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Chapter 1702: Escaping from the World of the Dead!


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 “So tell me, even if we bring you to them, what will you do? Could it be that you can go out and live a normal life in your situation? You’ve become strange creatures, after all,” said Lin Feng. If he really brought them out, what would happen? Would the world sink into chaos?

Besides, if they couldn’t return to normal, they would have bitter feelings and might kill people, especially if they could fly wherever they wanted. Capturing them would be complicated.

Even if they retrieved their human memories, with their appearance, they would have no choice but to live deep in a forest. If people found them, the scientists of the world would capture them and use them as guinea pigs in laboratories!

Then it would be all over the news. How would the people of Huaxia react?

The Man-Bat said, “Don’t worry. The curse of the Beast Clan’s leader will not last forever. He must give us one pill a month for us to keep our current appearance. If we stop taking those pills, we will transform into ordinary humans, like we used to be!”

Lin Feng nodded. He was going to ask something else when he suddenly heard rumbling sounds. The whole isolated world trembled. It was like his isolated world was free falling. The Man-Bat shouted loudly, “Everybody, believe me please! Let’s hurry up and go! This tunnel is going to be submerged by water!”

Lin Feng looked around. Indeed, he could see the walls cracking already. If his isolated world wasn’t supporting the walls, they would have burst already!

Lin Feng asked everybody for help moving his isolated world. They moved forwards slowly but surely.

In the end, the tunnel behind them collapsed and water submerged it. At that moment, what the Man-Bat had said proved to be true. The Man-Bats who had drowned and died in the corridor had transformed back into their original human forms. Their bodies floated in the water. Poor them…

Lin Feng understood that when people died, the curse disappeared as well…


They finally arrived in an ascending tunnel. The water was getting shallower. It was as high as their knees. A few hundreds of meters away were many, many Man-Bats.

That kind of scene was so strange. Many pale faces had gathered before them. They had bat bodies, but they were much bigger than ordinary bats. The Man-Bats looked at Lin Feng and the others and suddenly looked fierce and ferocious, like they were facing their biggest enemies. They all looked angry yet vigilant.

“Don’t be afraid. I asked them to save us. As long as you’re not allies of the beasts, they’ll let you go,” said the Man-Bat from inside the isolated world.

Lin Feng thought the same thing. The Man-Bats who lived outside of the water had already recovered their human memories. They probably hated the Beast Clan as well. If he didn’t take advantage of this opportunity right now, it would be more complicated.

After releasing the Man-Bat, the Man-Bat explained everything to the other Man-Bats. They all looked moved. This time, they all applauded and cheered for Lin Feng and the others.

“Thank you, Benefactor. Thank you, Benefactor…” they all shouted, thanking Lin Feng. When they shouted, their mouths were wide open, making them look even scarier. Their open mouths looked like abyssal holes, ready to devour the entire world.

Lin Feng made them come inside the isolated world and then took out the map. It was extremely complex. Lin Feng had tried to understand it for some time, and he still didn’t figure it out, so he asked the Man-Bats.

The Man-Bats pointed in a direction. They arrived in front of another intersection, and then continued over two thousand meters before arriving in front of a stone door. It was extremely thick, and they could see it had just been closed. There were many marks on the ground. The members of Chi You’s Beast Clan had left from there.

“Let’s join hands and destroy that door!” said Ju Ling Shen, eager to try. Lightning emerged from his body. Lin Feng hastily stopped them.

“What’s wrong, Lin Feng? You don’t want to get out?” asked Ju Ling Shen. He didn’t understand.

Wang Yuan frowned as well. Chang’e came over and said, “Don’t ask questions. Since Lin Feng told you to stop, he must have a good reason. Don’t you trust Lin Feng?”

Nobody asked any questions again. They all trusted Lin Feng unconditionally, at least in terms of cultivation. Lin Feng had proved he was the strongest cultivator already.

Lin Feng explained, “Use your brain a little bit. If we open that door, Chi You and his people may be nearby, in which case it would be dangerous. They may attack us, and many of us would die. They might even use other sly methods to kill us.”

Everybody nodded seriously. They had all been imprisoned in this underground world for such a long time. They all wanted to leave as quickly as possible. They didn’t want to spend one more second in that nightmarish place!

“So, how do we get out? Should we wait for them to get far away?” asked Ju Ling Shen, stepping closer to the wall. He wanted to take a nap, so he sat down.

Lin Feng hastily lifted him back up and said, “Of course we can’t wait for them to get too far, or how could we fight against them? I will use my fire to burn the door silently. Then we can chase them silently.”

Lin Feng stopped paying attention to them and released three kinds of strange fire. The three fireballs moved towards the door. The stone door sparked, but not the sounds were not very loud.

Everybody pushed the door together. Lin Feng pressed hard, and suddenly they could breathe fresh air from outside. Everybody felt like they had just come back to life again, but the Man-Bats hastily hid in the darkness.

“We can’t go in the sun before our human forms have come back. If we go in the sunlight, we’ll dry up and die, so we have to wait for a while. We can’t help you chase Chi You and his people, I’m afraid,” one of the Man-Bats said to Lin Feng. He was the first Man-Bat Lin Feng had saved.

Lin Feng hadn’t expected them to help him anyway. He didn’t need them. If they could help, then they would have never been imprisoned by the leader of the Beast Clan back then, and they would not have been turned into horrible creatures!

Therefore, Lin Feng remained silent and let them stay there. They could come out after recovering their human form. Lin Feng crossed the door and chased his enemies. 


When Lin Feng and the others really arrived outside, the scenery was quite familiar. It was the first Python Precipice, but there was no snake anymore.

On the other side was another passage, which led to the flatlands, away from the caves and precipices.

Lin Feng looked down and realized the cave in the valley was already flooded. It had become a shiny wet world. Luckily, it hadn’t reached the height of Pangu’s Compass. 

Lin Feng quickly dragged Pangu’s Compass back to him. Everybody watched as the Compass flew up. Lin Feng looked around and couldn’t help but feel stupefied. Where were Chi You and his people?

How come they had disappeared already?

Lin Feng started flying around, but he couldn’t see Chi You and his people anywhere. He was confused. Chi You and his people should be easy to find. If they had left, there would be marks, but Lin Feng didn’t see any anywhere. There was nothing on the ground, on the trees or on the rocks…

Lin Feng released his godly awareness and suddenly sensed something. He hastily moved in the other direction, towards Huaxia’s center. Chi You and his people wanted to go back; what did they intend to do? 

It was already dark outside. The sun was going down in the horizon slowly. The sky was red and purple. It looked eerie and peaceful.

There were some flames and explosions in the distance. Lin Feng saw creatures flying there.

“Chi You is over there; everybody get ready!” said Lin Feng. He drove his Compass forwards. He quickly arrived near the place where there had been explosions. He noticed some strange birds in the sky swooping down!

It seemed like they were trying to steal something from the people on the ground. Lin Feng and the others rushed, over which drew the monsters’ attention. They all emitted sharp cries which hurt everybody’s eardrums. The sounds coupled with the darkness made the night look particularly desolate. 

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