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Chapter 1703: Beast Clan’s Eye!


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The strange birds attacked Pangu’s Compass together, but their attacks were insignificant. Lin Feng quickly had the Compass attack those strange birds and creatures.

He also took advantage of that opportunity to attack a strange bird passing next to him, injuring the bird’s wing. It immediately fell from the sky.

Another strange bird saw that Lin Feng had hurt one of its friends, so it flew towards Pangu’s Compass furiously and bit the Compass. This time, Lin Feng used the Compass to smash its head and then had the Compass collide with other strange birds. In the blink of an eye, over ten strange birds were injured or dead.

There were several explosions on the ground, illuminating the atmosphere. Some beams of light crashed against the Compass from underneath, but didn’t damage the Compass at all.

Lin Feng didn’t understand what was going on. More lights flashed on the ground. At the same time, Lin Feng heard some gunshots. He looked over the buildings on the ground and guessed that they weren’t massive, but definitely big enough to hide a big army.

He could hear gunshots coming from under the trees in the valley. Some creatures there were at least two or three meters tall. They had human faces and bestial bodies. They charged and slaughtered the people shooting at them.

Lin Feng and the others hastily jumped off the Compass and charged the creature at the front. Lin Feng immediately took out his Xuan Yuan sword and tried to behead the beast. A mark appeared on the beast’s neck and blood dripped out, but he didn’t behead it.

The creature shouted in agony, twitching. It opened its gigantic wings and charged Lin Feng. Lin Feng aimed at the beast’s chest and stabbed it. The beast struggled, but staggered and collapsed lifelessly.

The smell of blood drew the strange birds and other strange creatures’ attention; they suddenly charged Lin Feng and the others!

This time, the people on the ground were panicking. Lin Feng and Most Exalted Lord Lao immediately retreated in different directions. They didn’t intend to fight against the beasts.

Those beasts continued charging. They didn’t intend to give Lin Feng and the others any opportunity to escape, and would stop only after devouring all of them!

The gunshots on the ground didn’t stop. Lin Feng even saw someone holding an AK45 and other people who had similar weapons. Those weapons were extremely powerful, so they quickly proved useful. Many of the creatures collapsed one after another.

A three-meter-tall creature which looked like a tree charged a man on the ground with its claws raised. The creature destroyed the armored vehicle the man was in and destroyed it.

It then lifted the armored vehicle with one claw and started slaughtering the men around it with the car. In the blink of an eye, over a hundred heroic and valiant men died!

When Lin Feng saw that, he immediately destroyed a strange bird and swooped down. He threw a palm strike right in the strange creature’s face, and there was an explosion.

But the beast’s head seemed as resistant as bronze. It didn’t explode!

Lin Feng landed on the creature’s shoulders, stomping on them. Then he kicked the creature’s head. The beast finally staggered and collapsed, crushing a few armored vehicles in its path.

Something strange happened then. The strange tree-creature transformed when it died. Its muscles made it look like a zebra at first, and then its skin exploded. Surprisingly, a gigantic human emerged from inside. That person cried out, “I finally regained my very own body… I will never be cursed to be a tree ever again… What a horrible life!”

Their voice was extremely strange. It didn’t sound like a human voice, it was powerful and carrying, but creaked like a wooden door. The people who had been shooting at him were terrified.

A heroic-looking big man tried to communicate with the fellow who had just turned back into a human, but that person was severely injured. His nose and mouth were bleeding. Lin Feng hastily helped him and sealed his dantian. That person looked at Lin Feng and smiled miserably. He didn’t seem to be angry at Lin Feng for attacking him.

“Thank you for helping and freeing me…” the man whispered. 

Lin Feng frowned and asked, “Who are you and who cursed you? Why are you helping Chi You slaughter people?”

That person was extremely pale. His Qi was unstable; it looked like he was about to die.

But he smiled indifferently, “I… I used to be an elder in Huang Di’s tribe, but… but in the end, Chi You and his people sealed me and turned me into a tree. I was imprisoned underground for tens of thousands of years… Today I can enjoy the world again, I don’t want to help Chi You, I just want to be free and live, nothing more…”

“They buried you? Why?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t understand why Chi You wanted to capture and torture people like this.

Like the tree man suddenly recalled something, he grabbed Lin Feng’s arm and shouted, “Hurry and stop them! They’re going to open the Ground Eye! When they open the Ground Eye, many ghosts will come out and many people will be slaughtered!”

He didn’t wait for Lin Feng to reply, and hastily continued, “Back in the days, Huang Di had a great war against Chi You. He chased the Beast Clan until they were at a dead end, so the beasts went underground. After turning me into a tree man, they activated the Ground Eye entrance. Actually, the beasts wanted to feed on me forever. They fed on my branches…”

When he said that, he looked furious, recalling the pain. Then he said again, “Don’t worry about me. Just hurry up and go stop them…” When he finished, he struggled to move, but his legs shook and he collapsed lifelessly.

The others looked at him. Lin Feng and Most Exalted Lord Lao also wanted to go and check. When Lin Feng started moving, he suddenly heard Er Lang Shen shout, “Great Immortal Zhen Di!”

Chang’e and the others then started shouting Great Immortal Zhen Di’s name, as well along with Er Lang Shen.

Wang Yuan looked around and noticed a face. It was a human face, but it was much bigger than a normal one.

Lin Feng was surprised. What was going on? The giants?

How come members of the Giants’ Clan knew Er Lang Shen? Er Lang Shen and the others seemed completely shaken like they were extremely close to them.

Lin Feng noticed their strange expressions. Wang Yuan walked to Er Lang Shen and asked, “Er Lang Shen, how come you know his name is Great Immortal Zhen Di? Are you friends?”

“We were imprisoned together back in the days. In the end, I don’t know when they left us. We thought they were dead. We didn’t know they secretly intervened to help Huang Di fight against Chi You…” said Er Lang Shen. He continued, “Back then, we were imprisoned underground. They immediately disappeared. There was no tunnel when they left, so we thought they may have disappeared just like them. It seems like we were right!”

At that moment, the ground started shaking violently, and a cloud of dust appeared. The world turned completely grey. Buildings collapsed. More dust rose and was carried away by the wind thousands of meters.

Lin Feng didn’t even have time to understand what was going on. The ground moved even more violently, and everybody was blown away. Lin Feng hastily released an isolated world to protect the whole crowd and took them high up in the air.

Boom! After the powerful earthquake, Lin Feng looked around and saw a gigantic path lined with huge pillars, all several zhang tall. There were many claw marks everywhere. It wasn’t difficult to imagine those beasts had come out of there.

The tree man had spoken about a certain Ground Eye, and had also said that Chi You was extremely cruel. Since it was that way, Lin Feng could destroy them all while they were inside. That way, they would never be able to cause trouble to the world again!

“Everybody, don’t panic. Come with me!” Lin Feng declared firmly. He raised his sword and flew towards the corridor and the tunnels beneath. He attacked the tunnels with his Xuan Yuan sword.

After what had just happened, Most Exalted Lord Lao and the others had become smarter. They hung behind him and didn’t attack. They just stayed there to support Lin Feng.

After a few thousand meters, a gigantic empty space appeared in front of them. Inside was a statue.

The statue kept flashing with the rainbow colors. First it was red like fire, then blue like the ocean, and so on. It was beautiful! It made people think of a fairyland.

The lights illuminated the whole area. Around the statue were dozens of human-shaped statues. They all looked at the gigantic statue like they were worshiping him. They were carved to be grave, solemn, and respectful.

“Who’s that… Could it be that  Chi You’s statue?” asked someone, pointing at the statue.

Great Immortal Zhen Di!

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