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Chapter 1694 – Snatching the Golden Pill

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Chang’e groaned coldly, “Chi You thinks that he is strong enough to command all people. We are half-immortal who have achieved great cultivation. Can he kill the innocent? Are you not afraid of being punished by heaven?”

Yang Jian’s face changed a few times as he replied, “Where is heaven? I have been taught to obey it since I was a child, but who has ever seen it? This world is a world of the weak and the strong. Chi You has the way of orthodoxy now, has created a new world, and brought us together. He is heaven!”

Lei Gong also said, “Chi You started to cultivate later than us, but now his cultivation is one level higher than ours, and he has been crowned by the eight cauldrons, and so can be said to be the spokesperson of heaven. We need to follow him!” 

Chang’e didn’t refute that. A big man beside her exclaimed, “Let me fight with this rebel first!”

He jumped over with two big axes, striking the barrier. With a bang, he cracked the barrier. It was powerful, but his cultivation was not low!

However, the crack closed again in the blink of an eye. Lin Feng had strengthened his Qi and directly bounced the big man to a few steps back. The golden light on his axe dimmed!

“This guy is powerful. No wonder Chi You said that this guy is terrible. He wants to subvert Yin and Yang, rebuild the world and destroy the Earth we grew up on! This kind of person can’t live!” The big man pointed at Lin Feng and said, “Don’t hide your head; stand out and fight with me!”

The others said, “We’d better do it together; break his barrier, and catch them all!” 

When Lin Feng heard this, he understood. They had been bewitched and threatened by Chi You, and regarded him as the evil side. Lin Feng made a gesture and said, “Although you are the great cultivators of immortals, you have not been in the world for thousands of years. How can you listen to the words of Chi You? He says I’m a bad person, makes me a bad person?”

“Well, you are not a bad person, why did you reverse the Yin and Yang and revive those who have already died?” He pointed to the people kneeling below.

“You’re wrong. When did I revive them? I don’t know what has happened even now!” Lin Feng shook his head helplessly.

“You said you didn’t bring them back to life, so I will destroy them first!” The axeman with the bad temper strode straight for Qin Shi Huang!

As soon as he chopped out, he heard a click. There was a flash of thunder from the twelve gold men shooting at him. They hit his axe, and drove him back!

The twelve golden men surrounded Qin Shi Huang, and the great spirit was unable to proceed. He shouted and chopped out again, but couldn’t break through the defensive circle of the twelve gold men!

Lin Feng didn’t expect the twelve golden men to have such a powerful ability. Qin Shi Huang said, “Please calm down, you can give the pill to me; I don’t want to offend you.”

“You want to live forever. It’s a daydream!” the axeman pointed at Qin Shi Huang.

Qin Shi Huang’s face turned gloomy. Although he begged hard, he was humiliated again and again. He turned to Lin Feng and said, “You let me be born again, but you didn’t give me the way to live forever. It is like killing me again!” 

Lin Feng was helpless. Even if it was because of him, it was not his intention at all! Why did he have to be responsible for the bronze emperor’s life and death?!

“Why don’t you start? Don’t you want to disobey the heavens?” As they were entangled, a voice spread all over the world, “Lin Feng is a cultivator who came to the Earth from the World of Battles. His purpose is to destroy the cultivators of the Earth, kill him!”

As soon as the axeman heard it, he said nervously, “Chi You is angry, let’s hurry and work together! Only when Lin Feng is killed can Chi You take us to other regions. Otherwise, our accomplishments will go no further!” 

After this reminder, the others had a unified understanding. Chang’e sighed, “Lin Feng, it seems that I can’t save you. We are trying to break through. Although we have achieved great success, we are trapped on this side of time and space. Chi You can take us to the fairyland early, but we have to sacrifice you!”

After that, they immediately surrounded Lin Feng and others, and constantly used their magic weapons to attack Lin Feng’s barrier!

Under their powerful attacks, the barrier was unstable. The cracks were coming more and more frequently, and the barrier would break down soon. If Lin Feng didn’t make a choice, they would succeed!

Lin Feng immediately summoned the Pangu Compass and sent Wang Yuan and others directly onto the Pangu Compass to protect them. He took out the Xuan Yuan sword and thrust at the axeman! 

The left axe of the man beat away Lin Feng’s sword; he cut at Lin Feng with the axe in his right hand. Lin Feng took back his sword, and he flicked the axe away with a loud bang. The axeman yelled, “I didn’t expect that you could take my axe!

Lin Feng said coldly, “You so-called gods are just selfish slaves! You want to hurt me just to go to Heaven. In that case, don’t blame me anymore!”

Lin Feng directly released his Imperial Imprint, the Yinghun sword, the Wunian Buddha bead, and the Pangu Axe. He controlled these weapons and fought with them, watching everything around him!

The person who gave them the order just now had to be Chi You, but the voice had come from all directions. It was impossible to find where it came from. Chi You hadn’t appeared all the time, which worried Lin Feng a great deal!

If, as Dao Yi said, Chi You and Lin Feng had become the main gods of time and space, then his cultivation should be at the level of Original Creation, equivalent to the Heavenly Godly Ancestors of the World of Battles, so why did he always avoid Lin Feng? What did he want to do?

“Lord Laozi! Share your Replenishing Qi pill with us. Lin Feng is so powerful, it’s hard to deal with his magic weapons!” Lei Gong shouted.

Lin Feng saw an white-haired old man fighting with the Imperial Imprint; that was the legendary Lord Laozi?!

Lord Laozi took a pill out and put it into his mouth. Then he said loudly, “Don’t think of taking my pill again. They are priceless. How can I give one to you so easily?”

When Lei Gong couldn’t get the pill, he shouted, “When you were refining the pill, I helped you with the lightning for ninety-one days, but now you won’t admit it!”

Lord Laozi retorted, “I gave you three pills in return. How can you not be satisfied?”

“You are cunning. You gave me three waste pills. I got a lump in my body. Not only did my cultivation not increase, but I almost itched to death. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten this debt!” Lei Gong scolded angrily.

Lord Laozi might have given a deficient pill to Lei Gong; he said, “Well, I’ll give you another one. You can’t fault me later!”

He threw a pill at Lei Gong. The gold pill trailed a gold thread as it flew to Lei Gong. Lei Gong smiled and reached for it. But he suddenly felt dizzy, and suddenly there was no trace of the pill!

Lei Gong turned around and saw Lin Feng had the golden pill now. Lin Feng felt a surge of spiritual power from the golden pill. It was a good thing!

“Lin Feng, give it to me!” Lei Gong was so angry, he rushed over to Lin Feng and sent out the lightning. Lin Feng dodged quickly!

Lin Feng threw the golden pill into his mouth. As soon as the golden pill entered his mouth, he immediately felt a cool sensation. After a while, the pill jumped and danced in his mouth and kept letting out its aura. Lin Feng doubted that Lord Laozi was the inventor of something so sweet!

Lei Gong was furious when he saw Lin Feng had eaten the pill. He swung his mallet and hit Lin Feng. Lin Feng had just eaten the pill and felt that his QI was surging. With a fierce fist, he hit, “Aggressive Fist!”


A huge Qi directly hit the drum, Lei Gong was forced back ten meters away, and almost his grip on his mallet, making him even more afraid of Lin Feng!

Lin Feng felt that this golden pill was not as magical as was said. It only worked for one minute!

What Lin Feng didn’t know was that it was not the effect of the golden pill. Lin Feng’s current level was too high. A pill refined by Lord Laozi, who was at the level of Ling Di, could only have a lasting effect on the cultivators below the level of Ling Di. But at Lin Feng’s level, it was just like a sugar treat!

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