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Chapter 1698 – Qinling Mountain Tracing

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The golden pill flew to Qin Shi Huang, glittering and shining. Qin Shi Huang said happily, “Thank you very much, Lin Feng! Thank you very much, Lord Laozi!”

Looking at the huge terracotta figures and the golden men below, Lin Feng thought that it would be inappropriate to leave them here. Such a big scene must have attracted the attention of the relevant departments; someone would come soon, and Qin Shi Huang would kill innocents without them here!

“Qin Shi Huang, since you want to pursue a long life, then you have to give up all the thoughts here. Why don’t you follow Lord Laozi and the others to cultivate together?” Lin Feng suggested. 

Qin Shi Huang hesitated. 

Lord Laozi said, “Qin Shi Huang, Lin Feng has pointed out a way for you. If you don’t listen to us, we don’t mind killing all of you. It is up to you!”

Qin Shi Huang was shocked, and shivered. This was not a joke to him. He knew that his clay soldiers and golden men were not rivals of these people at all!

Qin Shi Huang decided, “Well, I choose longevity! I’ll go with you. This Tiger Tally is a token that can command them. I’ll destroy it now. As long as it is destroyed, these clay soldiers and golden men will lose their spirituality and become the burial objects once again!”

He smashed the Tally into pieces on the boulder nearby. His copper horse, which was still snorting, froze at once, and the aura from its body dissipated, replaced by a layer of green verdigris!

The terracotta figures stiffened. Some who had just moved were frozen in place!

The light on the twelve golden men dimmed and disappeared. There was no radiance anymore!

Qin Shi Huang, the living copper man, said, “I have finished that, so how can I change back to flesh?”

“You should eat the golden pill,” Lord Laozi said. “It affects only mortals. I believe you can regain your human body after eating it!”

Qin Shi Huang swallowed the gold pill with some confidence. After a while, the copper skin began to crack. It exploded from the inside out, and a middle-aged man with a burly physique emerged from the inside. H

He bowed down and exclaimed, “I won’t forget it. I will go to practice with you. I will not be greedy for the splendors of the world!”


Lin Feng and his party left Li Mountain directly. As they left, they saw many cars coming. all heading for the collapsed foothills. They wondered what expression the passengers would have when they saw the ruins in front of them!

“Lin Feng, what do you think Chi You is looking for?” Qing Huang Tian sat next to Lin Feng and asked.

Qian Jin Can Yue also asked, “Since Chi You has been reborn, why can’t he just live a good life? Why does he have to kill everything on this beautiful planet?”

Lin Feng smiled and looked at others, “What’s wrong with you? You’ve been on Earth for such a period, and you are so lazy? When we were in the World of Battles, we had this kind of life every day, and you never thought like that!”

Nian Ling Jiao sighed, “You are right, when I was in the World of Battles, as the daughter of Ancestor Tai and the princess of Zhen Wu, I had many responsibilities, and had to take part in all kinds of fights involuntarily. If you didn’t kill people, you would be killed. I never thought about the importance of peace. Life on this world made me understand that people can coexist peacefully without killing each other.”

Qing Huang Tian agreed. “She is right. When I was in the World of Battles, I never thought of curing diseases and saving people. I became a nurse on the Earth and learned a lot. Everyone should have compassion. I don’t want to do anything to others. That’s right!”

Before Lin Feng spoke, Qian Jin Cai Yue added, “If the World of Battles could be as peaceful as Earth in the future, it would be better. Everyone can freely choose their own life, work together, and not have to fight for power and profit.”

Lin Feng smiled lightly, “Well, I hope that when we return to the World of Battles, we can make a difference there. Wouldn’t it be very nice for our family to have a happy life together?”

All three women blushed at Lin Feng’s words. Lin Zu interjected, “In that case, I want more brothers and sisters, to grow our family!”

This sentence was like adding fuel to the fire; the three women and Lin Feng instantly blushed!


They passed through most of the Huxian territories. Seeing Lin Feng and the others no longer whispering, Lord Laozi said, “Lin Feng, we will reach the Qinling region soon, but we don’t know where Chi You is. The region is vast. How will we find him?”

Lin Feng looked around. Everything was covered with dense trees; it was difficult to find someone who deliberately hid their whereabouts!

Lin Feng released his divine sense and searched quickly. He could feel the wild animals wandering and the birds singing, but he didn’t find anyone!

Had Chi You left?

Another hundred miles, and they had entered the Qinling territory. The forest here was denser, the mountain was high, and the road was steep; absolutely a desolate land!

Lin Feng suddenly felt a hidden Qi in the deep forest below. The Qi seemed to be growing. Lin Feng hurriedly called everyone to descend, and finally saw the situation below!

There was a small blank area in the forest, and many wooden houses, but they had rotted to the ground!

“This is the place where the legendary tribe was located!” Lin Feng murmured. He gradually focused his divine sense onto the Qi, and found that the power was not from the ground, but hidden under the huge mountain nearby!

Lin Feng and others searched the area, and found many bones buried under the leaves. They were probably the tribe people killed by Yamaguchi!

All of a sudden, Lin Feng saw a huge mountain waterfall. Its stream cut through the rock and was very deep. The Qi came from that deep cliff!

Lin Feng controlled the Pangu Compass and landed in the mountain stream. The mountain stream was completely different from the outside world, with many rare grasses growing, and many streams and waterfalls gushing out of the cliffside. The scenery was beautiful!

Lin Feng was attracted by the aura coming from the bottom of the stream. There were few places on Earth with such a powerful aura. There must be some celestial treasures buried here!

As Lin Feng and others were descending, a huge black shadow loomed over from a cliff on the left: it was a huge python!

This python was too big, at least ten meters thick! It only showed half of its body. The other half was hidden in a huge cave on the cliff. It wanted to bite Lin Feng and others. Its huge tongue was more than ten meters long as it reached for them!

Yang Jian, the nearest, moved before Lin Feng. His halberd turned into a strong black shadow and stabbed directly at the python’s head!

There was a loud sound. A layer of golden shield covered the python, bouncing the halberd out and into the hard cliff so hard it almost completely disappeared! Yang Jian hurriedly waved and called the halberd back to his hand!

Before he could attack again, the python had shaken its head and hit the Pangu Compass with a loud boom. It was so powerful that Lin Feng almost lost control of the Pangu Compass.

“You stay inside, and I will destroy it first!” Lin Feng jumped out and brought out his sword. The Xuan Yuan sword cut a stream of fire at the snake’s head. The python was very afraid of the fire and dared not touch it. It withdrew into the hole and disappeared!

“What should we do, Lin Feng? Do you want to bother with it?” Lord Laozi asked Lin Feng to extend his divine sense and explore any movement in the cave. The python seemed to have gone deep into the cliff. Since it was no longer attacking them, Lin Feng didn’t want to mess with it, so he guided the Pangu Compass to the bottom!

Lin Feng and others were all dazzled when they reached the bottom of the valley. Every stone below was a top-grade green jade. The whole ground was translucent. But under the translucent ground was a faint fiery light!

Nian Ling Jiao pointed to a corner of the cliff and called out, “Lin Feng, there are more snakes!”

Looking in the direction she pointed, Lin Feng did not see a snake, but a snake skin a few meters tall! They didn’t know how many layers of these snake skins there were, or how many years they had been piled up. They were all intertwined with the leaves and branches and weeds!

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