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Chapter 1696 – Burning

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The red light in the middle of the sword stabbed for Lin Feng’s hand. The red light escaped from the whisk-sword and shot at Lin Feng, beyond his expectation!

Lin Feng could have dodged to the side quickly, but he did not want to do so. If he dodged at this time, he would certainly be showing weakness. Lin Feng was determined to fight with Lord Laozi. Only with strength could he be completely convinced!

Lin Feng gathered his Qi into his hand, and a layer of armor covered his hand. He reached out and stuck the red light directly with his hand. A flash of burning heat reached Lin Feng’s hand. The temperature was at least tens of thousands of degrees, directly baking the shield on Lin Feng’s hand into smoke!

This red light was not really light, but a kind of energy with substance. It was even more violent after striking Lin Feng’s palm. Lord Laozi clenched his teeth and rushed forward to use his whisk and shouted, “Break!”

At his word, the red light flared several times fiercely, and the temperature increased abruptly. Lin Feng quickly poured the cold air in his spiritual world into his palm. The two ice and fire gases fought against each other, crackling loudly!

Lord Laozi’s face was sweating and steaming, like he had just come out of the sauna. He gathered the golden energy into a red fire and wanted to defeat Lin Feng directly, but he hadn’t expected Lin Feng to take it head on!

It surprised him. What more, Lin Feng didn’t show any pain!

The fire was not a common mortal flame. It was the fire of his alchemy. The fire came from a fire left by Nuwa when she mended the sky. Although it was not as advanced as Nuwa’s, it could burn all the metal and stones in the world, let alone a person!

The cold Qi of Lin Feng was obliterated, and going dim!

Lin Feng’s cold Qi was not as simple as a low temperature. It was different from ordinary cold. It was a pure Qi, so he was not afraid of this fire!

The onlookers were nervous, and Yang Jian cried out loudly, “Hurry up, your flame will be out soon!”

Lord Laozi was thinking madly. His alchemical fire was not enough to defeat Lin Feng. Should he use the cauldron fire to win? He was a little indecisive. If the cauldron fire failed to defeat Lin Feng, it would be weakened by Lin Feng’s cold Qi. It would take a long time and consume a lot of vitality for it to recover!

He was afraid that if Lin Feng overcame the cauldron fire, there would be no cauldron fire left!

This cauldron fire was left behind by Nuwa. Once it was extinguished, there would be no possibility of a second time!

Without that fire, he could only use mortal fire to refine pills. The refining process would be at least a hundred times slower. At the same time, his refined pills would be greatly reduced in quality. This was not something he was willing to accept!

Lei Gong looked anxiously and cried out, “Lord, can you do it? You are still hiding your strength! Don’t you want to fly higher?”

Lord Laozi made his decision. The cultivation of Chi You should be higher than Lin Feng. If he accidentally killed Lin Feng with the cauldron fire, he could take all the credit. When he returned, if he told Chi You he might get a huge reward. As long as he flew higher, he would have a chance to find other fires!

Thinking of that, he secretly stirred up his cauldron and fed the fire in the cauldron. A blue light shot at Lin Feng!

This cauldron fire had been burning for tens of millions of years. It had reached the level of perfect fire, and was hundreds of times more potent than the alchemy fire!

Lin Feng was still resisting that ray of red fire, and about to annihilate it. But suddenly a blue light came in, and penetrated the armor on his palm; it rushed into Lin Feng’s body!

Lin Feng was frightened. At the same time, he was angry at the cunning old man!

As soon as the fire entered Lin Feng’s body, Lin Feng felt a roar inside his body. It seemed that the temperature in his body had increased countless times, and he became a big melting pot, about to be melted!

Lin Feng quickly wrapped the cauldron fire with cold Qi. However, the cold Qi that was useful against the alchemy fire did not effect at all. It not only had no cooling effect, but even played a role in supporting combustion. The blue flame suddenly burst out!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The muffled sound kept ringing out in Lin Feng’s body. Wang Yuan and Nian Ling Jiao in the Pangu Compass cried out when they saw this situation. If the field of the Pangu Compass hadn’t stopped them, they would have rushed up!

Lord Laozi smiled. He had succeeded, and believed that Lin Feng would die! If the cauldron fire entered the body, no one could live. Soon, his Qi would explode under the cauldron fire, which would blow Lin Feng apart!

He retreated hundreds of meters away. When he got to Chang’e, Yang Jian asked quickly, “Is this a defeat or a victory?”

Lord Laozi wiped the sweat on his face and said, “Nonsense, I used up my cauldron fire. If I lose again, I’d better die directly!”

“No, you used the cauldron fire? That’s your great power. Without it, how can you refine the golden pill?” Lei Gong felt a little sorry.

Lin Feng was not having it easy. His face was red and white, showing great pain!

“Why are we waiting? We can kill him together!” someone suggested, and immediately got the consent of several people, who wanted to rush up!

Lord Laozi quickly stopped them and scolded, “Do you want to die? That cauldron fire will soon detonate the Qi in his body, detonate his dantian and the Qihai acupoint, and cause a strong explosion. You will be blown to pieces if you go up there!”

These people were scared, “It will be so terrible?”

Lord Laozi said, “You will know in a moment!”


As soon as he finished speaking, black smoke rose from Lin Feng’s body and wrapped Lin Feng in it directly. The huge shock wave drove him and the others hundreds of meters away!

Those people were even more scared. If they had gone up, they would have been seriously injured, even if they were not killed!

“What’s the matter? Did he blow up? Why didn’t he fall?” Lei Gong didn’t understand. If Lin Feng were burned, he would surely have fallen to the ground!

Lord Laozi felt strange. The explosion just now was quite strong. It should have blown Lin Feng to pieces, but how could there no sign of flesh and blood? Was the explosion so strong that he was vaporized?

He was not sure, and said, “You are in a hurry! He has too much Qi and has not yet ignited completely. Wait a moment!”

Lin Feng was surrounded by the black fog, which was constantly being blown away by the wind. However, as soon as the outside was blown away, more black smoke came out. Lin Feng was just like a big chimney!

The smoke from Lin Feng’s body had changed. It turned from black to white. Lord Laozi stared and mumbled, “What’s wrong? Why hasn’t he died?”

The others didn’t know; they were all nervous.


There was another loud noise, shaking the whole world. The energy erupted from Lin Feng, blowing the black smoke around him away completely!

Lin Feng was visible again. When Lord Laozi saw this scene, he was so shocked that he could not stand. He was caught by Yang Jian, or he would have fallen from the air!

Lin Feng had gone through a very painful process just now. Just when the blue cauldron fire entered his dantian, a huge explosion occured in Lin Feng’s body, directly increasing his original Qihai tenfold!

What was even more unexpected was that a new Qihai space had been generated inside the original one; this space was quite familiar, even though Lin Feng had long forgotten it!

This magical prison space had entered Lin Feng when he had fought with the Ancient Demon. The dark green cliff was everywhere in this magical prison space. There were countless punishment pillars on the ground. The holes under the punishment pillars were constantly spewing out the fires of Hell, as it was an incarnation of Hell!

The green and pure cauldron fire entered Lin Feng’s body, and the magic prison space was opened up. The cauldron fire had been directly sucked into the magic prison space, and absorbed into it by one of the punishment pillars!

During this complex process, Lin Feng’s body had been further refined. Originally, the fire of Jia Yai was in Lin Feng’s body, but now the cauldron fire was too. The last trace of turbid aura in Lin Feng’s body was burned away, forming a heavy black smoke!

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