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Chapter 1700 – Bat Man

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Lin Feng wouldn’t let it go. He released the Shadow Soul sword again. The two swords cooperated to cut and kill it. Just as the giant snake was about to be cut and die on the spot, it shrank as it went to the hole, and Lin Feng failed again!

As Lin Feng was ready to attack again, there was another scream. A snake had bitten another cultivator. Lin Feng was shocked and angry. These snakes were fierce. If they were wounded, they would surely die!

“Opening the Sky Axe!” Lin Feng shouted. Lin Feng didn’t want to save Qi. He first needed to ensure the safety of these people!

As soon as the axe came out, it immediately showed great power and directly cut off the heads of several snakes. Although the heads of the snake fell, the bodies of the snake kept writhing. They rolled on the ground, and other snakes came up and fed on them, regardless of their kind!

Pangu’s Axe killed hundreds of snakes in a short time. Their corpses were scattered everywhere, which made the larger snakes afraid. The python had already fled, and they started to retreat into the cave!

Lin Feng couldn’t let them escape. After all, he and others would surely have to go down the cave. Releasing the tiger back to the mountain would lead to future troubles. The sooner he eliminated them, the better!

With a flick of his finger, the tricolor flames flew into the cave, and immediately sparked a fire on the snakes. All the snakes touched by the fire igniting. They kept hissing and rolling; the cave had become a sea of fire!

The big snake was almost killed and injured. The rest of the little snakes were not as smart; they still fought with the others, and were soon killed!

Lin Feng released the fire to burn the stinking bodies. The canyon was no longer beautiful, and had become a mess, full of the unpleasant smell of cooked snake!

Lord Laozi pointed to the cave and asked, “What can we do now, Lin Feng?”

“We have to go in and find the Demon Mother and the others. We don’t know what they are doing down there. It’s better to go earlier than later!” Lin Feng said.

Lin Feng turned to Nian Ling Jiao and others, “You needn’t go in. This Pangu Compass is enough to ensure your safety. If there is any danger, I can feel it, and I will rescue you in time.”

Nian Ling Jiao and Qing Huang Tian wanted to go with them, as did Lin Zu, who said angrily, “Why don’t you let me fight? Are you treating me like a child?”

Lin Feng knew that Lin Zu was not weak, and his fighting skills were strong. He could protect himself in a dangerous environment like the World of Battles. He was confident!

A jade couldn’t be made. If he protected him all the time, he would not help Lin Zu, but hurt him!

Cultivation couldn’t mean everything, but real combat experience was the most important thing. Sooner or later, Lin Zu would be on his own. He couldn’t live in his arms forever, and be a potted flower in the greenhouse!

“Well, be careful!” Lin Feng finally agreed.

As for Nian Ling Jiao and others, Lin Feng refused directly. They were all weak or women to him. Lin Feng wanted to take on the responsibility of a man’s protection! 

Lin Feng took Lin Zu and others into the huge cave. It was very humid and sticky inside. It was a little hard to breathe after just several dozen meters, especially with the stench of the snakes making people feel sick!

Lord Laozi gave a few golden pills to others and said, “The is the last golden pill. The gourd is empty; I can’t help it!” He shook the empty gourd with a helpless face!

Lin Feng saw him and knew that he had done his best, so he took out several bottles of pills from the ring and distributed them. Lord Laozi took the pills and said with surprise, “What kind of pill is this? It’s full of aura and fragrance that it makes people feel strong!”

Lin Feng looked at the bottle in his hand, which was written Condensation Pill.

It had the effect of refreshing, detoxification, and so on. People immediately felt rejuvenated after eating it, and the discomfort caused by this environment disappeared!

Lord Laozi looked at Lin Feng greedily and said, “Lin Feng, you promised to give me the formula. You can’t break your promise! By the way, there’s still my cauldron fire…”

Lin Feng nodded without replying, pressing ahead. As he was walking forward, he heard the voice of the Demon Mother from the bottom of the deep cave, “Lin Feng, you don’t know the current situation. Do you think this Thousand Soul cave is something you can break into without permission? If you don’t want to die, hurry up and get out of here, or you will die here!”

The sound was very far away. It seemed that the Demon Mother was not nearby. How did she know their actions? Had she cultivated distant seeing?

Lin Feng was alert and looked around. It was all smooth mountain rocks, scraped by snake scales in translucent jade. Was there a mechanism behind the jade that could allow the Demon Mother to monitor their actions through some mechanism?

If that was the case, it was wonderful!

Lin Feng’s awareness moved, and a feeling of being watched appeared. Lin Feng subconsciously thrust a palm towards the top of the cave in front of him, and a huge fireball flew out. The top of the cave lit up; he saw many human-shaped monsters hanging there!

Lin Feng was shocked. These monsters had human heads, but with a bat’s body. They were the size of a falcon. They were like ghosts hanging at the rock at the top of the cave, staring at Lin Feng and the others!

At the light of the fire, they immediately flew up and were hit by the fireball. There were a lot of squeaks as they fell to the ground and burned to ash!

Lin Feng could not help wondering whether they were the eyes of the Demon Mother. Were they communicating through telepathy?

While he was thinking about it, the startled bat monsters flew down and directly attacked Lin Feng and the others. They suddenly screeched, “Lin Feng! Don’t think you can get into this cave; you will die!”

Many bat monsters spoke at the same time, in perfect unison. It sounded like the Demon Mother was right there. She was using this method to play tricks!

Lin Feng was surprised. He didn’t know how she did it. Were these all things she had raised and trained? Even if they were well-trained, they shouldn’t be so coordinated. It was just like a lot of small loudspeakers with simultaneous voices!

Dozens of people took out their magic weapons and constantly cut and killed these bat monsters in the air. However, the bat monsters were fast and adapted to the dark conditions here; they could dodge quickly!

They insisted on going inside, and several of them were bitten by the bats. The wound were bloody. If they hadn’t had Lin Feng’s pills, they would have been poisoned!

“Lin Feng! I’ll give you the last warning not to go any further.” The words of the Demon Mother began to ring out again. Lin Feng was getting annoyed. It was weird and tiresome to hear the words coming from these bat monsters!

Lin Feng held his Xuan Yuan sword and looked at the bat monsters. If any dared to attack, Lin Feng killed them directly. The bat monsters dared not approach easily, but they were not far away. They had been falling behind, as if waiting for the chance to strike!

There was a huge roar behind them. When everyone looked back, they were surprised to see the cave was collapsing rapidly. The originally intact wall of the cave was broken into huge stones, burying the whole cave tightly!

It was still collapsing. Many of the bat monsters were buried in it, and were smashed to a pulp. The ones who didn’t die screamed, “Help! I don’t want to die!” 

Looking at this situation, Lin Feng had the illusion that real people were injured. If they were real people, Lin Feng might have been kind enough to save them. But reality told Lin Feng that they were not human beings; maybe they were human once, but now they had changed into bat monsters and lost their basic human nature!

The speed of the collapse was growing, and had almost reached Lin Feng and others. Lin Feng and others rushed forward!

The collapse stopped after they had run a long distance. The cave extended far underground, and the slope down seemed endless. Did it go to hell?

“Look, this is different from the outside. It was dug out by humans!” a cultivator suddenly spoke up. Lin Feng looked at the cave in the light of a flame. As the man said, the original cave was round and open, but it became a square pattern as they moved forward!


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