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Chapter 1690 – Turbulence of Time and Space

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Lin Feng didn’t speak. He held the big medal in the air with a Buddha’s seal. The iron medal was very heavy, and gave off a strong cold Qi. Looking up at the iron medal, Lin Feng saw several big words written on it: Monument to Jiang Ziya!

Lin Feng couldn’t help but wonder. Wasn’t Jiang Ziya the elder martial brother of Shen Gongbao, and his enemy? But how could Shen Gongbao set up a monument for Jiang Ziya?

Shen Gongbao sneered and said, “Lin Feng, are you curious about why I brought the Monument to Jiang Ziya? Jiang Ziya, the shameless man who is jealous of my talents, is my eternal foe. I specially used his Monument as a stepping stone. Hahaha!”

Lin Feng was speechless. Shen Gongbao was a despicable man. It had been thousands of years, but he didn’t change his way of thinking! Unexpectedly, he dug up the graves and tombstones, and pulled out Jiang Ziya’s tombstone to relieve his hatred!

Although Jiang Ziya wasn’t on the god list, he was not a simple person, either. There was a great deal of Taoist Qi on the iron monument, the gas coming from it made Lin Feng’s fingers a little numb!

“Shen Gongbao, it seems that you have to go hell to accompany Jiang Ziya today!” Lin Feng sneered, twisting the iron monument around 90 degrees, and throwing it out!

Shen Gongbao was thrown directly from the sky to the ground!

“Haha, Shen Gongbao, you bragged about your accomplishments for many years in front of us every day. Unexpectedly, you can’t beat an ordinary cultivator!” The man who was happy mocking Shen Gongbao was not forgetting to gloat at this time!

“Kong Xuan, you are bullshit. I have endured you for so long. Don’t force me to scold you!” After Shen Gongbao fell to the ground, he directly flew up towards the iron medal again, pointing at Kong Xuan and swearing.

Kong Xuan stared at him and growled, “Shen Gongbao, do you want to fight with me? Don’t say I bullied you!”

This stare immediately shut Shen Gongbao up again!

As for Kong Xuan, Lin Feng was impressed. He was a powerful general under King Zhou. At this time, he saw that Kong Xuan was not riding a beast; he had a colorful tail behind him!

The feathers on the tail were long and beautiful. He was like a big peacock in human form. No wonder his name was Kong Xuan!

When Kong Xuan saw Shen Gongbao didn’t contradict him, he showed his pride, and looked up at Lin Feng in scorn. “I don’t expect you to have such a great ability as to defeat two generals in a row. It’s impossible! It’s a pity that you met someone you can’t provoke today. I’ll take you back today and sacrifice you for my five colors of light!”

After saying that, the tail feathers behind him suddenly spread, and even formed a colorful mirror. They sent out colorful magical light from above, but also produced a strong suction. It was hard to resist!

Lin Feng was pulled forward, he couldn’t stop himself!

“Haha, Lin Feng, you have to give up. The five colors represent the way of the five elements. Even the mountains and rivers can’t resist its power. It can suck up all the five elements!” Kong Xuan laughed.

Lin Feng saw himself in the multicolored mirror, and couldn’t help but be stunned. He saw that he had changed. Although his appearance was his own, there were eight transparent cauldrons floating around him. They were the cauldrons of the Demon Mother!

When Lin Feng couldn’t resist any more, the cauldrons suddenly burst out with thousands of golden lights and began to rotate around him, forming a huge energy circle!

Lin Feng suddenly relaxed, and the attraction of the colorful magic light didn’t work on him anymore! 

Kong Xuan’s elated face changed. He looked at Lin Feng in horror and said, “Who are you? Nine cauldrons are surrounding you! Are you a descendant of Ancestors Yan and Huang?” 

Lin Feng was very puzzled, and replied, “I’m a descendant of Yan and Huang. Why do you ask that?”

Kong Xuan bit his teeth and said, “The eight cauldrons surrounding you are called the Eight Protecting Cauldrons, and you are the main cauldron at this time. Therefore, you are called the Nine Cauldrons Protector. Anyone who commands nine cauldrons must be the Master of the World. I didn’t expect you, a common mortal cultivator, to have this talent!”

