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Chapter 1692 – The Rebellion of Li Mountain

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After they patrolled the coast, Wang Yuan received an order. He told Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn’t help being surprised and asked, “What? Something happened to the mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang, the terracotta warriors have revived?” 

Wang Yuan nodded seriously, “We have to hurry up. It’s very difficult to deal with this matter. They are all cultural relics and can’t be touched, but now they have been resurrected. What can we do next?”


When they arrived at Li Mountain, they found that all of Li Mountain was covered by thick smoke and dust. Smoke and dust were still pouring into the sky, rising as high as one kilometer. There was a roaring sound of a mountain collapsing, mixed with inexplicable red and blue fires. They didn’t know what terrible things were happening below!

“What to do, Lin Feng?” Wang Yuan asked quickly. Lin Feng released the eyes of Jia Yai to penetrate the confusing smoke and dust. He saw clearly what was happening below; the Li Mountain already appeared to be half-collapsed. Many giant figures were drilling out from the rolling soil and stones!

These men were made of clay and stone. Each one was three meters tall. When they rose from the ground, they gathered in a mountain vale in the distance. It looked like they were waiting for review!

Fiery light flashed out from the crack of Li Mountain. There was an explosion in it, or there was a thunderbolt going off. The ground was shaking violently for a hundred miles around, creating a local earthquake. When Lin Feng looked into the distance, people in the surrounding villages were scared to run to the open land outside the village.

They were all gaping at the huge pillars of smoke in the air!

“Let’s go down and have a look. It seems that the terracotta warriors may be truly alive!” Lin Feng exclaimed, and then flew down into the dust to the hillside opposite the valley!

After Wang Yuan and others landed, they were all stunned at the sight. There were at least a thousand of these clay figures. Although their faces were not very real, they were designed by hand. After thousands of years of underground burial, many of them had been damaged.

The appearance of Lin Feng and others immediately attracted the attention of the clay figurines. At virtually the same time, they all turned to Lin Feng and others, and roared, “There are assassins! Arrows!” 

Thee terracotta warriors immediately drew a rusty iron bow from behind his back, nocked an arrow, and shot at Lin Feng and others. Thousands of arrows were launched together. The arrows directly covered half the sky like raindrops!

Lin Feng quickly released a barrier to protect half of the hillside. The arrows hit the barrier and directly broke into pieces, not hurting Lin Feng and others!

The clay figurine was startled, and shouted, “Stop shooting!”

After the clay figurines stopped shooting, the figurine took two steps forward and demanded, “Who are you? How dare you come here to assassinate the emperor with your level? You are audacious!”

Lin Feng didn’t know how to answer it, and merely said, “We are from Huxia!”

The figurine scratched his head, scratched the soil, and even scratched a hole in his head. It was fun and scary to watch! He did not understand and said, “He said he is from Huxia. Have you heard of this country?”

A clay figurine nearby shook his head, “I haven’t heard of the country, the six kingdoms have been wiped out by us. Is there another man-made rebellion?”

Another clay figurine said, “Huxia, Huxia, how can it sound so familiar?”

There was no one who could make it clear, the terracotta figures immediately snorted coldly, “No matter who they are, it’s not good to gather here. The crime of trying to kill the emperor is enough to justify action. You go up and kill them all!”

This guy was tough enough, and ready to kill others at any time. The two clay figurines beside him jumped up ten meters and rushed towards the hillside. Their huge bodies were not clumsy at all. It was obvious how powerful they were!

They directly broke the trees on the hillside as easy as kicking down grass. Wang Yuan was a little surprised and said, “Are these guys people or ghosts? How could they come back to life?”

“Don’t worry, just stop them first!” Lin Feng was paying attention to Li Mountain; he was full of questions. He wanted to see what would come out. Was it Qin Shi Huang?

Wang Yuan sent several cultivators to stop the two giant clay figurines. They were all at the level of half Immortals of Da Luo, but they were too small. They could only use magic weapons to deal with the two clay figurines. They used several blades one after another, but only left a few shallow scars on them!

These clay figurines felt no pain, and wouldn’t hurt or bleed, so there was no deterrent effect to shock them!

Lin Feng knew that would not work, and now were about to rush in front of him. Lin Feng didn’t care that they were cultural relics and thrust out a palm. The strong wind swept through them. With a loud bang, the two clay figures were knocked down on the hillside!

The huge bodies quickly slid down back to the hillside’s foot, and didn’t stand up. They were lying on the ground, constantly shaking like two fish!

The terracotta figures were angry; they went over and lifted them back up, which helped them stand. But their backsides had been worn off, and they were thin like paper men!

After they stood up, they couldn’t support their weight, and broke apart, falling to the ground in a pile of debris!

A real person was wrapped inside the huge clay figurine, but it had already become a mummy. Along with the disintegration of the clay outside, it became a pile of debris!

“What the hell is this? A clay figurine made of real people?” the cultivators all asked. The emperor was bloody!

The terracotta figures had no sympathy or sadness for the death of these two terracotta figures. They continued to rush up the hillside. At the same time, a long hiss came from the cave of the collapsing Li Mountain. Rocks were thrown a hundred meters high, crashed down, and smashed those terracotta figures to death!

After the long hiss, the cave opened, and a cavalry group rushed out of it, all of which were bronze figurines, but who could move freely. They walked on the stone and directly crushed the rock. They were very heavy!

More than a hundred horses ran out of the cave on both sides of the line. A tall and handsome horse followed them. The horse was a head higher than other horses. A bronze figure sat on it!

As soon as he appeared, the cavalry and the terracotta warriors immediately shouted, “Long live the emperor, unify the central plains, have great achievements, and have a long history!”

Their voices rang out. They spread all over the valley and awed the people listening!

“Ah, it turns out that he is Qin Shi Huang. As expected, he’s a talent with high stature and great physique. It’s hard to keep a high profile,” Wang Yuan said. 

Lin Feng joked, “Wang Yuan, what’s the matter with you? Why are you flattering with them?”

Wang Yuan explained, “I’m not flattering. He could have been praised.”

Qin Shi Huang looked up and saw Lin Feng and others. He shouted, “Why aren’t you kneeling when you see me? You dare to be proud!”

When he gave this order, all the people below were ready to move. Lin Feng flew directly to the sky and said, “Qin Shi Huang, we are not your people. You are not an emperor now. You are just a copper puppet!”

“Ah, are you an immortal invited by my minister?” Qin Shi Huang jumped off the horse directly and bowed down. “Please give me the pill of immortality to keep the world unified forever!”

Lin Feng wanted to walk up to him, but was inspired by his actions. He asked, “Qin Shi Huang, do you know that Xu Fu, your minister, has already gone overseas to Fusang? It’s thousands of years since then, but you are still determined to unify the empire forever. It’s too late…”

Qin Shi Huang looked up at Lin Feng. He didn’t believe Lin Feng’s words. He asked, “Who killed us? Where is he? I will kill him!”

“It’s not one person who killed you. It’s the people you trusted; they destroyed the country together. You killed the people like a mad dog because you fought wars to collect plunder,” Lin Feng said.

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