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Chapter 1693 – Strange Powers

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Qin Shi Huang suddenly stood up and said, “Impossible! The country will not be destroyed by them. You must be some evil being come to deceive me! I unified the six countries and was invincible. Who dares to say no? I collected all the soldiers in the world and built twelve golden men to guard the four sides. Who can oppose the Qin Dynasty!?”

The more he spoke, the more irascible he was. Lin Feng could not help shaking his head and asked, “Since you say you have twelve golden men guarding, where are the twelve golden men now?”

Qin Shi Huang fumbled at his waist and found a gold medal. After blowing the dust off the gold medal, he said, “When I use this Tiger Tally, they will come out and help me suppress any who dare to revolt!”

After he finished speaking, the Earth suddenly vibrated, and there was a loud rumble from all directions. The hillside where Lin Feng and others were standing cracked, and a huge head slowly rose from it!

Wang Yuan and others rushed to Lin Feng’s side. Wang Yuan was surprised, “The twelve golden men of the legend exist. This is going to rewrite history!”

There were twelve golden people around Li Mountain; all of them were several feet high. When the golden people came out, they suddenly shone with light and shouted “Long life!” to Qin Shi Huang!

Qin Shi Huang laughed, while Lin Feng was thinking. Qin Shi Huang was a bronze ghost. How could he speak and walk? Had they absorbed the essence of Heaven and Earth, and been nourished by thousands of years?

“Are you immortal?” Qin Shi Huang asked again.

“We are not gods, in this world…” Wang Yuan wanted to say that there were no immortals in the world. 

Lin Feng quickly interrupted him and said, “Qin Shi Huang, you guessed right; we are immortals!”

Qin Shi Huang immediately bowed down again and kowtowed and asked, “Please give me the pill of immortality and let me enjoy life forever…” the same words he had said before. 

He was a greedy person. Why did he resurrect? Did he want to restore his great Qin Dynasty?

“Qin Shi Huang, I have some pills for longevity…” Lin Feng patted his waist. Wang Yuan and others standing next to Lin Feng all looked at Lin Feng’s waist, as if they believed Lin Feng’s words, and were full of expectation!

Lin Feng said, “But you need to answer me first. Do you want to be the emperor, or live forever?”

Without any hesitation, Qin Shi Huang said, “I want to be the emperor and live forever. I want to rule Qin forever!”

Lin Feng shook his head and sighed, “You can only choose one answer. If you want to be the emperor, then I will not give you the pill of immortality. If you want to live forever, you must give up the right. You must make a choice.” 

Lin Feng was deliberately making trouble for Qin Shi Huang, and the desires in his heart!

Qin Shi Huang hesitated, as if he was thinking, and finally said, “I want the pill of immortality.”

Looking at the twinkling eyes of Qin Shi Huang, Lin Feng understood that he had not spoken the truth. He was deliberately retreating. If he got the way of longevity, maybe the whole earth would become his!

“Qin Shi Huang, I can give you the pill of immortality, but I have to explain in advance that the way of immortality is not an overnight thing, it needs practice to achieve it. If you want to live forever, you have to stop killing. Otherwise, everything else is nonsense!” Lin Feng went on.

Qin Shi Huang hesitated again. Looking at the soldiers and horses around him, he seemed reluctant to part with them.

When he hesitated, suddenly, a strong Qi rose from the far side of the sky. Half of the sky turned dark. It seemed that the night was coming quickly. In the twinkling of an eye, it was over the mountain!

The sky was full of dark clouds, and there were many figures and dragon shadows in the dark clouds. Qin Shi Huang saw the figures in the sky, and immediately cried out excitedly, “There is an immortal coming; you are not the real immortal, you are just the devil!” 

Qin Shi Huang was an ambitious guy. When he saw the newcomers had more momentum, he immediately threw Lin Feng aside!