Before Lin Feng could reply, the Demon Mother behind Kong Xuan shouted, “Kong Xuan! You can’t talk nonsense. My husband Chi You is the Master of the World! Lin Feng’s cauldron is the one taken from us. It’s just an empty cauldron. The real cauldron has been taken by my husband Chi You for refining. As long as he succeeds in refining it, he will be granted the title of the Master of the World!”

Kong Xuan was shocked. He seemed to agree with the words of the Demon Mother. He sneered, “Lin Feng, there is only one Master in this world. Chi You is here, so you have to die.”

After saying that, Kong Xuan shook his body. The tail feathers immediately emerged and turned into five flying swords of different colors. They stabbed at Lin Feng with Sword Qi!

Lin Feng quickly released his barrier to stop them, but the five flying swords were only slowed down, and they penetrated the border! 

Lin Feng was shocked. Those flying swords were too sharp!

Just as Lin Feng was about to retreat to avoid the sharp edge, there was a loud bang inside him. A huge cauldron came out, masking Lin Feng. The beautiful and unusual runes on the cauldron kept flowing!

Those five flying swords stabbed directly onto this huge cauldron. They couldn’t move forward anymore. After tinging off it harmlessly, they were sent flying back!

Kong Xuan was watching, and saw the flying swords change direction and fly back. He quickly recited the spell to change them back to their original forms, but realized that it was too late!

With a few plops, the five swords directly pierced Kong Xuan’s body. Kong Xuan couldn’t believe it, looking at the wounds in his chest. Although there wasn’t a drop of blood on the wounds, they were real wounds. Kong Xuan let out a stream of Qi, which was absorbed by the five swords!

Within ten seconds, the living Kong Xuan had become an empty corpse, and then the five swords turned into their original forms slowly, the body of Kong Xuan falling to the ground!

“Ah! Kong Xuan. How miserable you are!” King Zhou stamped his feet and beat his chest. He waved his hand and said, “Who else will take on Lin Feng?”

This time, there was no one daring to stand out again. They all looked at Lin Feng in fear, as if they were looking at an invincible god!

Seeing this situation, the Demon Mother roared, “How did you guarantee to my husband Chi You; don’t you want to regain the glory of the past? Push forward together! I don’t believe you can’t kill him! If anyone dares to fight, I’ll kill him myself!”

These people had no choice. They all rushed at Lin Feng and used their skills!

When they left Chi You, they had promised to kill Lin Feng. At the same time, Chi You promised them that they would all be the masters of their country, princes or generals who would live forever and stay immortal!

Because they all had their own past, they couldn’t fight to be reborn! 

Lin Feng had lost his interest in playing with them, and no longer restrained his power. As the main god in this time and space, it was not difficult to kill them! 

Lin Feng clapped his hands. The power of this palm was beyond these people’s imagination. Their arrays were scattered, and countless men were smashed straight into nothingness!

It turned into a bloodbath, the army disappeared instantly. However, the Demon Mother was cunning. She had foreseen Lin Feng’s great killing move in advance, and fled ahead of time. With her went the eight Cauldrons elders, and many others!

How could Lin Feng let them escape? He immediately chased after them and shouted, “Where is Chi You?”

“Lin Feng, you won’t learn my husband’s hiding place from me. You will die when he succeeds!” the Mother Buddha cried out as she fled.

Lin Feng secretly laughed. The reason why Lin Feng deliberately pretended not to catch up with them was that he wanted them to run; they would lead him to Chi You!

But as Lin Feng was chasing them, he saw a huge light rising in the east. The light rose from the sea, and then soared continuously, directly connecting heaven and earth!

It seemed to swallow up the whole world, and caused a huge space vibration, which pressured Lin Feng unbearably. It seemed that even the air was compressed, so that people could not breathe!

The Demon Mother and others were directly hit by this powerful pressure, and fell from the sky!

Lin Feng also fell quickly, but saw the huge waves coming from the sea. Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel awe in his heart! 

Was this a tsunami?

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