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Chapter 1699 – The Cliff Python

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Lin Feng realized something: the ground below was smooth, just like it had been polished. It turned out to be polished by snakes!

There must be many snakes below. Lin Feng straightened his thoughts and said, “Be careful. There are snakes here. The ground is polished smooth as a mirror. We can find the snake’s nest as long as we follow the snake trail!”

“Lin Feng, what do you mean? We can’t hide. Why do we need to find its nest?” Nian Ling Jiao was a little worried.

Lin Feng thought for a moment and replied, “Since there are so many snakes here, there must be some rare treasures. This kind of strange python is a spiritual beast, specially guarding this kind of treasure. If Chi You is here, he must be here for the rare treasure. So we may find his hiding place by tracking the snakes!”

Following Lin Feng’s idea, people walked along the snake trail to the end of the mountain. The end of the mountain was a downward slope, heading lower and lower, and the temperature was rising higher and higher. The smell in the air grew thicker. They were getting closer to the nest of the python!

As Lin Feng and others were going inside, suddenly a long scream came from in front of them, and a strong wind blew past. It was very cold in the mountain stream. A huge strange python appeared in front of them. This strange python’s head was bigger than the previous one by several generations, nearly meters in diameter!

The huge wind just now came out of its mouth, smelly and rotting!

“The wind is poisonous!” Lord Laozi cried out. He took the gourd out, and poured out a handful of golden pills and quickly distributed them to others. At this time, he could not care about selfishness. Now was a critical moment!

To be safe, Nina Ling Jiao and others also ate the golden pills. The snake saw that its poison gas did not affect them, and wanted to kill them. Its eyes were a bloody red, and they even spewed out flames!

“Isn’t it afraid of fire? How can it spray fire?” Nian Ling Jiao asked, bewildered. 

Lin Feng also thought about this. Looking at the snake, the python just now was not scared away by the fire, but deliberately retreated to lead Lin Feng and others into the cave, the python had already had self-awareness and even planned tactically!

The whole valley suddenly became noisy. Many hidden snakes appeared from behind hidden shrubs and rocks, surrounding Lin Feng and others. These snakes were of all sizes, but they acted in unison!

“Lin Feng. You finally found your way here! Haha, it is your own choice!” a loud voice echoed in the mountain stream. It was the voice of the Demon Mother.

The Demon Mother was here, so Chi You and the others should be here!

“Show up. Don’t make a fool of yourself here!” Lin Feng was on guard, but the Demon Mother didn’t mean to be realistic at all!

“Lin Feng, since you are here, you won’t leave! You can go get past the guard python first!” the Demon Mother laughed again. “If you want to be the food for the guarding Python, it’s a merit and virtue. I will remember to burn some paper for you.”

Lin Feng wanted to say something and lure the Demon Mother out, but she said something they couldn’t understand. The magic word transmitted sound and reverberated in every corner. As soon as the snakes heard the words, they grew angry. They opened their mouth and rushed at Lin Feng and others, who had all good cultivation, save for Qin Shi Huang. Lin Feng put Qin Shi Huang on the Pangu Compass, feeling that today must be a fierce war, and he had to save some physical strength and cultivation to deal with Chi You!

Several pythons took the lead in launching an attack, spewing out a black mass of poison and rushed to Lei Gong and the axe man. Lei Gong hit a snake with several thunderbolts, and the snake immediately stiffened and fell to the ground!

In an instant, it become as black as charcoal, and smelled cooked. If it was not in this environment, they might have eaten dinner!

The snakes below rapidly jumped on it and devoured it. In seconds only the skeleton was left!

A meter-thick snake bit at the remaining head of the dead snake, but another, bigger snake directly tore the smaller snake from the neck, and threw it away!

This bitten snake immediately became food for the others. All of a sudden, the snakes were in a mess!

The winning snake tore the head open violently. Lin Feng and the others saw a fist-sized red ball was half-exposed in the head of the snake, crystal clear and faintly flashing, like a living thing!

Lin Feng recognized a snake pill!

When Lin Feng killed the snake witch girl, he got a snake pill, but that snake pill was much smaller, only like a table tennis ball; this one was many times larger than that one!

Lin Feng and others thought that the snake would swallow the snake pill, but the snake did not do so. He went to the first giant snake with it, and then spit the snake pill up for the giant snake very obediently. “Ah, this snake knows how to flatter his superiors!” Qing Huang Tian said with a little sarcasm.

It was true. This group of snakes had a very strict hierarchy, and they all had intelligence. They knew to enjoy this snake pill according to their level!

The previous little snake, maybe because of poor cultivation and incomplete intelligence, wanted to swallow the treasure. As a result, he not only didn’t get the treasure, but also died in vain!

The python didn’t hesitate to put the snake pill into its mouth, flicking it up with its tongue, and soon the flame in its eyes was a little bigger!

The magic words of the Demon Mother were still ringing. The snakes turned their attention to Lin Feng and others again. Maybe they were stimulated by the blood just now, as they seemed even more ferocious. At the same time, hundreds of snakes, big and small, had jumped up!

All the people tried their best. Yang Jian waved his halberd up and down, and the axe man cut left and right. Chang’e threw the pig from her arms. As soon as the little piggy was thrown out, it immediately changed. It suddenly grew dozens of times larger and turned into a huge wild pig ten meters tall. It had steel hair on its body and two long tusks as sharp as machetes. It directly pierced the bellies of two big snakes and threw them on the rocks. 

The move caused a wave of looting by the little snakes again. Lin Feng was a bit shocked. Was this the origin of the legendary of Bajie? Was this Zhu Ganglie?

More than a score of other cultivators were fighting hard, but their cultivation was not as good as Yang Jian’s. They were a little powerless to face these pythons and had to detour to fight. It was dangerous!

There was a scream. Lin Feng hurriedly looked back, and saw a cultivator bitten at the waist by a big snake as thick as a bucket, and bit in two. At the same time his face suddenly turned blue and purple, a symptom of poisoning!

Lin Feng couldn’t help clenching his fist. The cultivator died!

The snake swallowed the top half of the man directly, the bottom was eaten by other snakes!

As soon as Lin Feng looked back, he saw that python stretch out its tongue and begin to climb towards the Pangu Compass where Lin Feng was. He was the ruler here and had been observing the situation: he had found out who was in charge here!

As the eldest one here, his target was Lin Feng!

With a cry, its huge mouth opened, two huge fangs popped out, and it bit at the Pangu Compass. Although Lin Feng didn’t think it could break the shield, he didn’t dare to look down on it. He quickly launched a fiery first; the huge fire fist hit the huge teeth!


A fire burst out, and the python suddenly turned away. The fireball directly hit the rock behind it. It opened a huge hole, and half of the mountain collapsed. The huge stones killed many snakes, but it had no impact on the python at all!

The python bit the shield of the Pangu Compass. It ended up shaking its head at the pain, directly smashed a big rock beside him, the sparks were flying!

Before the python could attack again, Lin Feng flew out and shot directly into it throat!

The python rolled its tongue, and swallowed Lin Feng’s Xuan Yuan sword!

As soon as the python swallowed it, Lin Feng shouted loudly, “Come out!” Under the control of Lin Feng, the Xuan Yuan sword came out directly from the python’s back, making a huge bloody hole. The python roared and shook its head. There were bursts of black blood spurting from the hole!

Lin Feng didn’t give it a chance to relax and controlled the flying sword to cut at the python’s neck again. This time, the python actually hid from him. It was frightened by the power of the Xuan Yuan sword, and started to retreat back into the cave, trying to escape!

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