A thunderclap, a thick bolt of lightning struck from the clouds towards Lin Feng and others, Lin Feng was shocked, and quickly released a barrier to protect all the people in it. The lightning hit the barrier, burning the whole barrier red!

Two people in the clouds exclaimed, “Who are you? How dare you reverse the order of the two realms of Yin and Yang? Lei Gong will deal with you!”

Lin Feng saw that the speaker was very familiar. He was Lei Gong from the Journey to the West that he had seen when he was a child. The man was thin and small, just like an old dwarf; lightning crackled around him; a mallet was in his left hand, and a gong in his right hand!

Lei Gong waved his mallet and struck the gong forcefully while Lin Feng was looking at him. With a boom, another flash of lightning burst out from the gong and struck the barrier of Lin Feng. The spherical barrier shook violently!

I didn’t expect Lei Gong to be left-handed, Lin Feng thought. Everything was beyond his understanding. Not only was this bronze Emperor reborn, but even the legendary immortals had appeared!

If they followed this pattern, would not the Jade Emperor, Buddha, and other things appear in the future?

Lin Feng had expectations if those people emerged. If those great powers appeared, the world was equivalent to being reborn!

While Lin Feng was daydreaming, he heard another voice, “I didn’t expect that such a big change has taken place in the world during our secluded training. There are so many more cultivation experts in the lower world. I think that little cultivator in white has good cultivation, and can resist the attack of your magic weapons.”

A beautiful woman holding a small animal in her arms had spoken. Lin Feng blurted out, “Are you Chang’e?”

The woman flew to the barrier and asked, “Where are you from? Why do you know my name?”

Lin Feng didn’t know how to explain it. At that time, Wang Yuan said, “We learned it from myths. It’s said that Chang’e was on the moon. Weren’t you already on the moon? Why are you here today?”

Chang’e glanced at Wang Yuan and said with a smile, “That’s just a stupid thing I said when I was a kid. I didn’t know anything until I finished cultivating. That’s impossible. Ah, maybe I did not practice enough.”

She had tried, but she failed!

Did she know that human beings had already stepped up first? How would she feel if he told her that? 

However, Lin Feng felt that there were some contradictions. If these people were legendary immortals, they should be omnipotent!

“Can I ask you a few questions?” Lin Feng had to flatter her in order to understand what was going on. 

Chang’e heard that she was called a goddess and nodded happily, “As long as it doesn’t involve my personal privacy, I’ll answer you.”

Lin Feng didn’t expect Chang’e to have such a concept of privacy. Would he ask such personal things?

“Where are the Jade Emperor and the Buddha?” Lin Feng asked weakly.

Chang’e was shocked. She seemed to be puzzled and asked, “The Jade Emperor and Buddha are ancient cultivators. How could we have a chance to see them? Have you seen them?” Chang’e asked him in surprise. 

Lin Feng shook his head, thinking that many things in this myth and legend might not be true!

At this time, the little animal woke up. It was a pig. 

Chang’e saw Lin Feng staring at the pig and said, “This pig is called Bajie. It’s a pet I have raised since childhood. Isn’t it lovely?” 

Lin Feng nodded awkwardly and said, “The people of the later generations are good at imagining things. It’s a sin to change a pig pet of Chang’e into a Grand Marshal with a canopy, and to flirt with Chang’e!”

Someone called out, “Chang’e, what are you doing with them? Don’t forget our task this time!”

There were over twenty people in all kinds of strange clothes. The man who spoke had three eyes. When Lin Feng saw him, he thought of the two gods. He saw a fierce dog near him!

Chang’e was being scolded by him. She stared back at him and said, “Yang Jian, do you think you can command me? I think this little cultivator is not bad. He is handsome and friendly, and his cultivation is so powerful. Why should he be killed?”

Yang Jian was not angry with Chang’e’s words. Instead, he smiled, “Chang’e, you are right, but this time we have orders. If we don’t follow orders, who will bear the responsibility?”

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