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Chapter 1697 – Killing the Traitors

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“You didn’t die?” Lord Laozi pointed at Lin Feng, his voice trembling.

Lin Feng smiled lightly, “Haha, why would I have to die? Your cauldron fire is fierce, but it’s not enough to kill me!”

“Then where is my cauldron fire?” He didn’t believe what Lin Feng said.

“I’m sorry, I confiscated your cauldron fire!” Lin Feng said jokingly. Rubbing his thumb and forefinger, a flame burned on his hand, divided into three layers. The outer flame was red as blood, the middle one was blue, and the inner one was completely black!

When Lord Laozi saw the fire, he immediately exclaimed, “That is a different fire! How can you integrate my cauldron fire with other fires?”

There were several kinds of fire. The red flame was the fire of Jia Yai, the blue one was the fire of the cauldron, and the inner one was the fire of Hell!

To an alchemist like Lord Laozi, there was nothing more precious than fire. If there was no fire, it was useless to have a cauldron! Now his fire had been taken by Lin Feng. How could he not be desperate?

“Lin Feng, would you please give me my fire back? I can’t live without the fire; otherwise, I can’t refine the golden pills in the future!” Lord Laozi sincerely begged Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at him, and smiled lightly, “I can return it to you, but you have to tell me where Chi You is first. As long as you tell me, I will not only return the fire to you, but also give you some new formulas, which are much better than your golden pill!”

There were many kinds of secret formulas in Lin Feng’s ring, all of which were obtained in the World of Battles. Any of them was better than what Lord Laozi had!

As soon as he heard that there was a new formulas, he was delighted. To an alchemist, the cauldron, the cauldron fire, and the formula were the most important three elements, among which the formula was the most important. Only a good formula could make a powerful pill!

A good formula could make an alchemist famous. Regardless of cultivation, an alchemist who could make a good pill was more like an immortal; others were willing to do things for him!

The reason his status was so high was for this reason. Everyone here had taken his pills, so he was an uncrowned king among them. As long as he said something, most people would support him, in order to get more pills from him in the future. “Okay! Lin Feng, since you are so cheerful, I will tell you where Chi You is!” Lord Laozi promised.

But just as he finished saying that, suddenly two people rushed up behind him, and stabbed at him with swords, trying to kill him!

He was excited and didn’t think that some people would take precautions against him. He was about to be poisoned! 

Chang’e and Yang Jian were shocked. If they wanted to help, it was too late. They all screamed.

When the two sharp long swords stabbed at the back of him, a figure flashed up and pulled him a few meters away. The two swords failed!

But the two people didn’t give up; they cut again. The sword stroke was mighty and deadly!

Yang Jian and Chang’e had arrived, stopped in front of Lord Laozi and asked, “What are you doing? Are you crazy, trying to assassinate Lord Laozi?” 

Lord Laozi was the only alchemist among them. No one wanted to do anything to him!

“Haha, Chi You sent us to supervise you, just in case you rebelled, I didn’t expect that you would do so, so we have to kill you!” they said, reached up to their faces and pulled off two skin masks directly, suddenly becoming strangers that no one recognized! 

But these two strangers were not enough to be called human. Their blue faces were covered with fine scales, the sign of beasts!

“Who are you?” Yang Jian lifted his long halberd and asked grimly!

“Haha, you are nothing more than what you are. You never realized that we are not your companions!. Your two companions were killed and eaten by us a long time ago! We cut off their face and pretended to be them, waiting for Lin Feng to be killed with your help, and then we would wipe out all of you!” Their bodies had changed; the original clothes on the body burst open, revealing the body of the beasts inside!

They were covered by thick scales, and long scales grew over their hands!

Yang Jian threw up his halberd and cursed, “You are so vicious. Today I will kill you!”

The halberd stabbed directly into the chest of one of them, but he didn’t stab in even half an inch. The thick scales of its body were tough; there was only a white spot!

The beast grasped Yang Jian’s long halberd, and with a strong push, a huge power was transferred to Yang Jian’s arm. Yang Jian was strong, but he took off his hand directly, and his weapon was hurled away.

It was shameful for a cultivator to lose his weapon! More humiliating than losing his life!

The other beast didn’t stop. He rushed forward at Yang Jian, stretched out his huge claw and grabbed for Yang Jian’s neck. The long and sharp claws were enough to break stone. If he caught Yang Jian, he would be seriously injured!

Yang Jian quickly retreated several meters to avoid the attack! 

The two beasts attacked Lord Laozi, rushing at him. Just now, he said that he would betray Chi You. He was the person they needed to kill the most!

“Go die!” Suddenly, another man was in front of Lord Laozi. Lin Feng had just saved him. He reached out and hit the two monsters!

They screamed and turned into two fireballs, rolling painfully on the ground, constantly wailing. They died in less than half a minute!

There were three kinds of flames in Lin Feng’s body. These flames were completely integrated with his Qi, increasing Lin Feng’s attack power countless times! 

This series of brief confrontations shocked Chang’e, Yang Jian, and others. They were all speechless. Just now, Lin Feng had killed two experts with one move, forcing everyone to admit reality. They had no hope of beating Lin Feng!

Lin Feng clapped his hands and said lightly, “Now, where is Chi You?” 

The beasts had laid bare all the plans of Chi You. These people all chills on their backs. If they hadn’t learned it now, they would have been killed by Chi You in the end!

“Chi You is in Qinling. He is looking for something!” Yang Jian took the lead, making Lord Laozi unhappy. “I know what Chi You is looking for. I don’t know what it is, but he is looking for the lost space of the cultivators, and it is what he needs the most!”

Lin Feng didn’t know what the lost world was, but remembered something. When Yamaguchi was disguised as Li Kechang, he learned from the mysterious cultivation tribe in the hinterlands of the Qinling Mountains!

Were the two places one? Yamaguchi had killed the cultivator tribe there? 

Lin Feng didn’t have much time to think about it. He had to hurry to stop Chi You from finding what he wanted. If he got such a thing, Chi You would surely do something harmful!

Chi You had not revealed himself since his rebirth, and had been avoiding Lin Feng. He knew that he was not Lin Feng’s opponent at present. This so-called lost space would probably enable Chi You to further improve!

“Immortals, you can’t just go. I have been kneeling for half a day. Can you give me a pill of longevity?” Qin Shi Huang asked again, begging for help!

Lin Feng shook his head and looked at Lord Laozi. When Lord Laozi saw Lin Feng looking at him, he understood the meaning. He was to give Qin Shi Huang a defectuve golden pill!

He subconsciously covered the gourd on his waist reluctantly!

Seeing the confident appearance of Lin Feng, he quickly took out a golden pill and said to Qin Shi Huang, “Qin Shi Huang, I’ll give you a golden pill to protect your life. It’s only because of Lin Feng!”

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