tyrant to bully people!’ I am King Zhou!” The rough man, his face covered by a crooked beard, laughed wildly!

Lin Feng was confused, and could not help but ask, “You are King Zhou? Haven’t you been dead for thousands of years? Are you kidding?”

“Hahahaha, I want to thank you! Your Runes changed the order of time and space, so that we, the ancient emperors and generals, could return to our own territory!” King Zhou laughed again!

“My darling, is this the man who saved our lives? He looks very pretty,” a charming voice arose, and a very beautiful woman showed her head under King Zhou’s shoulder. 

Although Lin Feng had never seen her, he had already guessed that this was Da Ji, who helped King Zhou commit crimes in the ancient past!

Looking at her eyes, Lin Feng felt uneasy for a while. Lin Feng was at the cultivation of a Heavenly Godly Ancestor. Ordinary women could not catch his attention at all!

Da Ji was not a common woman!

King Zhou caressed Da Ji’s beautiful face and said, “This is Lin Feng. He has taken our country and mountains. I will take back the throne later. Let’s make him into our meal.”

Lin Feng was curious. Did an emperor really say that?

“I think it’s good. It is better to give him to me for two days after I take him down. I haven’t been happy since the last massacre. I think this new human is fresh,” Da Ji said in a coquettish way.

King Zhou stared at her. “What do you mean? Do you have a fancy for this guy?”

“You are the hero in my heart, I’m just playing tricks on this guy. Are you jealous of him?” Da Ji replied with a smile, having no fear at all.

When King Zhou saw Da Ji praising him, and her charming appearance, he nodded, “I will catch him first!”

Then he rushed at Lin Feng, riding his dragon and armed with a huge iron ruler!

Lin Feng couldn’t help sneering, thinking that he could not break the barrier. But in the next moment, he was surprised to see the dragon monster open its mouth, and tear the barrier apart! 

Lin Feng couldn’t waste more time. He quickly used the Shadow Soul Sword and chopped at the shadow. King Zhou laughed, “Haha, Lin Feng, do you think you are the only overlord in the world? I am the king of the world. How can you stop me?” He waved the iron ruler and shouted, “See the power of my ruler!”

Boom! The Shadow Soul Sword chopped at the ruler, bursting out with countless sparks. Lin Feng ‘s sword did not hurt the ruler, but was bounced back, making Lin Feng sweat!

King Zhou was so powerful! If Chi You appeared, how powerful would he be?

King Zhou saw Lin Feng take a few steps back, and grew even more arrogant. He turned the iron ruler towards Lin Feng, shouting, “Cutting meat!”

A strong wind swept towards Lin Feng and others. Lin Feng quickly swung his sword to stop the iron ruler. At the same time, he recited silently, Imperial Imprint!

A big seal appeared on the top of King Zhou, and shot King Zhou with golden light!

King Zhou was proud, but when he saw the gold seal, he quickly withdrew his ruler and waved it upwards. The iron ruler suddenly grew a dozen times larger, and knocked on the seal, beating it back!

“Haha, this big seal is good. I like it, Lin Feng. Let’s talk about it and give it to me. How about I promise to leave you a whole body?” King Zhou laughed and mocked.

Lin Feng totally ignored his ridicule, but was amazed at the king’s strength. No wonder he could do whatever he wanted in the world. He was not an ordinary person, indeed!

The Demon Mother had surrounded Lin Feng and others. Lin Feng released the Pangu Compass to protect the others from being hurt! 

Just as he finished all that, a red figure flew out from behind King Zhou and rushed at Lin Feng!

Lin Feng quickly swung his sword, but the red figure was like a cloud of smoke, unexpectedly dodging and rushing directly at Lin Feng!

It was Da Ji!

He didn’t expect the pretty girl with a soft and boneless appearance to be able to move so fast. Others would feel pity for her beauty, but Lin Feng was facing an enemy without any tenderness of heart!

“Aggressive punch!” Lin Feng’s left fist went out, smashing into Da Ji’s face with a strong Qi!

“Oh, don’t you know not to hit others in the face? If my face is ruined by you, I won’t forgive you!” Da Ji laughed and dodged!

Lin Feng was fighting again. King Zhou had already attacked with his ruler, immediately forming a situation of two vs one. Lin Feng was worried about the safety of Nian Ling Jiao and others, and a little flustered! 

These were probably the most powerful foes Lin Feng had encountered since he returned to Earth. He thought that he had already won, but unexpectedly he met emperors like this!

“Lin Feng, my concubine likes you so much. Why don’t you turn to me? How about conquering this world with me?” King Zhou grinned and spewed out a jet of black smoke, looking extremely unpleasant!

At this critical moment, Dao Yi’s voice suddenly rang out, “Lin Feng, although your sword is powerful, it’s not enough to break the king’s Qi. Why don’t you use the Xuan Yuan sword? It’s a good weapon for dealing with him.”

At the reminder of Dao Yi, Lin Feng realized that there was Imperial Qi in King Zhou; just like King Zhou had said, he was anointed by Heaven, and average weapons couldn’t damage him!

Lin Feng called the Xuan Yuan sword quickly!

As soon as the Xuan Yuan sword came out, a sharp flash appeared!

The sword cut the iron ruler, and a fiery light directly hacked off a corner of the iron ruler. King Zhou screamed and hurriedly backed away several meters. Looking at the iron ruler without a corner, his face turned blue!

“Lin Feng, what kind of sword are you using? How can you hurt my iron ruler? My iron ruler is the mysterious treasure given me by Heaven! It integrates the Qi of Heaven and Earth!” King Zhou asked in disbelief.

Lin Feng looked at the Xuan Yuan sword in his hand. Although it was not damaged, the colorful hues on it were darker. It was hurt by the iron ruler just now!

The iron ruler was a treasure of Heaven and Earth. Lin Feng quickly added Qi to his sword, and said, “King Zhou, although you have the Imperial Qi, you died. Now it is not the original era. I advise you not to dream anymore!”

“Bah! No matter who I am now, Chi You planned for my return to my homeland. Even if the gods come, I will kill them!” King Zhou snarled, and started fighting again! 

Da Ji was flying around above Lin Feng all the time, looking for an opportunity to attack!

“Lin Feng, you haven’t mastered the real use of the Xuan Yuan sword. Such a good treasure must be used in combination with your Qi and the Fire of Jia Yai, so you can wield a greater power!” Dao Yi reminded him again.

Lin Feng understood; he injected the Fire of Jia Yai into the Xuan Yuan sword. Suddenly, the whole sword exploded loudly into flame!

This time, King Zhou’s iron ruler was in the inferior position. It was cut off in the middle by a fiery chop, and broken. It began burning up! 

King Zhou screamed. Looking at the melting iron ruler, he quickly threw it at Lin Feng!

“Lin Feng, you destroyed my ruler! Soldiers, get him!” King Zhou ordered, immediately backing away.

“Wen Zhong comes to escort!” A huge figure rushed over; it was a person with a very gentle face. He had long and elegant beard, like an immortal, but his weapon showed that he was not as simple as a scholar!

He had a nine-section gold whip in his hand, as thick as man’s arm. Golden light was shining on it!

“Where are you from? How dare you behave wildly in front of me? My whip can defeat self-indulgent rulers and rebels, and I’m going to beat you!” Wen Zhong scolded Lin Feng, and swung his whip!

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