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Chapter 1704: Ferocious Taotie!


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 “Possibly. If it’s not Chi You’s statue, why would it be in the Beast’s underworld?” agreed Yang Zhi. “No matter who that is, we have to find where the members of the Beast Clan are hiding, don’t you think?”

Yang Zhi walked to the hole and entered it. Lights flashed, and Yang Zhi was astonished to discover there were shiny white skeletons everywhere inside!

Everybody was covered in cold sweat. Those bones were all human remains. They were all broken and dismantled. Some of them still had shiny, stinking pieces of red flesh on them!

Chang’e sniffed resentfully, “It smells horrible in here! Let’s leave this place…”

Yang Zhi cried out at that moment. There was something wrong. The crowd looked at Yang Zhi. Why was he shouting at the statue?

Lin Feng walked over to the statue and pushed it. The statue slid back a little bit. Lin Feng looked at the whole statue. It was covered in dust, and he couldn’t see it properly. He reached out to wipe the dust off…

Suddenly, Lin Feng cried out in surprise, When he reached out for the statue, the statue smiled! “Kraa… kraa…”

“Be careful, everybody! Those people are alive!” shouted Lin Feng warningly.

But it was too late. Those people suddenly started moving. They moved like ghosts; their movements were strange as they dispersed, then gathered together again.


Chi You’s gigantic statue suddenly shattered. Pieces of stone shot in all directions like projectiles. Everybody shouted in panic, some in agony. Gigantic boulders fell from the sky and started destroying some people.

A boulder as big as an apartment hurtled towards Lin Feng. He hastily threw a palm strike. When his hand collided with the boulder, Lin Feng was pushed back over ten meters, but the gigantic boulder didn’t fall on the ground. It now faced Lin Feng.

The others were also being chased by boulders. Many of them were weak, so they were injured. The others were terrified and ran away in all directions. Lin Feng glanced in the direction of Chi You’s statue. He was astonished when he saw a gigantic ferocious beast there!

It looked like a tiger or a lion; its body kept flashing about, then it charged Lin Feng. Gigantic sharp claws flew past his head. If they had reached him, he could have died!

The other statues also started transforming. They turned into creatures with human heads and beast bodies. They started roaring in rage.

Poor people… This time, those who had come with Lin Feng weren’t lucky. They weren’t as strong as he was. Gigantic claws grabbed them and they were hurled away. Some people were cut into a thousand pieces, so pieces of flesh flew around and blood filled the sky.

Lin Feng was infuriated! He attacked  the beasts in midair and destroyed a few of them. Then he flew towards a taotie; he had noticed that the taotie was trying to take advantage of the situation to escape!

Yang Zhi and Most Exalted Lord Lao flew in front of the taotie and stopped it. Yang Zhi attacked; a light emerged and moved towards the taotie.

The taotie roared, but didn’t dodge. On the contrary, it opened its gigantic mouth. It swallowed Yang Zhi in one bite!

The taotie didn’t even wait for him to shout, flying around quickly. A strong wind blew and pushed Most Exalted Lord Lao into the taotie’s mouth. At the most crucial moment, Chang’e’s sleeve became as long as a whip and wrapped around Most Exalted Lord Lao, who was already in the taotie’s mouth. Chang’e dragged him back out.

The taotie was furious. Chang’e was taking its food away? The taotie charged towards Chang’e.

Chang’e was trying to save Most Exalted Lord Lao, so she had no time to react. The beast suddenly appeared in front of Chang’e.


A fireball appeared in front of Chang’e. A silhouette appeared in the fire. That person was… Lin Feng!

“What’s wrong… Lin Feng?” shouted Chang’e. Lin Feng was in the fire. She thought he was in pain, but he didn’t look like it.

The taotie was terrified when it saw Lin Feng in the flames. It growled and took two steps back. It stuck out its tongue and licked its lips greedily. It wanted to devour Lin Feng!

Lin Feng didn’t hesitate and didn’t flinch. He lifted his sword and stabbed into the taotie’s mouth. The taotie quickly stepped back, but Lin Feng didn’t intend to let him off. He flashed and stabbed it twice.

