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Chapter 1691 – Mingled with Good and Evil

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If the tsunami landed, most of Huxia would be flooded, and many people would die.

Lin Feng quickly released a barrier to protect the coastline for hundreds of miles. The tidal wave came to the coast and kept rising. It was like a huge piece of glass was blocking it!

People who were close to the coast were frightened by sight, and all fled in fear after seeing the towering wall of water!

When Lin Feng took a glance inside the wave, he saw many monstrous monsters outside the barrier. They were not species that should exist in this era! 

They all ran into the barrier Lin Feng had put up, and tried to tear a gap in it. What shocked Lin Feng most was that there were dinosaurs that had been extinct for many millions of years among these monsters!

Although they couldn’t break through the barrier, they still left Lin Feng nervous. He flew outside of the barrier and watched the scene from a hundred meters above the water. Many strange sea creatures were rushing towards the land!

Lin Feng felt something was wrong, because these fish didn’t attack the barrier intentionally, but instead acted like they were running for their lives. Were they fleeing a threat?

Lin Feng looked in the direction they came, and couldn’t help but be stunned!

He saw a black line appearing on the sea far away. Lin Feng hurried towards the black line and finally saw what they were. 

They were dragons!

He recognized they were dragons rather than water snakes, as they had horns on their heads!

Lin Feng was shocked. What was happening? How did these dragons appear? Were they influenced by the runes when he broke through?

All of a sudden, a black dragon roared from the sea. It rushed at Lin Feng and opened its huge mouth to bite him! 

This huge dragon was huge, over a hundred meters long. Lin Feng was like a fly in front of it, but his Qi had attracted their attention!

Lin Feng took out the Xuan Yuan sword. When the black dragon came, he waved his sword. The blade cut the black dragon in two. Inky blood sprayed into the sea and dyed it black!

When the dead body of the dragon fell into the sea, the other black dragons immediately ate the body;even the bones were gone in a few seconds!

These black dragons were not a good thing, even cannibalizing one another. Fortunately, they were just swimming in the water. If they could fly up to the heavens like the legends, it would be trouble!

Just as Lin Feng felt assured, he suddenly saw something bad. Several dragons who had just eaten the dead dragon were surrounded by several circles of light. Their skin was cracked, and a faint blue light was being emitted from below!

Lin Feng immediately realized that they were shedding their skins. As the skin peeled away, their auras were different from before. Although Lin Feng was over a hundred meters away, he felt a strong Qi!

With a loud roar, a now-green dragon wriggled its huge body out of the water, and even rose into air. It could fly!

Lin Feng’s most worrisome thing happened in front of him, and the more comfortable the dragon was, the more skillful it was. Its scales were more than half a meter thick, and covered with blue scales. The huge claws were sharp and long, more than half a meter long!

Lin Feng immediately had a serious problem. If he didn’t kill it as soon as possible, it would become an uncontrollable flying killer!

Lin Feng stopped gawking and thrust at the green dragon. When the green dragon saw Lin Feng cut at it, it immediately turned around and flashed a hundred meters away. Lin Feng flew to catch up with it, and cut off its path!

It hit the sword, but was cut on its horn!

The green dragon screamed in pain. It flicked its tail at Lin Feng!

Its tail was covered by two-meter-long sharp scales. If it hit something, the target would be sliced apart!

Lin Feng waved his sword and slashed at the dragon tail. With a loud bang, the dragon’s tail was cut off by the huge sword. The green dragon turned into a stub-tailed dragon in an instant. It was in great pain as it rolled quickly in the air for two circles and tried to escape!

It realized that the man in front of him was not good to provoke, so it wanted to escape, but Lin Feng didn’t want to let it go. If he stopped now, he would lose all his previous efforts!

“Where do you want to escape?” Lin Feng threw the Xuan Yuan sword out, and the sword drove into the neck of the green dragon, creating a big hole!

Lin Feng controlled the huge sword as it revolved about the dragon’s neck like the hand of a clock. He cut off the room-sized dragon’s head. The dragon’s body struggled in the air for several seconds, spinning and falling into the sea!

Before the dragon could fall into the sea, some green dragons had left the water and torn the corpse into several sections. The meat fell into the sea. All the dragons below were scrambling for it!

Lin Feng understood that these dragons would speed up their growth if they ate other dragons. If they swallowed each other like this, some particularly terrible king of the dragons would arise!

The green dragons began to shed their skins at the same time. They shook their huge bodies and got rid of the shed dragon skin. Their bodies changed color and turned a golden yellow!

Lin Feng was frozen in thought. Did he continue to kill them? The ones he killed turned into the food for the other dragons. Although there were less of them, it gave the dragons a chance to become stronger. If he kept doing this, would these surviving dragons become stronger and stronger?

The green dragons that ate the dragon’s corpse had all turned into golden dragons, but they all looked at Lin Feng as if they hadn’t enjoyed themselves!

The dragon’s eyes were sharp and ferocious, their great fangs made people shudder. They could sense Lin Feng’s Qi. It was the best food for them! As long as they ate Lin Feng, their level would improve quickly!

Lin Feng didn’t want to hurt them, but they didn’t want to let Lin Feng go. Several golden dragons seemed to have developed some intelligence, realizing how to cooperate. They surrounded Lin Feng and started fighting with him immediately!

Although they had only  improved one level compared with the green dragon, their combat effectiveness was more than twice as strong. They kept shooting thunderbolts at Lin Feng, hitting Lin Feng’s armor, trying to kill him!

The black dragons in the sea began to fight against each other, devouring each other. As they fought against each other, new green dragons and golden dragons appeared, and more and more golden dragons joined in the battle against Lin Feng!

“Kill!” Lin Feng roared; he had better kill them directly rather than face them in all directions!

Lin Feng realized that even if he didn’t kill them, they would kill each other and upgrade themselves, so he had no more scruples. He wielded the Xuan Yuan sword, slashed around with one blow, and cut ten golden dragons into two parts immediately!

The Xuan Yuan sword was infused with the fire of Jia Yai by Lin Feng. It was like a huge torch in the air. The golden dragons immediately burned and howled. The golden dragons around Lin Feng were frightened!

Maybe they were deterred by the fierce and cruel killing scene in the air. All the dragons in the water went hiding in the deep water and would not rise again. The golden dragons in the air fled in different directions. Lin Feng fought hard for a while, but most of the golden dragons escaped.

Lin Feng looked at the sea’s surface helplessly. It gradually calmed, and the monsters were gone without a trace!

Lin Feng didn’t put away the barrier at the shore. There was a time limit for the barrier; it would disappear after three to five hours.

“Lin Feng, this is not good! Now Chi You has become another god of time and space, beside you. There are two gods on the same world. Your battle is inevitable,” Dao Yi told him.

Lin Feng nodded gravely. These ancient creatures’ appearance showed that the time and space had been disordered, and the collision between civilization and barbarism had begun!


Wang Yuan arrived with a large number of Huxian cultivators. When Wang Yuan saw Lin Feng, he asked anxiously, “Lin Feng, what happened here?”

Lin Feng roughly relayed the previous events. When talking about the legendary dragons, all the cultivators were shocked. One cultivator said, “The dragon is the totem of Huxia. We all call ourselves the descendants of the dragons. Will they be bad for our Huxia?”

Some people immediately retorted, “This may not be true. After all, the dragon is an ancient creature. They don’t know the people of our time. In their eyes, we are just like ants, just some food.” 

Someone said, “What shall we do?”

People talked, but they were at a loss. They didn’t know how to deal with this new chaos!

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