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Chapter 1695 – Fighting One by One

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Lei Gong rushed over to Lin Feng again. Lin Feng sneered and increased the strength of his fist. With one blow, he knocked Lei Gong out!

When the others saw this, they all took a breath of cold air. They knew Lei Gong’s power and were not much weaker than him, but he was blown away by Lin Feng without resistance!

“Don’t help tyranny anymore. Chi You is the murderer who wants to mess up the world. Do you believe he will take you to heaven? If he had such great ability, why doesn’t he come to kill me directly and send you here as his knives?” Lin Feng shook his head and sighed.

Chang’e seemed a little hesitant, and said in a delicate voice, “I wonder why he didn’t do it himself. He was lying to us.”

As soon as Chang’e spoke, Yang Jian retorted, “Chang’e don’t disturb our morale. Eeven if you can’t fly, we have to kill him! He’s so young with such high cultivation, and there are so many magic weapons. Do you want him to step on our heads in the future?”

The axeman nearby said, “I think his axe is better than mine. If we kill him and divide his magic weapons, the axe will belong to me. No one is allowed to rob me!”

“I think that string of beads is good. I want it!” Lord Laozi joined in.

Lei Gong immediately rebuked, “Why do you want the Buddha beads? Are you going to change your court? You are so wishy-washy!”

“Bah! How can I betray my ancestor? I want to add some materials for my alchemy with that Buddha bead!” Lord Laozi said.

Lin Feng didn’t want to hear them quarreling anymore. He said coldly, “Do you think you can get these magic weapons as you wish? It depends on your ability!”

After that, Lin Feng added some Qi to the magic weapons, and the Imperial Imprint directly smote several of them into the clouds; they fell haplessly to the ground! The Wunian Buddha Beads were so brilliant and grew many times larger. They covered a dozen people in the middle, then quickly shrank, and tied them up. They couldn’t struggle free!

Soon all these people were defeated. Lin Feng looked at them panicking and said leisurely, “Where is Chi You now?”

Yang Jian had not been trapped. He had escaped to a hundred meters away and glared at Lin Feng; he was wondering where Lin Feng came from? Ling Feng was so young with profound cultivation. His cultivation was not any weaker than that of Chi You!

When Lin Feng asked this question, he didn’t answer. Instead, he whispered to Chang’e, “Chang’e, what do you think about his cultivation?”

“I think he is at least at the level of Dao Zu. Otherwise, how could he defeat us?” Chang’e sighed. “If it wasn’t for that catastrophe, we wouldn’t have declined to such a degree; how could we be so bullied by a descendant?”

Yang Jian was silent, thinking of the catastrophe that had happened many years ago; his heart was still throbbing. At that time, their world was attacked by other regions. A huge unidentified object smashed into the Earth, and the floods poured in from the hole of the space, drowning the whole planet!

That long-lasting flood destroyed most of the people and historic sites on the Earth, and also cut off the inheritances of the ancient way of cultivation on the Earth. A few cultivators, like Yang Jian, who reached the level of Dao Zu, survived, while the rest of the low-level cultivators mostly died!

What was more, when the hole caused the flood, it pushed out the energy from the Earth, resulting in exhaustion of the aura. The Earth, which was originally a holy land for cultivation, had become a dead star, and was no longer suitable for cultivation!

Later came a great cultivator called Nuwa. She mended the hole and stopped the flood. She made new people and created new life according to the original creatures of the Earth. The planet regained its vitality!

But at that time, because of the huge shock, Yang Jian and the others were seriously injured. Their accomplishments declined directly to the level of Immortal Da Luo. They had to find an underground spiritual vein where the aura had not completely dissipated to stay in seclusion. This seclusion had lasted a long time!

The hadn’t completely restored their previous accomplishments yet. If it wasn’t for Chi You’s rescue, they couldn’t wake up from their secluded deep sleep. They regarded Chi You as their life-saving benefactor, and believed in his promise!

Lin Feng saw them looking at each other, but they didn’t answer. He said coldly, “Do you want to protect Chi You? He takes you as his knives, but you still keep secrets for him. It’s illogical!”

At this time, the people who had been fallen from the clouds flew back again; all of them were hurt!

One of them heard Lin Feng’s words. “Lin Feng, we admit that your cultivation is better than ours, but if you want to force us to do something, just give it up! Chi You had the grace to save us. We will not betray him!”

Lin Feng looked at the man and asked, “Who are you?”

“You don’t know. You were not here when I started to cultivate!” The middle-aged man was very arrogant, and his face was full of contempt.

Lin Feng couldn’t help shaking his head and saying in a calm voice, “I can’t refute your words, but cultivation is not about the age and the order. It’s true that you practiced earlier than I, but it’s true that my cultivation is higher than yours!”

“Hum, you just have some good magic weapons. You may not be our opponent if we compare cultivation!” The middle-aged man was not convinced. He was very upset!

Lin Feng nodded and said to him, “Since you said that, if I directly deny that you are not satisfied, you can pick a person to fight with me. As long as any of you can beat me, I will let you go. How about that?”

Lin Feng knew that although these people had been defeated, they would not admit their defeat in such a simple way.

The former immortals looked at each other after hearing Lin Feng’s words, wondering who would go up.

“I can’t do it; you can go.”

At last, all of these people looked at Lord Laozi. Chang’e said, “Lord Laozi, your cultivation is the highest among us. You have reached the peak of Ling Di, and you are going to break through the level of Dao Zu. You can also increase your cultivation with the pills. I think you can do it this time!”

Seeing that these people had recommended him and praised him greatly, Lord Laozi was proud. It was a kind of recognition and respect to be acknowledged by these people. He immediately stepped forward and said, “Since everyone is convinced of my accomplishments, I will challenge on behalf of you today!”

He looked at Lin Feng and narrowed his eyes. “But I have a condition. You can’t use magic weapons. You can only use cultivation. How about that?”

Lin Feng’s magic weapons left him afraid, so restrained Lin Feng’s advantages first. For his unequal demands, Lin Feng nodded decisively without any hesitation, “If I win you, you can tell me where Chi You is. How about it?”

Seeing that his treachery was successful, Lord Laozi was happy, discussed it with other people, and then nodded.

He took out gourd, similar to the legends. He poured out a large number of golden pills, then ate them like the fried soybeans and chewed them fiercely!

All the people beside him swallowed hard. It was hard for them to get even one. How could they not be jealous?

But they understood that Lord Laozi was fighting for his life. He was so stingy and wouldn’t eat golden pills like that otherwise!

A golden Qi came out of his mouth, and his body radiated a faint golden splendor. His Qi was several times stronger than before, and even reached the strength of the middle stage of Dao Zu!

However, he didn’t break through the level of Dao Zu. He swallowed the gold pill fiercely, then took out horsetail whisk and flicked it gently, the soft whisk immediately snapped straight, and turned into a long, sharp sword!

Lin Feng thought that the golden pill had quite a heroic effect, as Lei Gong said. It could make the whisk into a sword! “Come on! I will fight with you!” The sword thrust at Lin Feng. A green light more than ten meters stabbed out. It was sharper than that sword!

Lin Feng did not dodge, but thrust out his palm, and went up against the sword Qi directly. With a dull bang, the sword Qi was defeated by the palm wind, but Lord Laozi did not take back the attack; instead, he countered!

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