Lin Feng didn’t understand what was going on; he had stabbed the taotie a few times, but the taotie wasn’t injured at all. It was fine!

“Lin Feng, you can’t kill the taotie like that. It eats, but it doesn’t excrete its food. If you want to kill it, you have to do it from inside!” Chang’e informed him.

Lin Feng nodded and asked, “Are you sure? I have to let it swallow me?”

Most Exalted Lord Lao shouted, “Chang’e is right! The taotie is one of the ancient ferocious wild beasts. It eats, but doesn’t excrete! It’s extremely greedy. According to legends, its stomach is an endless heavenly celestial treasure. If anyone can make it submit, then they can obtain all of its treasures.”

Most Exalted Lord Lao seemed eager to try. The taotie whistled angrily, opened its mouth and tried to eat some people on its side. Wang Yuan was precisely at the side, so he ended up getting eaten in one bite.

Lin Feng cried out angrily. The taotie had eaten so many people already. If it continued, it would eat everybody!

Lin Feng got ready to try. He decided to take the risk of being eaten by the beast. Then he would try and save Wang Yuan and the others from the stomach of the beast.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng flashed towards the taotie. The taotie turned its head and briefly saw a human racing towards it, so it opened its mouth without thinking and ate Lin Feng up in one bite!


Lin Feng smelled something putrid as he fell into the gigantic beast’s throat. Lin Feng saw Yang Zhi, Wang Yuan and the others. They had all landed on a pile of skeletons. There was a blue grey smoke in the air.

Lin Feng landed on the skeletons, which clang and crackled. He realized that the world inside the stomach was much bigger than outside. Golden lights twinkled everywhere inside. They were all treasures.

The heavenly treasures were all in its stomach. No wonder its body was so resistant! Its defense was increased by those precious treasures.

Lin Feng heard someone shout outside, “How’s it going, Lin Feng?”

It was Qing Huang Tian’s voice. Lin Feng had no time to react, as the taotie suddenly moved violently. A few more people appeared in the beast’s throat and fell on Lin Feng. Lin Feng turning pale with fright. Qing Huang Tian, Nian Ling Jiao, Qian Jin Cai Yue, and Lin Zu!

When they crashed in the beast’s stomach, Lin Feng hastily lifted them up. Qing Huang Tian shouted in shock, “Lin Feng, what is this monster? Why are there so many skeletons in its stomach? Are we going to die too?!”

Nian Ling Jiao said worriedly, “Let’s hurry up and get out! Otherwise, we’re going to melt in his acidic fluids!”

Lin Feng wasn’t worried at all; taotie’s stomach seemed like an isolated world. A few people tried to escape, but in vain. Nothing worked. Each time they flew up, when they arrived at the throat of the beast, a kind of force pushed them back down into its stomach.

“Lin Feng, are you alright? Are you alive?” shouted Most Exalted Lord Lao from outside.

Lin Feng hastily replied, “We’re alright. Be careful and don’t let the beast eat you! We can’t get out, do you know how to?”

Lin Feng shouted a few times but it seemed the people outside couldn’t hear them. Chang’e and Most Exalted Lord Lao kept asking Lin Feng if they were still alive.

“Lin Feng, Stop shouting. The monster is like they said, it eats endlessly and never lets pass what it eats, not even our voices!” Wang Yuan had just come back to his senses, but he looked exhausted.

Blue and grey Qi floated around his body and then dispersed. Lin Feng understood that Wang Yuan’s real pure Qi was dispersing. It seemed the taotie was actually absorbing the cultivators’ real pure Qi. It fed on it!

Lin Feng looked worriedly at Qing Huang Tian and the others. He was astonished. Why was Wang Yuan’s real pure Qi dispersing, but not that of Qing Huang Tian and the others? Could it be that pure Qi and real pure Qi were different?

“Lin Feng… I can’t hold on much longer… Don’t wait for me anymore… Hurry up and leave…” said Wang Yuan in a trembling voice. He sat down powerlessly. 



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    I feel like this is multiple people writing this Fan fiction because it was established many chapters ago that Pure Qi and Real Pure Qi is totally different smh. Gosh why is he dragging this out just say that Lin Feng farted and created the Big Bang and killed Chi You and reborn the universe again.

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